30 December 2010

A croaking frog

Frankie was a noisy frog and the loudest in the well that he lived in. Day after night and night after day, he croaked louder than others, announcing his existence to the world. Everyone looked up to him and praised him, not only in front of him but at his back too. He was happy. He was content with the life that he was leading but things were not to end there.

One day, he hopped out of the well to explore the outer, bigger and meaner world, and to show the world that he was the loudest. Then he heard the other frogs croak louder than him and louder than anybody he had ever heard. There was not just one frog that could do better than him in the outer world but there were millions of them, however he never gave up croaking. He croaked and croaked everyday and every night, hoping that the outer world would at least hear him croak and appreciate his attempt if not tag him as the loudest. He believed that practicing would help him perform better, hence he refused to abandon his pursuit and continued croaking.

12 December 2010


It's not that she hates losing but she never gives up without trying hard, without giving her best and if her gut says she can do it then there is no turning back. She always puts her heart and soul into every assignment that she takes but the new case was proving to be more challenging than she had expected it to be. She had already given all that she had, she had spent days and nights trying to get her hands on clues, any clue yet the case had seen no progress. She was exactly where she had started.

Her instincts and wits had never failed her but the murderer, whoever he was, had done a neat job, leaving no clue behind him, challenging her abilities like never before. The neighbors hadn't seen anyone either enter or leave the victim's house. The murderer hadn't left fingerprints, though it was obvious that the victims had struggled for their lives. The crime scene was a mess with blood splattered everywhere, even so there wasn't any suspicious footprints.