09 January 2010

Call it luck

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In the library...

There is only an hour left for the exam to start and I still got two chapters to study. Suma is going to top the class once again. What happens to my resolution of topping the class this semester? I am a loser after all. A loser who doesn't study until her ass is on fire. How can I ever beat Suma if I haven't even studied enough to pass the exam.

Mom was right. She should have got me married instead of letting me study. I don't deserve this chance, the chance that would make me independent, the chance that would make my dreams come true.

I wonder how it would have been if I had opted for medicine. I'm sure I would google about the cases and the treatments whenever a patient came to me. That is what I do whenever I'm working on any project. Everyone does it, its not only me. Even Suma does. She just starts studying from the beginning of the semester and that is how she scores more than me. That doesn't make me any less intelligent than her. I'm just lazy. So lazy and ignorant that instead of studying I'm thinking all these silly things that wouldn't help me pass the exam.

Good I didn't take medicine, my mind wanders so much that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the patients. I better study now. I can bisect anyone and everyone once I'm done with the exam. I'm sure I wouldn't sit there for three hours. I got to say, exams suck. Why do they have to keep exams? I would have learnt more if there were no exams. I'm sure I would have.

Forget about topping the class, I'm not even going to pass this semester if I don't study now. God! Don't let me fail. If I fail then its your mistake. I'm lazy and ignorant because you made me so. Alright! I know you will say that you gave me an hour to make up for one entire semester and I still sat blaming you instead of studying.

"Hey Gita, I'm gonna flunk if you don't help me".

She asked, "What do you want? Don't tell me that you haven't studied again? You had promised last semester that you would study beforehand."

I begged, "Please, Gita! Help me!"

She said, "Alright. Study the 6th chapter. Its very easy".

"I'm not getting it. I didn't attend the class when sir thought that chapter".

She shouted, "Well! Then go to hell and let me study".

"Alright, I will try studying".

She said, "You will be doing me a favor if you do".


In the exam hall...

Everyone looks so confident. I guess even I shouldn't worry too much. After all, I did study the 6th chapter. That should be more than enough to pass the exam.

These invigilators should have been anchors of some reality shows. They don't do anything in hurry. They eat up good ten minutes of the valuable three hours we get. Poor us! Of course, except me.

Wow! The paper is quite easy. I guess I wasted my time reading the 6th chapter. Well! Now I should more than pass.

Ah! I'm done and others are still writing. I wonder what they write. Even if I had attempted for 100 marks, I would have finished it by now and here, these people are writing and still writing.

Even Gita is writing, but if I sit here for another minute, my bums will start aching. I don't know how do they stick their bums at one place for so long. Three hours is just too much.

I know if I walk out now, everyone will pity me. They will suppose I haven't written anything. They would be really wasting their time if they sit here bothering about me.


After three hours...

"How was your paper?" asked Gita.

I just smiled, so she said, "I recognize that smile".

I told her, "Call it luck".

She complained. "Your papers always goes well no matter how much you study".

I again said, "I told you, call it luck"

She argued, "Nope. Its not luck. Its because I study for hours and just study, but you understand whatever you read".

"Well! I would still say, call it my luck".

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  1. Good story. Luck is a big thing or some people have it all :-)

  2. Good luck be calm and effective time management is the key to success.

  3. Yes luck does play a part but not important as other factor not for fun they "Luck favors the brave"

    And Nethra thanks for you honest comment. I didn't notice that it was such a rip off. Perhaps it got registered in my sub conscience mind. I have changed the ending and bit pls do check it out. :)

  4. Some people are born lucky :) Some people get lucky at some point in time in life ;) Nice read :)Good luck!

  5. Some people are just born lucky... good 'luck' to u for BAT-6 :)


  6. nice ...this happens to all of us 5-point-someones ...except the ofcoz the top 20%s...listen in some speed reading...and off to the exam hall...enjoyed the read...:)

  7. Great description of what happens before and during an exam! We've all gone through this at some point or another in our life.

  8. Very well written. Luck is evading me since a long time. But hey, we can make our luck. :)
    All the best!

  9. Luck...i use it whenever things dont turn up my way...Nice :)

  10. Nicely weaved story..I personally believe there is no chance for luck in life..The character of the story shud realize that she is a genius, instead of wailing over inferiority..hehehe..I hope you will tell ur character..:) nice story again..keep blogging..:)

  11. @Madhu
    Yes, some people have it all and I have experienced it myself.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Yes, Time management is everything but sometimes its good to be lazy...only sometimes.
    Thanks for the feedback. :)

  12. hmm..luck or call it a chance event.
    theres some factor for it :)

    good one

  13. @Venky
    Yes, of course! Luck favors only the brave. :)

    I will surely check the changes that you have made on your blog.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  14. @Raksha
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you liked the story. :)

    When it comes to BOT I'm not that lucky. Luck has always favored me but now I want my talent to win me things not luck. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  15. @Nalini
    I was never a five point someone. That doesn't mean I was a book worm. Call it luck, I say.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    I'm not sure about others but I definitely go through all these, every time I give any exam.
    Thanks for the time you spent on my blog. I appreciate it. :)

  16. @Karthik
    Its not favoring me too from sometime. I'm on the way making my own luck. Thanks. :)

    I use it all the least, most of the time. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  17. @Vamsi
    Well, she already knows she is a genius. :P
    Thanks for commenting on the story. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we sometimes get second chances. All we got to do is use it well. :)

  18. @Pramathesh
    I am happy for you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  19. Lol..
    A very nice short story. The narration is interesting and very lucid.
    "I'd better be lucky than good" is a famous quote.. and I wish I get lucky during my exams.

    My first time in this blog and I totally enjoyed it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Do read the other articles as well, when you find time.

