30 December 2010

A croaking frog

Frankie was a noisy frog and the loudest in the well that he lived in. Day after night and night after day, he croaked louder than others, announcing his existence to the world. Everyone looked up to him and praised him, not only in front of him but at his back too. He was happy. He was content with the life that he was leading but things were not to end there.

One day, he hopped out of the well to explore the outer, bigger and meaner world, and to show the world that he was the loudest. Then he heard the other frogs croak louder than him and louder than anybody he had ever heard. There was not just one frog that could do better than him in the outer world but there were millions of them, however he never gave up croaking. He croaked and croaked everyday and every night, hoping that the outer world would at least hear him croak and appreciate his attempt if not tag him as the loudest. He believed that practicing would help him perform better, hence he refused to abandon his pursuit and continued croaking.

12 December 2010


It's not that she hates losing but she never gives up without trying hard, without giving her best and if her gut says she can do it then there is no turning back. She always puts her heart and soul into every assignment that she takes but the new case was proving to be more challenging than she had expected it to be. She had already given all that she had, she had spent days and nights trying to get her hands on clues, any clue yet the case had seen no progress. She was exactly where she had started.

Her instincts and wits had never failed her but the murderer, whoever he was, had done a neat job, leaving no clue behind him, challenging her abilities like never before. The neighbors hadn't seen anyone either enter or leave the victim's house. The murderer hadn't left fingerprints, though it was obvious that the victims had struggled for their lives. The crime scene was a mess with blood splattered everywhere, even so there wasn't any suspicious footprints.

14 November 2010

Not for sale

Could that be a butterfly? She wondered. She hadn't seen one ever since she had started working at the royal kitchen. No butterfly entered the castle grounds and she dared not go outside. I must be dreaming then, she thought but she couldn't have been because the textures and the colors on the butterfly's wings were too vivid to be a dream.

When she gained consciousness she realized she hadn't been dreaming but had mistaken her new dress for a butterfly. New dress? She didn't remember changing her clothes. The dress was grand and she had always wanted to dress up but couldn't afford, so had given up on that dream. Am I dreaming again? She wondered, but she realized it wasn't a dream when somebody announced that she was awake.

14 October 2010

Ramen Girl

How many more retakes had he intended to take? It was very tiring. Well, I cannot blame him entirely because he wouldn't have asked for any retakes if I had played my role the way he wanted it. After all, he's one of the best directors who never compromise for anything and wouldn't accept anything lesser than what's on his mind...not even for the not-so-important scenes.

All I had to do was to look into my co-actor's eyes and tell her that I loved her. It should have been easy because I had done it plenty of times with the same actor but I wonder what was so different today. Why weren't my expressions up to the mark according to the director? Yuri is a fine actor and a friend since my starting days as an actor, hence we share a very good chemistry. So, what was the problem? I couldn't figure out.

Unlike many unfortunates who do anything for living, I got the opportunity to do something that I enjoy doing. I agree that I did crave for fame and recognition at the beginning of my career but it did not take very long for me to recognize that I enjoyed my work better when I did not think about getting appreciated for the same.

05 October 2010

Celebrating Blogging at Indiblogger meet

There were around three hundred people gathered under one roof. No, I’m not talking about Bangalore buses but Indiblogger meet that was held at Fortune Park JP Celestial, Bangalore on 3rd October 2010. There were geeks, personal bloggers, journalists, Tamil bloggers and of course Indibloggers team gathered to celebrate blogging.

For someone like me who think hundred times before stepping out of the house to meet a friend, it was a big deal that I attended the indiblogger meet. Though I hate crowd and it’s always a big “NO” when the crowd is a bunch of strangers, I couldn’t help but enjoy my fellow bloggers’ company, whose blogs I have been reading ever since I was introduced to the blogging world by a close friend. Well, there were few familiar faces but still I hadn’t met anyone in person and how much ever I knew about them was only through the blog world. Thanks to the indiblogger’s team to have organized such a wonderful event of bringing all the bloggers together because I can no more address my blogger friends as strangers. Now, I have not only read them but also exchanged greetings with them, had a friendly chat and felt their warm smiles. A special thanks to Avada, who tolerated my continuous blabbering without asking me to shut up.

20 September 2010

An arrogant stranger

Do you remember everyone of the many you meet everyday? Of course, you don’t. However, few cross your mind couple of times, few linger for awhile and there are those few whom you would never forget. You might have spent just few minutes with them but no matter how brief the encounter was they would have left everlasting impression in your heart. It might be hatred, love or just admiration that you might have developed towards them in those brief moments but what’s important is the intensity of that feeling if it were to remain in your heart, forever.

Sometimes, it might take years to make an opinion about a person…to realize what exactly your feelings are for that someone, who always occupies your mind whenever you are alone.

