31 May 2010

Trust, it's Love!

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"Stay away from him, otherwise you'll die", he reread the note for a hundredth time, but didn't know what to make of it. Who could have written such a thing? The note had scared the hell out of Sonam, but still her accusations were baseless. Sneha would never play such dirty games. Why would she? After all, they were best of friends. Anyway, she loved Vicky and they would tie knots this fall.

He asked her, "Don't be ridiculous, Sonam. Why would she do that?", but she wouldn't listen. The note had scared her to death, nevertheless he wanted her to understand that Sneha was innocent. He knew his friend better than that. However, Sonam kept on sobbing, no matter what he told, so he gave up convincing and instead, he just held her close to him, as if to assure that he would always protect her, from everyone and everything. If anything was to happen to her, then they would die together.

He told her, "Not to worry, sweetheart. I wont let anything happen to you" and then giving her a peck, he added, "I love you baby. I love you so much".

She didn't believe him. Why would she? Because the look in his eyes, whenever Sneha was around, told a different story. She knew that they were more than friends. She couldn't understand what had changed his love for her. She loved him so much, and she had believed that she too, had been truly loved. Their marriage would end if things didn't work out and she desperately wanted to save it. She couldn't imagine herself living alone, a life without him.

She argued, "It can't be anyone else. Its her" and then looking into his eyes, she asked, "or you too want me dead?"

He asked, "How could you say that, honey?" and planting a kiss on her forehead, he added, "You know how much I love you, don't you?" but she knew he was lying.

He knew that she didn't believe him and he couldn't understand why. He had done everything to win her trust, and had left behind everything and everyone to be with her, yet she wouldn't believe him. However, he hoped that she would gradually start trusting him. He loved her so much, and he believed that he too, would be truly loved.

He also had the notes to worry about. He seriously couldn't figure out who would threaten Sonam and why they didn't want them together. For whatever reasons, whoever were writing them, he decided that he wouldn't let them off easily. He would track them down, but right now keeping Sonam safe was crucial. He decided to go to police and he also needed someone to watch over Sonam, all the time. He thought of asking Sonali, Sonam's sister, to stay over with them for few days. Otherwise, there was another option and he was sure Sonam would like the later.

He informed his manager that he would be taking the promotion, as he was ready to shift to Bangalore, ready to leave his hometown and everything that reminded him of his parents. He would do anything to keep Sonam safe. After all, she meant the world to him.

She had done everything to keep him happy because she wanted him to love only her. She spent more time in beauty-salon to look good for him, still it wasn't enough. The more she tried to get closer to him, he seemed distant. He always said that he loved her, but she knew he didn't mean it. She could sense the emptiness in his words. Even those threatening notes hadn't moved his heart, instead he stood to his grounds and kept on defending his friend.

"It's high time that I ended this game"
, she thought to herself and decided that she would talk to him.

She wore the best dress that she had, spent hours curling her hair and putting on some make up. While she was admiring herself in the mirror, the doorbell rang. She opened the door and for the first time since few weeks, she was really happy to see him. He looked at her and said, "Hey gorgeous, someone is all dressed up".

She said, "You must be tired, let me get you some coffee".

He watched television while he waited for the coffee. He wanted to surprise her with the news about his promotion and transfer, but that had to wait until later. He didn't realize when she had walked into the room and when he did, he had a gun pointed towards him.

He asked, "You scared me, honey. Why would you do that?"

She asked, "Why did you choose Sneha over me? Am I not good-looking enough? Today, I dressed up just for you. Now, don't I look better than her?"

"Trust me baby, I love only you".

She wasn't listening and said, "You know what, I will first shoot you and then shoot myself".

He tried to make her understand that he loved only her but she wouldn't listen. He begged her so much to drop the gun but she wouldn't and when she did, even she fell on the ground along with it.

She said, "I'm sorry for I didn't trust your love and wrote those notes, but I don't want to die yet. Please, save me".

He cried like a wounded dog, holding her, as it was too late to do anything else. The poison had ceased her heart already.

"Tragedy of life isn't death but what we let die inside of us while we live. If only you had believed in my love".

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  1. Lovely story! The suspense you managed to create was awesome! All The Best for BPL :) Hope we win! :)

  2. wat a love story..!! unexpected ending..!! oh my god i taught there ll be a happy endings...soo soon next part of the story will be coming shortly i think soo....happy to read ur stories..gr8 writer ur..

