19 July 2010

Dream boy

She fancied staring out from her bedroom's window while everyone else slept in their warm beds, lost in their dreams. The silence of the night and the beauty of the still world always appealed to her. She would stay awake until the first sun ray hit the earth, just sitting on her windowsill and doing nothing but absorbing the beauty of the dark. She loathed light, unlike others.

Every morning, her mother would complain about her eyebags and how skinny she looked, but she gave a damn. She didn't want anyone to tell her what she should look like and what she should wear. She didn't bother dressing up. Lipstick was the last thing that she wanted on her dressing table. However, she had beautiful long hair that she had maintained pretty well.

She always took the subways to go to the college instead of the college bus because subways were considerably dark. The entire time she was in the train, she would just stare at the relatively moving wall. She never noticed people around her and so did they. She always went unnoticed, thanks to her skinny physique.

04 July 2010

"Not-so-feminine" Me

"My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes" sounds interesting, right? Almost everyone in the blogosphere are doing this tag and now, it's my turn. Firstly, thanks to Avada Kedavra and BlabberBlah for tagging me.

I don't classify the below characteristic of mine as masculine but they are definitely not feminine. The ten non-feminine things about me are:

* I neither hate pink nor fancy it.

* I first beat up people and then talk. Sometime back, a guy had stolen my bicycle. I went to his place with my dad's latti and bashed him nicely, before I brought my bicycle back.