04 September 2010


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“If he doesn’t return then we shall bring him back”, they swore and rode away, leaving behind a hope of freedom, of peace.


“Do not be scared. I shall never harm you”.

No matter how much he assured her that she was safe, she wouldn’t believe him and it hurt him to see fear in her face. He wanted her to smile…smile for him, but he did not know how to make her happy.

07 August 2010


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I was so obsessed with this particular television series that I wouldn't miss any of its episodes, no matter what. The storyline was so good that it made me want to watch it over and over. It might sound insane but I suppose that I was in love with the protagonist and about whether I still posses such strong feelings for him or not, I do not know. However, he's on my mind often, more than he ought to be. You must be wondering whether am I not misinterpreting my feelings for him and it could be that I’m just attracted to him. Trust me! I've seen more good looking men than him but none have managed to haunt my thoughts and dreams for so long. It might not be love but surely not just an infatuation.

19 July 2010

Dream boy

She fancied staring out from her bedroom's window while everyone else slept in their warm beds, lost in their dreams. The silence of the night and the beauty of the still world always appealed to her. She would stay awake until the first sun ray hit the earth, just sitting on her windowsill and doing nothing but absorbing the beauty of the dark. She loathed light, unlike others.

Every morning, her mother would complain about her eyebags and how skinny she looked, but she gave a damn. She didn't want anyone to tell her what she should look like and what she should wear. She didn't bother dressing up. Lipstick was the last thing that she wanted on her dressing table. However, she had beautiful long hair that she had maintained pretty well.

She always took the subways to go to the college instead of the college bus because subways were considerably dark. The entire time she was in the train, she would just stare at the relatively moving wall. She never noticed people around her and so did they. She always went unnoticed, thanks to her skinny physique.

04 July 2010

"Not-so-feminine" Me

"My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes" sounds interesting, right? Almost everyone in the blogosphere are doing this tag and now, it's my turn. Firstly, thanks to Avada Kedavra and BlabberBlah for tagging me.

I don't classify the below characteristic of mine as masculine but they are definitely not feminine. The ten non-feminine things about me are:

* I neither hate pink nor fancy it.

* I first beat up people and then talk. Sometime back, a guy had stolen my bicycle. I went to his place with my dad's latti and bashed him nicely, before I brought my bicycle back.

29 June 2010

Girls' night out

“Girl, I will be there on time. Don’t you worry!” saying that Sunita dashed into her Nano. The night had just started and she was excited already. The night out had been Gita’s plan and all the girls had straightaway agreed to it. It was just them and they could do anything from gossiping to flaunting their swankiness, discussing their boyfriends and husbands to who-slept-with-whom, and nobody would interrupt them with politics and sports talks. She was sure that it would be one helluva night with just glamor, wine and lots of giggling.

Sunita studied her reflection for one last time, as she glossed her lips . She had picked up a black dress, high heels and a silver colored purse that went with it, perfectly. According to her, a women had to look her best until she went to her grave.

23 June 2010

3 things!

Thanks to Deeps! for tagging me.

* 3 Famous Names of Mine: Nethra, Nethra and Nethra
    PS: Everyone address me by my nicknames, no pet-names and I like it that way. 

* 3 Things that Scare Me: Myself, God and Rejection.

* 3 Things that make me Smile: Sweet memories, my imaginary boy-friend and Tinku (my pet).

05 June 2010


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Hidden, it remained.

The journey had drained them completely, yet they wanted to continue. It would take more than hunger, few bruises and near death to make them abandon the hunt. They were men of sands and would never go back on their words, not even at the cost of their lives. They were determined to find the treasure, no matter what.

31 May 2010

Trust, it's Love!

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23 May 2010

Love, unknown

Social networking sites on Internet embraced her with open arms while assuring freedom from her loneliness. She had couple of friends from her school and college, but they were busy chasing their dreams and it left her craving for some company and attention. Internet offered plenty of it. She met like-minded people and they always made her feel wanted. Unlike others, she found life in the virtual world.

Exchanging names, then exchanging phone-numbers, an hour chit-chat and finally meeting up in real, it was easier than she had supposed. She knew what she wanted and she was ready to pay any price to get it, the price being time. Sometimes, she would also explore the real world. If she encountered someone in a pub or saw someone on street checking her out, then she would encourage them with a smile and sometimes even befriend them. The Virtual world had not only taken away her loneliness but it had made her confident. Now, she had a reason to smile and people, whom she could call friends.

10 May 2010

I'm mom's sweetheart.

It was a pleasant weather. The cloudy sky, the sweet fragrance of the soggy earth and the cool breeze that brushed over her face, everything was mesmerizing. However, without noticing anything, she kept on walking to arrive at an unknown destiny. Her eyes were filled with tears and her mind engrossed by that one person, her mom.