  3. Well written psycho-tragedy. I think there was some Sherlock Holmes story with a similar theme.

  4. couldn't get why Sonam never accepted his love.. may be you should have explained some incident...

    but a good twist nevertheless..

  5. what A nice story..........well written:)

  6. Sometimes we are so insecure that we don't believe that good things do happen, and to us too. Nice built suspense in the story.


  7. What a tragedy! :(
    Nice story, very well narrated. The quote is so very apt and true! :)

  8. well written tragedy... dramatic ...

  9. nice one Nethra..good luck for the contest girl :)

  10. Very nice story and well narrated :)

  11. as i told u even earlier- this is brilliant!!

  12. Nethra, I'm weary of tragic love stories! but like the ones with a twist like this one.. full marks for the suspence, and all the best for the league:)

  13. Nethra,

    All i can say is 'AWESOME'. I have been following your blog for quiet some time and one thing i truly noticed in your writings is your absolute skill of intensifying the story as it progresses and closing with a 'bang on' climax. For me, though i had immense pleasure reading your other writings, this is your best blog post till date.

    All the best for BPL. Cheers!

    Best Regards,

  14. Nethra,

    I believe there is a high chance that a writer gets influenced by the books/authors he/she reads. May i know some authors you really enjoy reading?

  15. Wow! Now this is totally out of the box thinking! I loved this story

  16. Pooja
    I hope the same and thanks for the comment. I'm really glad you liked it and you know that I mean it, don't you?

    Thank you, dude! I'm really happy for you like my stories. :)

    The fool
    To be frank, I haven't read even one Sherlock Holmes's story. Now, you mentioned it, the next book I'll pick up would be that.
    Thanks for the comment! :)

    She was just possessive and insecure. I thought it was obvious. Glad you liked the twist. Thanks for the comment! :)

  17. Vijay and Champa
    Thanks, guys! :)

    Yes, its really a tragedy when we stop being happy because of insecurity and possessiveness. Anyway, thanks for the comment! :)

    Shilpa, Guria, dmanji, Neha and ChatterBox
    Thanks for the comments, guys! I really appreciate it. :)

    Thanks, dude! I hope we win. :) I like our team very much. We rock! Don't we? :)

  18. aaahhhh.........loved it........

    Doubt ....yea, doubt kills even if not literally......ppl shld learn to trust their love......or atleast their own choices

  19. Roshmi and PNA
    I didn't wanna write a typical tragic story and I'm glad you guys liked the story with a little suspense along with the tragedy. Thanks for the comments! :)

    Thanks, dude! Its flattering to know that you liked all my stories. :)
    By the way, I pick up books instead of sticking to any one author. I mostly read fantasy fictions with fairies, monsters and magic in it and my writings are influenced by them. :)

    I'm glad you liked it. Thanks! :)

  20. I am one of those kinds like the character in ur story..I usualy dont trust anyone specially when it comes to relations..Anyways Nice write up..:)All the best for the BPL thing :)

  21. an awesome story with an unexpected ending.. really loved it

  22. Nice one and good luck for the contest.

  23. That was amazing Nethra... brilliant flow and very well narrated... kept me glued till the last word.... all the best for BPL!

  24. That was awesome girl :) You are a pro at narrating stories. It was really a thrilling story with a very shocking ending. One of the best tragedy entries :)

  25. possessiveness is the worst spell on love :(
    NIce. Keep writing.

  26. A typical Nethra post, I'll say! :) Suspense. And well narrated. Keep it up!

  27. Oh so sad...twisted mind that has not learnt to trust....dramatic with a great end!

  28. Loved the drama and suspense :-)

  29. hitesh rawat and Vamsi
    Trust is essential in every relationship but still we feel insecure sometimes and that's very human.Anyway, thanks for the comments. :)

    aman prince, sherin, Shail and harini
    Thanks guys! :)
    I'm glad you liked it.

    Thanks for the comment. I'm really very glad that you enjoyed reading the story. :)

  30. Avada
    Thanks girl! :) I'm really happy with the kinda response I'm getting but read other entries for BPL and they were fun too. :)

    Possessiveness is a curse indeed. Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment. :)

    Thanks! :)

  31. Arjit
    Now, I'm tagged. Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

    Nalini Hebbar
    Trust is very important, isn't it? Anyway, thanks for the feedback! :)

    I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment! :)