29 June 2014

Women's Issues

I suppose I have been giving men more attention than they actually deserve, at least on my blog. Well, I am a big girl now. I have my share of men issues and need a platform to vent. Where else will I go other than my ‘Otiose Opinions’? And to be honest, there are quite a lot of things I wish I could talk about, but cannot. You know, a girl like me has to think about her reputation in the society and she must also be considerate about others who are involved in the issues she wants to discuss.

17 June 2014

Men, men and more men...

I have been meeting a lot of people these days, thanks to my job that requires me to travel and meet new people. Though these meetings are mostly work related, every now and then I get glimpses of what these people really are.

Perhaps I am just making assumptions…still reading people is fun. All writers must do it as often as possible. If not anything else, it will help us in giving our creations life.

12 June 2014


Well, I have been (and I have) friendzoned before, but it never really mattered, at least not enough to talk and write about it. I was younger and had plenty of time to play then, but along with the passing years, my tolerance for men who play hard to get has decreased. Oh, there are still quite a few years before I become thirty, but I feel so old already.

07 June 2014

Rajdhani Ki Kahani

I could have said that I haven't travelled much by train, hence all the dramatic encounters, but I cannot use that excuse anymore, not since last December, not after travelling across the country for one whole month. I'm well acquainted to trains now so I'm to be blamed for everything that happened last week.