10 May 2010

I'm mom's sweetheart.

It was a pleasant weather. The cloudy sky, the sweet fragrance of the soggy earth and the cool breeze that brushed over her face, everything was mesmerizing. However, without noticing anything, she kept on walking to arrive at an unknown destiny. Her eyes were filled with tears and her mind engrossed by that one person, her mom.

Her pregnancy was confirmed and though she was extremely happy, excited and what not about the new baby to come home, from past few days she had been pondering over her past and that was troubling her. She had questioned those few decisions that she had taken in the past, which had not only changed her life but also her mom’s and she failed to justify those very decisions.

Love! Like most of the teenagers even she had left everything behind to be with the love of her life. Karan was perfect. She couldn’t have asked for a better husband, but she had paid a very big price to be with him. She had left her mom and dad behind, and had never given a thought about them until she became aware of another life inside her. The fetus made her feel special and now she could completely understand her mom. She realized that her mom had never been against her, not even when she was against her relationship with Karan. It was just her love and concern.

She missed her mom and those lectures over how she was ignoring her studies and spent hours in front of mirror. She missed mom-made desserts that her mom cooked on every occasions, be it for her birthday or any festival. She missed her mom’s early morning chants that would get her out of the bed to the Mandir. She missed those warm hugs and pecks that always stole away her fear. She missed those unintelligent chats and wise advises that her mom always gave away for free.

Without realizing, she had walked to a public garden and sat under a Gulmohar tree. Once she was aware of her surroundings, it reminded her of those evening walks on beautiful suburb roads that her mom never missed. She came back to the present when her cell-phone beeped. It was Karan. She was sure that he has called to inquire about her visit to the doctor. She hadn’t told him why she was visiting a doctor. She had wanted to surprise him, but she wasn't ready for it at the moment, so she cut the call. She had assured him so many times in the past that she had left behind everything and now, she was crying for her mom.

She decided to talk to Karan about meeting her mom. She went home and cooked dinner silently but she couldn’t keep her thoughts straight. It kept wandering off to her mom’s kitchen where she had broken hundred glasses and plates while brutally experimenting over the shipshape kitchen.

“Karan. Let’s talk”

He knew he was in trouble. Every time she wanted to talk she had not just one but list of complains against him and he didn’t like it.

“I’m pregnant”, she announced.

“That’s awesome, but you look troubled. You alright?” he inquired.

She said, “That’s not what I want to talk about”.

He wondered, loudly, “Then?”

“Karan, I want to see mom. I miss her so much. Please let me meet her”, she begged. “I told you that I have left everything behind, but when doctor confirmed my pregnancy, the only thing I wanted to do was talk to her. Please, Karan! Let’s visit her”.

He hugged her and then brushing his hand over her head, he asked, “Are you sure she will want to meet you?"

She couldn’t answer because she didn’t know whether she was forgiven. Anyway, she wanted to talk to her mom, ask her sorry for whatever she had done. Handing over his phone, he asked her to call her mom. She still remembered her mom’s number because she had dialed it so many times since last week but never waited for the call to get connected, because she was scared. Now, Karan's presence assured her, so she dialed the number and her mom’s welcoming voice answered it immediately.

Her mom said, “I know it’s you. I have been waiting for your call ever since you left”.

PS: Our moms always love us no matter we love her in return or not. I couldn't write about my mom because for me she is beyond words, so I have written a story, which always inspires me to choose mom over a guy, whom mom would mostly not like. Thanks to BlogAdda and the "Write a tribute to your mother" contest.


  1. Good post on mothers day. You have quoted a deep incident thereby catapulting the innate qualities of a mother sky high! good tribute! and good luck for the competition!

