04 July 2010

"Not-so-feminine" Me

"My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes" sounds interesting, right? Almost everyone in the blogosphere are doing this tag and now, it's my turn. Firstly, thanks to Avada Kedavra and BlabberBlah for tagging me.

I don't classify the below characteristic of mine as masculine but they are definitely not feminine. The ten non-feminine things about me are:

* I neither hate pink nor fancy it.

* I first beat up people and then talk. Sometime back, a guy had stolen my bicycle. I went to his place with my dad's latti and bashed him nicely, before I brought my bicycle back.

* I wrestle with my dog and get bitten by him all the time. Now, a girl is suppose to take care of her skin and not get too many marks on it but I have dog bites all over my legs and hands, and still I don't stop wrestling my dog.

* Nowadays, even guys have started wearing earrings but I stay away from it as much as possible. I don't fancy jewelry much, so unlike other girls.

* I'm not scared of dark. I know that not being scared of dark isn't manly but going out after 12'o clock that too alone isn't very womanly. As I live in suburbs, there are very few houses here and there is a small pond nearby. There are rumors that spirits walk the streets. Not that I believe it, but still I'm not scared. I take out my dog in the middle of the night though my parents don't encourage it.

* Back at my college, even boys cared enough to attend classes to maintain minimum percentage of attendance but I was so carefree that I'd the least attendance. Girls are supposed to be responsible, right?

* I wanted to have 6 pack abs so I used to go to gym but couldn't continue and ended up putting on weight. However, how many girls want to have six packs?

* Though I know to cook, I don't do it unless nobody is home and I can't order from outside. That's what men do, right?

* My favorite cars are Honda CRV and Scorpio. They are heavy and you know that not many girls prefer heavy cars.

* Not that girls don't like horror movies but I still count that as non-womanly because the girls whom I know prefer mushy romance over horror and historic fantasies, unlike me.

I had fun doing this tag and hope that my friends from the blogosphere whom I'm tagging will also enjoy doing it. I tag Rishi Shrivastava, Pooja Menon, Vamsi, Samadrita Kuiti, Romeo Das and Saurabh Panishkar


  1. Good One yaar...

    Few Miles

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  2. Haha you bashed up with thief with a latti. Wow woman kudos to you! Poor thief though! :P
    And 6 pack abs? OMGLOL.
    Nice tag. Now I've two people tag me with the same thing. So I must get down to it I guess :)

  3. You wanted to have six pack abs??? :O :O :O :P

  4. Nice list! :) But 6 packs? Oooh that is something totally non-girlish :) Pink..same with me.. neither hate it nor fancy it.. I love blue :) lol@beating the guy :)

  5. he hhe loved all the points especially the beating up part.. and OH the 6 pack I also want one VERY soon i am fed up of the ONE pack i got now ... :) and like pink tooo and i do wear it

  6. That was a good read.. nice to know about you :)

  7. "was i surprised....?" you'd ask
    and i'll say "no"

    CRV is one of my fav too.......but i know....guys watch action movies or those cannibal movies full of blood prove their manhood....but i'm not one of them.....horror and action movies doesn't have any drama or emotions in them...which i like the most in any movie.....putting scary make up or falling from a sky-scarper isn't manly at all..........

  8. Whoever said 6 packs, meant six packs of beer!!!

    And if you beat up people and then talk to them , you are meant to be in Delhi.

    Come.........we are waiting :D

  9. Brilliant. I like seeing people getting bashed up. Keep doing that.Beer, sometime? I know you like drinking, too. And wait, did you skip smoking? :P

  10. Feel good to know so much more about you due to these tags.. And kudos to you for not being scared of the dark ya. I'm a sissy when it comes to that. :( Anyway.. it was a damn nice and light read. THANKS a ton for tagging me. Will do it soon. :)

  11. Swathi
    It was a cool tag, wasn't it? :)

    You should take up the tag. It's fun. :)

    Later, someone told me that he was a big time thief and his dad a gunda, but who cares. I had fun bashing him. :P

  12. Romeo
    I'm gonna have six pack abs one day or the other. :)

    I like yellow. :P

    You like pink? :-o and you wear it. That's so like Sameer in "I hate LUV story". :)

  13. Vamsi
    When are you gonna do the tag?

    I'm not sure about boys but most of the girls don't prefer horrors.

    Even you beat up people? ;)

  14. Arjit
    Even girls booze and fag. It's no big deal and it's noways unfeminine. By the way, I don't booze though I want to. :( and smoking was never on my want-to-do list.

    Yes, of course. You are so right. :)

    Even I used to be scared of dark but that was when I was a kid. Not anymore. And I'm waiting for you to do the tag. :)

  15. hi Nethra! that was cool tag! nice to know your not so feminine side! it was hilarious!

  16. "I don't classify the below characteristic of mine as masculine but they are definitely not feminine. The ten non-feminine things about me are.."

    Loved this introduction! I feel characteristics can't really be masculine or feminine, rules about what is masculine or feminine keep changing - across time and societies!

    A lot of women seem to like SUVs, unlike the stereotypical impression we have that they don't.

    And I didn't want six packs but I did want a washboard stomach :) I hope that's sinful enough :)

    Glad you picked this tag :)

    You are invited to join SAGS, Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes, and share the link to this blasphemous post with other sinner :)

  17. Hi Nethra..
    Am sorry for missing the tag on your comment.. Surely will take the tag and will do..

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  18. had taken up dis tag last week... turns out i'm one of very few guys

  19. I often dislike writing on tagged topics but this one's rather interesting! Stereotypes can be annoying! I hadn't been to your blog in a while I'm glad i dropped by.