11 September 2014

Liar liar pants on fire

I met way too many liars in the past few days that I had to vent out somewhere and what better place than my blog…

There are people who make several promises to manipulate others to get their works done. Boyfriends and girlfriends promise commitment and marriage to squeeze sex and money out of their partners. Colleagues promise cooperation in return for small favours. Businesses promise services in return for money. But, these people hardly keep their promises.

Two paths diverged in the woods

Growing old is inevitable, however feeling old is optional. I realize with each passing day I am getting older and becoming wiser (perhaps not), but I don’t feel old enough to be figuring out someone else's dinner, putting a kid to sleep, and answering to people other than my parents. When I am still working out how to handle trivial affairs of a so called grand life, when I still spend my days anticipating its vital moves, I see my friends battle with bigger and meaner demons.