  20. Luck is really a big thing
    a great story

  21. I use luck only for cursing it when it is "bad" or "hard"

    Seems you gonna be a Rocket Scientist... You work only when your ass is on fire! lol

  22. Luck....

    I Opine as

    It always appears at horizons...
    I call it coincidence in objective sense....
    A best friend for Excusionist....
    Always close to irrationality and subjective interpretations....
    Locked in Expectations......

    Any Lucky BATOM this time???

  23. After lots of experiances i do agree that luck has a bit of a part in sucess but I still vote for a hard work.I think you are gifted by sharp you do not need hard part just work is enough. And you have done a good work here!

  24. @vinayak
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am happy you liked the story. :)
    I agree luck is a big thing, but not that big that it can over take determination.

    Luck isn't co incidence. There can't be so many co-incidences. We better don't try to analyze what is luck, because its too complicated.
    I don't think I have enough luck for BOTOM. Lets see what happens. :)

  25. @Saurabh
    Not only me, almost everyone who writes exam don't work until their asses are on fire. Am I right? I know there are exceptions.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  26. @Pra
    I don't know about the brain part, but I surely don't have the luck. Luck isn't favoring me these days.
    Thanks for the appreciating my work. :)

  27. well.. due to my parents & bros, I got into habit of preparing well ahead.. and now that am done with exams, am getting night-mares! :(

    well written and yeah.. understanding is more important than mugging :D

  28. Reminds me of my semester days!! It was luck for me too. Only that it clicked on some days for me, and some days for the person sitting next to me. Not a big deal, they were similar sheets that we submitted(lol!). So one thing that I have learnt, during my school/college days is "increase you network, and ye shall pass."

  29. hehahea

    nice one yaar....

    i had the same story in exms but most of the time things happened was like i completed whole sections and left one and question came frm that only...lolz

  30. i would have been on cloud 9 if that happened with me this semester but instead it turned the other way round and now i will have to depend on luck once again next semester i Better Luck next time for me...

    oh and the post is very well written by the ways...which also reminds me [:P], you have to check my post again i have an question for you as in for a reply to your comment there..

  31. Natural story-teller you are, are n't you miss ? :) I still prefer to copy.. ;)

  32. how right u are..luck plays very imp role in every ones life....nice :))

  33. Last minute studying. I see so much of my engg. days in this post. Nice!

    Good luck for BATOM6! :)

  34. I realised this long before that I should stop pampering and blaming my own self before the exams(for not studying beforehand).Last minute study is my style.Last minute study is your style.I love it :)

  35. @sundeep
    Nightmares? Why so? Studying beforehand is a good habit.
    Yes, of course. Understanding whatever we read is important and a better way of studying.
    Thanks for visiting the blog. :)

  36. @dattaabhishek
    I never copied during my semester exams. Copying was alright in internals. :) I would rather depend on my luck than the network. :)
    Thanks for visiting the blog. :)

  37. @Himanshu
    It happens. Luck favors at times and sometimes it doesn't.
    Better luck next time. Thanks for appreciating my story. :)

    I will surely check your blog. Thanks by the way. :)

  38. @Manan
    I agree copying is easier than depending on luck.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Luck always play games on everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  39. @Gkam
    It was my engineering days too. Those days rocked. I miss them. :-/
    Thanks for wishing me luck. :)

    I liked whatever I did during my engineering days. I studied only when my ass was on fire.
    Thanks for visiting the blog. :)

  40. There's nothing called "Luck". Our destiny is just a complext function of being at the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time, plus the impact of our right/wrong decisions taken at those moments. We need to develop the instinct to judge the opportune time and make the right decisions. Period.

    Those who leave/ blame things to 'Luck' are the ones unable to comprehend opportunities.

  41. Ohh...luck evades me alwayss...
    nway a good one:)

  42. @Talking skull
    According to me, taking the right decision, to be at the right place, at the right time is luck. So we believe in pretty much the same thing but we are giving different names. :)
    Thanks for the honest opinion about luck. :)

    It happens with everyone. Even the most lucky person on the earth would face this one or the other time.
    Thanks for visiting the blog. :)

  43. Hey HI5! I study at the eleventh hour always! Miss engineering days! We rock na :)
    Good one girlie :)

  44. Nice .I found a different Nethra in this one.It always happens that some are really lucky that even if they study only 2 questions they get those 2 for sure.Happens, we have been calling it luck for ages as you said :)

  45. Nethra,

    perhaps my sub-conscious mind is so used to preparing before-hand that it reminds me in the form of night-mares.. but it is crazy because I have no exams to give :D :(

    U can check this out for details:

  46. @Shruti
    I too miss my engineering days. Those days just rocked. Well, its not good to go nostalgic about it all the time. Instead lets make our days in future better than those days.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  47. @Just another life
    Thanks for your sweet comment. :)

    This is true me and donno what do you mean by different Nethra.
    Well, we do know better that anyone how luck favored and didn't favor us at times, don't we?
    Thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule to read the story. :)

  48. @Sundeep
    It is not bad to prepare beforehand. I too did that at times. To be frank, I wasn't always lucky.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll surely check your blog, once I'm done replying to your comment.
    Thanks again. :)

  49. to be honest & as i know you,this writing is not upto the mark what you are capable of! waiting for you next update as the story was loose.

    but its great some grt piece of art has come on your blog since my last visit. carry it on :)

  50. Neel,
    Thanks for your honest opinion. No wonder many did not like this story. I will surely keep in mind that I should maintain the standards that the readers expect me to do.
    Thanks again. :)

  51. Great work Dear....

    Keep Penning....

    God Bless....

  52. "Well ! I would still say, call it my luck" -good ;)

  53. Sumathi
    It did happen with us, didn't it? ;)