19 July 2010

Dream boy

She fancied staring out from her bedroom's window while everyone else slept in their warm beds, lost in their dreams. The silence of the night and the beauty of the still world always appealed to her. She would stay awake until the first sun ray hit the earth, just sitting on her windowsill and doing nothing but absorbing the beauty of the dark. She loathed light, unlike others.

Every morning, her mother would complain about her eyebags and how skinny she looked, but she gave a damn. She didn't want anyone to tell her what she should look like and what she should wear. She didn't bother dressing up. Lipstick was the last thing that she wanted on her dressing table. However, she had beautiful long hair that she had maintained pretty well.

She always took the subways to go to the college instead of the college bus because subways were considerably dark. The entire time she was in the train, she would just stare at the relatively moving wall. She never noticed people around her and so did they. She always went unnoticed, thanks to her skinny physique.

The only time she went out in the sun was when she walked from the subway to her college and vice versa, and not to forget, she campaigned for woman's rights along with Ginny, her best friend. Though Ginny was her only friend, she never confided anything into her. She was just like the night that keeps everything hidden in its dark corners and that's one of the reasons she preferred dark. It also reminded her of him.

He was always there in the silence of the night, filling in the emptiness of her heart. Every time the cool breeze brushed over her cheeks, it felt like his cold lips on her warm skin. The memories of him was all she had now and that was all that was left of their love story.

He used to play guitar and also sing in the corner bar and she was a frequent visitor there, and that's where their story had started. His skills with guitar had mesmerized her and her beauty had him enchanted. Every night, he would climb to the balcony outside her window and they would sit there for hours just holding each other's hands. Sometimes, they would stay awake until dawn, just looking into each other's eyes and it was bliss to her to be kissed by him. He smelled so good, just like the damped earth after rain and he sounded pleasant too, just like a gurgling fresh water stream. He had always told her what she wanted to hear and had promised that he would never leave her side, but he was gone now, never to return.

She had hardly slept since she had last seen him, so she didn't realize when she had flaked out on her physics notebook. She had class test after two days and if she didn't score A+ in it, then Karl would never recommend her name for scholarship and that meant she would have to take another course because her mother would never be able to pay her college bills. She had tried to push him out of her thoughts, and finally managed to hide him in the dark corners of her heart and dug into her semester books, but he had returned when she had dozed off. She was sure that he had been there, sitting on the very seat in front her, watching her asleep.

"Curse you, Dustin. You could have woke me up. Why didn't you?" she scowled.

It was late already and she had missed the last train, so she decided to walk home. She walked the uncrowded paths musing on why he was pulling back from her and her love. Her thoughts were cut off by the same unsung song that he had always sang for her, unsung because she wasn't sure anymore whether he had really sang it or not. At that moment, she couldn't figure out whether the song was really being played somewhere or it was just her mind, playing tricks. She started jogging hoping that it would block all the sounds from her. She didn't want to think of him, not when he didn't want her.

Ignoring the dinner calls from her mother, she sat on her bedroom's windowsill trying to not to think of him. Was it even possible? She didn't know but she wanted to try it anyway. It was 12'o clock already and she hadn't winked even once. Something told her that he would visit her tonight.

She supposed that it was better to revise over whatever she had studied earlier. The scholarship was the priority at the moment. She dozed off again and that's when he came back. She was so happy to see him after so many days that she didn't complain about his long absence. He even sang her the song that he had sung on their first meeting. When he kissed her, she could feel his eagerness and the promise that he would never leave her side again. She belonged to him and he lived within her, in her dreams, in her thoughts. She had created him.

She woke up to the sound of the alarm and saw that he had left already. Even, declining the fact that he was just a dream hadn't brought him to her. She wished that he existed in real too, but in vain. He came to her only in her dreams. He was her Dream boy.


  1. The girl is back and you always finish with an element of surprise.

  2. 'Dream Boy' in Literal sense.Loved reading it :)

  3. hey Nethra.. awesome stuff man! loved it!! :)

  4. Swathi, Purba, Jaspreet, Deeps!!,Shivraj
    I'm glad that you guys liked it.

  5. Wow that was dreamy. Surreal and beautiful!

  6. he heehe Dream boy.. now they will have to change that song DREMA GIRL to DREAM BOY i guess.. :)

    loved the story Nethra enjoyed it :)

  7. woah!!! I loved the narration.. BTW is this your dream boy or the character's dream boy? :P :D

  8. Lovely story and wonderful narration.
    Cheers :)

  9. Hey..Dream is really amazing thing which you have written..

    I just wish the girl gets her dream boy in real also and makes her life more happy..(obviously after her exams and all..he he)

    Kool..well written and write more..

  10. A hauntingly beautiful tale!!!had me mesmerised...well done!!

  11. well narrated...a dream boy...very interesting..

  12. Lovely writeup, I hope that dream boy should come in to her life and lits up light.

    Do visit my blog for lots of updates.

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  13. Dream boy.... interesting.
    Nice story :)

  14. Samadrita
    Inspired by my dreams so it had to be beautiful. :P

    Yeah, after lucky-boy dream-boy sounds good. :D

    Thank you!

    It isn't my dream boy because I'm not that very dreamy. It's the character's dream boy.

    Thank you, Shilpa! :)

  15. Ketan
    Surely will write more. By the way, fantasy is my favorite genre.
    The girl would have got her dream boy in real if she was real, but she is just a work of my imagination.

    Rakshinda and Minstrel Incognito
    Welcome to my blog! And I'm glad that you guys liked the story. Anyway, thanks for the comments!

    Will surely check your blog as soon as possible.
    And it's just a fiction. Though dreams do come true it won't happen to this extent. You can meet someone who's your imagination.

    Magiceye and Sweta
    Thank you, guys!

  16. Hey that's awesome.. Loved it.. :)

  17. Nice work

    Visit mine

  18. Extremely wonderful attempt to imagine the imagination of this girl. Dreams and fantasy are the only things that make sense to us, because we give birth to them, nourish them to grow the way we want them to... just to find them around us, filling the empty spots created by the coarser 'reality'.

  19. Woaah amazing stuff.. I love your writing.. Its not often that I visualize what's written. I did it now. Great work Girl and looks like the character in the post might just be my Dream girl, considering the fact that I keep awake till morning and sleep after the sun sets high, for the very reason that I love it when it's dark..

    Did you want to keep the character's name away from the story, deliberately? :-O
    Keep writing! :)..

  20. another masterpiece nethra, ur posts as usual r incredible, i always love the flow n if i start reading it,i make sure i do finish the whole post no matter how much tym i have,not to mention u never let me down, nice

  21. Bedlam, Maniceet Sahay and Farheen
    Thank you! :)

    I couldn't have said something wiser.

    The character's name wasn't important but the character was. I assume that my words managed to portray her.

    I'm flattered. Thank you! :)

    Thanks to all the Japanese/Chinese who have commented here! :)

  22. Unusual concept, nice writing and lovely imagery:)