19 August 2009

Sugar Candies

I didn’t want to marry Vina. She wasn’t the sort of girl I had desired to marry. It wasn’t like she wasn’t beautiful. To be honest, she was prettier than my high school prom queen, but I had never fancied such girls. I didn’t want to marry either a “Plain Jane” or a “Prom Queen”. I had never thought about what kind of girl I wanted as my wife, but was sure it wasn’t Vina.

She was too sophisticated and systematic for me. She ate only in posh hotels, wore designer clothes and never failed to carry a matching purse. She made the maids clean the house everyday and also made sure that they finished their work on time. She was so disciplined that she even had a timetable for her pet. Even I liked eating at fancy hotels, but timetables for a pet was beyond sanity.

Our dads were best friends. At the time she was born, they had decided to get her married to me. When dad spoke
to me about his decision, of course I declined it, but he didn’t leave me with many choices. It was either marry her or leave the family business. I had worked too hard from past five years to leave anything now, so I agreed to marry her. I hoped she wouldn’t bother me with her timetables and sophistication. I comforted myself, “It wouldn’t be that bad”.