  2. btw, i thought you were going to change your template? :P ;)

  3. Lovely plotting, and that one line says it all! Nice story, girl! :)

  4. Beautiful plot Nethra :)
    Happy mothers day to you & best wishes for the contest :D :D

  5. What a beautiful story!
    That is exactly how moms are..they are forever understanding and forgive us no matter what we have done to hurt them. :)

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  7. I liked this one so much . It is a joy to weave the words into such beautiful narrations. Best wishes

  8. Lovely story beautifully narrated!
    Cheers :)

  9. Hey that was beautifully narrated, if u could portray love for mohter in a story line limited to a situation, wonder how good it would be when words pour out from your heart for your mom alone...
    nice read nethra !!

  10. Nice Post !! Moms are above everything else !!

  11. I love my mom. There's nevery so loving and gentle and ...I m short of adjectives :(

    She's the angel on earth. Nice tribute. I like it.

  12. You are indeed very adept at narrating such emotional streams with simplicity and pragmatic sense...without pomp....reflects your style.
    I could visualize every moment you have described here....and yes, i could also relate to the loads of emotional nuances the girl was passing through ...
    Great effort...
    keep expressing....

  13. i agree she is beyond words, her love , care n affection always inspired me too choose her over a guy, whom she won't like... thnx dear it made me feel more close to her.. nice post.. loved its simplicity n b'ful narration :)

  14. Vibushan
    I'm glad you liked the story. Thanks for the comment and wishes too! :)
    PS: I wanted to change the template but not anymore.

    I managed to write a tribute to my mom without actually writing about her, didn't I?
    Thanks for the comment. :)

    Chatter Box
    Happy Mother's day to me?!? I guess you wanted me to convey it to my mom. :)
    Thanks! :)

  15. Samadrita
    I've witnessed such situations so many times, so decided I wont make my mom to go through the same. Moms are angels, aren't they? :)

    OSAI Chella and DamionHallam3216
    Thanks! :)

    Roshan, Tikuli, Shilpa Garg and Shilpa
    Thanks, guys! :)

  16. Reader's Dias
    I'm so much in love with my mom. It's almost like madness. We just keep blabbering all the time. :P
    Thanks for appreciating my work! :)

    Bull's eye and Megha
    Of course, they are. Thanks! :)

    Mahesh and Deepa
    Thanks, Mahesh! It really feels good when someone appreciates our efforts and work. :)

  17. Well written Nethra! It touched me somewhere and put me on the thought mode! How many times have we kids taken our Moms for granted yet they never seem to complain. Anyway, this was a beautiful tribute to the Gods-on-Earth, our mothers! :)

  18. Hey thats an awesome tribute on mother's day.. Happy mother's day albeit a belated one.. anyways a wonderfully penned story and all the best for the contest..:)

  19. Lovely story..Its a pity that d girl realized her mom's importance only after she got pregnant..Btw I liked ur concept of choosing mom over a guy..As far as I am concerned, the most insane thing a couple can do is to elope and marry..Such people are just ignorant idiots who donot realize the pain that they are going to cause to their parents..Good start in the contest..:)

  20. Nice tribute to mothers. Isnt it actually "Foetus" and not "fetus" or am i wrong.

    Coming to story I feel it would have come out nice in a First person narrative and you could have improvised a bit with the story line.

  21. great plot..amazing story girl..emotional one..

  22. We may fight with her, she may be our greatest critic..but it is her we turn to in our happiest/saddest moments.

    Sweet post Nethra :)

  23. Very well written. Gud luck :)

  24. Really nice post....keep it up..

  25. Lovely post Nethra. Mothers have this 6th sense in them... lovely and well written... keep them coming...


  26. hi buddy ..

    Embrace it @

  27. hey, I have an award for you on my blog.

  28. Pooja Menon,sushobhan roy, Sundeep
    Thanks for appreciating my work. :)

    I second what you said. People, who are in love never think about their parents. Thanks for the comment. :)

    Thanks for your honest comment. I will try to come up with nice story lines. :)
    PS: fetus is also correct.

    Neha, Purba, Swaram, Nirav, Tavish, Rajlakshmi
    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it. :)

    Mahesh and Megha
    Thanks for the awards. :)