12 June 2014


Well, I have been (and I have) friendzoned before, but it never really mattered, at least not enough to talk and write about it. I was younger and had plenty of time to play then, but along with the passing years, my tolerance for men who play hard to get has decreased. Oh, there are still quite a few years before I become thirty, but I feel so old already.

You cannot blame me. With parents stealing a sari clad picture of me from Facebook that they can use to hunt grooms, I am becoming desperate...impatient…pushy and whatnot. And on top of everything, there's work. These day, I’m living on the edge of my nerves.

You may be under the impression that I spend most of my time watching anime and reading books, and live a happy-go-lucky life. Yes, I do watch anime and read a lot but only to remain sane. I cannot even imagine what I would have done without my books and anime to distract myself. Perhaps I would have spent my days trying to figure out what in me that guy didn’t like. That would have been such a waste of time and…life!

Dear friends suggest I play mind games with this guy I like. They advise not to be available all the time. They ask me not to be too willing to help whenever he needs. To be precise, they want me to become someone who I am not.

Why do I have to make him chase me? Why do I have to chase him? Shouldn’t we be trying to understand what we really feel about each other and what do we want to make of those feelings instead? Why cannot we deal with the entire situation like adults?

I accept that I have friendzoned a couple of guys myself but I was younger and immature then. I don’t regret it because it's done now, but I am sure I won’t ever repeat those mistakes. If I don’t like someone I will just make my intentions clear and let them go. I will never keep them by my side just because they will lend a helping hand whenever I am in a tight situation. That’s would be so selfish of me.


  1. Follow the heart .. if it tells you its wrong then it is wrong .. thats all i can say

    All the best

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