Her pregnancy was confirmed and though she was extremely happy, excited and what not about the new baby to come home, from past few days she had been pondering over her past and that was troubling her. She had questioned those few decisions that she had taken in the past, which had not only changed her life but also her mom’s and she failed to justify those very decisions.

01 May 2010


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"Please show me mercy and just kill me already", he begged her but she wouldn't listen. She tortured him at her leisure. She wanted to savor every moment of the sweet sin that she was committing. Instead of choosing a lethal weapon that would kill him at once, she had picked up needles and nails to torture him. She didn't want to give him a quick death because he didn't deserve it. She wanted him to feel the pain that he had imposed on those hundreds and thousands whom he had killed. She wanted him to beg for death that she would never grant him, at least not that easily.

20 April 2010


Wedding isn’t an easy affair. Be it the bride or the groom or their families, everyone experience excitement, confusion and anxiety on the big day. They laugh together, they cry together and definitely they gossip. Wedding hall becomes the hotspot of all possible things one can imagine. Flirty boys, giggly girls, nosy old bags and noisy kids, it offers something to everyone.

“I’m coming only because you promised me that you won’t do any match making business over there”, Sushma argued.

Her mom checked her make-up in the mirror for one last time before taking the keys from the drawers. “Alright sweetheart, I promise that I won’t try to fix you up with anyone. Now, shall we leave? It’s late already”.

01 April 2010

Plain Jane's Obsession

It was so easy for her to fall in love with him. He was the captain of the school Cricket Club. He was handsome and he was one of the top scorers of the class. Like every other girl at school, she wanted him to notice her. However, she was neither pulchritudinous nor a genius, which would have made her stand out from the rest. She was just an ordinary Plain-Jane. She knew he would never notice her, not when Ramya, Preeti and Tanya were around him. She hated everyone of them because they got his attention without even trying...after all, they were his friends. They were not just his friends but also beautiful, so stunningly beautiful that they were quite famous among boys and the only boy who knew her was Vikas because like him she too read Archie (a comic book).

19 March 2010

A substitute

Sometimes he was so close and other times so faraway from her. She supposed the past still haunted him but whenever she tried talking about it, he always dismissed the topic saying he was just looking forward for a better future, a future with her.

He told her that he was glad that she had never left his side, in both easy and difficult times, but she wanted him to know that she was more than glad to be around him. Whenever he was around, she just couldn't take off her eyes off him and the way she was all praises for him made her friends suspect that she was in love. She surely loved him and had always loved him. It had started with mere friendship and along with time, it has grown into something stronger and purer than that.

06 March 2010

Time travel

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"We can't take that risk. We don't know how her body might react to the speed, so we ought to send a test subject before we summon her", he explained. He hoped they would get his point, he hated this part of his work. Making a bunch of lunkheads understand science was more difficult than teaching a monkey to speak English.

26 February 2010

Playtime is over

"Hello, Mr. Singer! I'm sorry that I kept you waiting".

"Not at all, Sire. I was talking to Mr. Fox's maid".

He gazed at John before saying, "I'm here to educate you regarding the case". "But I guess you already know pretty much".


"Twenty three-twenty four-twenty five", Gracie finished counting and when she opened her eyes, she didn't see anyone. They had hidden quickly, but she was sure she would find everyone sooner than she had in her last game. She had picked up few tricks from others.

17 February 2010

Tagged, so here I am

I was tagged by Megha. Here are the questions I was supposed to answer along with the answers

1. What is your current obsession?

A. Naruto(Japanese Cartoon show)

2. What are you wearing today?
A. Jeans and T-shirt

3. What's for dinner today?
A. Rice and curry (like always)

06 February 2010

What if?

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Watching ones mother weep for you, while you lay on your death bed, waiting to die, isn’t surely what you would fancy to see. You would wish you were rather dead than witness such a thing. I too, so much wish I was dead than lay here, impotently.

I know mother would miss me and more than her, Sumati would. If I somehow manage to live, then they need not suffer the heartache that my death would give them. I wish to live. I ask to myself, "What if I could live?"

18 January 2010


"Bless the devil! Everyone and everything will die if the temperature remains so low for another day. I wish I had put on some more warm clothes. This seemed enough when I left home. Goddamn! I always forget to wear gloves. Why did I have to become a soldier? I could have been an accountant or a librarian, instead. Mother always tells me that she had never imagined that I will become a soldier, but Jessie had fallen for it, not only her but most women fancy soldiers. Soldiers are tough guys after all and women are always into either bad or tough guys".

"How much I wish I was in bed, making love to Jessie, instead of entertaining some cock and bull story. In small towns, everyone knows what others are up to and when one talks, everyone joins him. People talk anything and everything. Now, they are talking about night-walkers. I'm aware that people are going missing but that doesn't mean they are hunted down by some bloody blood-sucking creatures from the myth".

09 January 2010

Call it luck

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In the library...