02 August 2013

The Hunger Game

The 'survival of the fittest' way of living should have seized when men decided to live in colonies...when civilizations were formed...when people chose to survive by cooperating with one another, but it did not.

24 May 2013

Sword Of The Stranger

Sword Of The Stranger

Do you think the world revolves around you? The Emperors of past surely thought so. They wouldn't be playing with people's lives, otherwise. They even wasted their lives chasing power, riches and women, when they were expected to commit themselves to the greater good of the world. And immortality - why the heck would someone want to live forever? What would they achieve living so long? At least, I would be bored to death. I know it.

01 May 2013

Origin - Spirits of the Past

If you are wondering whether I am on an anime watching spree then you are right. You see, I met a bunch of anime lovers last month and copied as many anime movies and series as I could from them. And all that I do these days is watch them.

Avatar - The Last Airbender

The battle between good and bad is an overused concept. Be it movies or novels, we see and read how the so called guardian of the good takes on baddies single handed. Somehow we aren’t tired of this idea yet. I guess life is a constant battle between good and bad – sometimes against of inner selves and other times with people of this world – so we will never get bored of this theme.

13 April 2013

Fablery 2013

DEADLINE: 30 June 2013

Fablery presents short story writing contests in association with Lifi Publications…

If you are a story writer who is looking for an opportunity to get published then is the right place for you. You could get published by just participating in genre-based short story writing contests that they hold every year.


Fablery provides aspiring writers with an opportunity to get published and reach out to the bigger audience. Fablery would conduct contests on different genres, every year, giving writers a chance to get published or win various prizes. However, the underlying idea is not just rewarding writers but creating a platform where writers could meet, showcase their talents and help one another by providing constructive feedback and encouragement. Fablery endeavors to contribute a little to the literary world by bringing out the best out of every writer who participates at contests at Fablery.


This contest’s main theme is ‘Historical’. There are eight different genres you have to blend with ‘historical’. To be precise, it’s a cross-genre contest.

1.   Romance
2.   Suspense & Thriller
3.  Horror
4.   Paranormal
5.   Humor
6.   Action & Adventure
7.   Philosophical
8.   Occupational

all in Historical Context (Let's exclude 19th & 20th century when we say history)


There's no restriction on age or nationality, unless the participants are not legally eligible to sign a contract with Fablery i.e. if they win the contest.


1.   The story must be in English; story written in other languages won’t be accepted. Submit only short stories; no poems.
2.   Each participant can submit only one story per genre.
3.   The number of words should not exceed 10,000 and it should not be less than 7,000. 
4.   Stories must fit the genre(s) announced.
5.   Only original work that is not published anywhere else will be entertained. On violation of copyright or related rights, only participants will be held responsible. Neither editor, nor publisher will be responsible for it.
6.   By participating in this contest, you are agreeing to handover the copyright of your story to the editor of Fablery. We will keep the exclusive rights to publish and market the work throughout the world in any media or medium now knowing or hereafter devised, directly or through affiliate companies at retail prices to be determined by the publisher, only if you win our contest. You are free to use your stories elsewhere if you don’t win.
7.   Originality, in idea, thought and concept will be given preference to clichéd work.
8.   The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
9.   Stories submitted must not contain explicit sex or hate-related content.

If you got anymore doubts about the contest then check the site for more details: 

We suggest that you check the terms & conditions before submitting your entry here:


There's no participation fee.


Winners' names will be announced after 45-60 days of last submission date.


Ritu Lalit (author of “A Bowlful of Butterflies”) & Nethra A (Editor of Fablery


Lifi Publications ( will make the winning stories into a (paperback) book.


For inquiries:

For submissions: