20 September 2010

An arrogant stranger

Do you remember everyone of the many you meet everyday? Of course, you don’t. However, few cross your mind couple of times, few linger for awhile and there are those few whom you would never forget. You might have spent just few minutes with them but no matter how brief the encounter was they would have left everlasting impression in your heart. It might be hatred, love or just admiration that you might have developed towards them in those brief moments but what’s important is the intensity of that feeling if it were to remain in your heart, forever.

Sometimes, it might take years to make an opinion about a person…to realize what exactly your feelings are for that someone, who always occupies your mind whenever you are alone.

“Not again! Please!” Shenoy scowled but Jay ignored. He didn’t seem to have heard anything that was being discussed. He was working out another strategy in his mind because at the very beginning of the presentation he had seen a flaw in Tami’s idea. She had built her plan based on one assumption and if consumers didn’t play accord to her assumption then the project would be a big failure. He couldn’t afford it…not after what had happened the other day. He had to succeed at any cost so he intended to not let anyone screw his project.

He rushed out of the meeting saying, “Enough already! Revise the plan and send a copy to me before scheduling another meeting”

“Revise the plan? Does he even know what the plan is? He wasn’t even listening”, Tami complained but nobody heard her except Shenoy. Might be everyone heard her, however they chose to pretend to not to have heard because unlike Shenoy and Tami, who were Jay’s friends, they were just his employees.

Jay started working on the presentation straightaway because he was quite sure that Tami would come up with another lame plan. He had no time to waste...if only his employees were fecund. He supposed he should replace them or figure out a way to make them more productive.

“Who the hell she thinks she is!?!” he suddenly snapped at the dumb walls of his cabin but they remained silent, enduring his anger. He wanted to prove to her that his heritage alone didn't identify him but he was more capable than his forefathers.

He had met her in a coffee shop the other day. Actually, they were not there to meet each other but had been waiting for there respective friends, who were awfully late. They had been sipping the delicious coffee served there when Jay's eyes had spotted her, a plain girl and seeing her attire he could tell that she wasn't rich. "An easy prey" he had thought before hopping to her table. He was taken aback a little when the expression on her face was so different from what he had supposed it would be. There was no surprise there but annoyance.

She asked, "Do I know you?" and the all mighty him answered, "You might". He knew that wherever the looks wouldn't work, money would. Who in the city would not know him and his family? They were the richest after all. Before he could introduce himself, she cut in saying, "Did you forget to carry your wallet? You want me to pay for your coffee? I wouldn't mind". She picked up her purse but he assured her that it wasn't anything like that and he also told her that he'd come to her table because he wondered whether he could have a cup of coffee with her as his friends were late.

She rejected him, politely and instantly, saying, "Sorry if I sound rude but would you mind leaving me alone if you don't have anything important to say? I'm waiting for someone really important".

He did not like the way she was pushing him aside. No girl had ever rejected him. However, he left her table without uttering another word.

He wasn't very far from her table so he heard her greet her friend enthusiastically when her friend finally showed up but there was still no sign of his friends. After a while, he learnt that they were discussing work and that is when her friend recognized him.

Her friend said, "Hey, remember that corporation that you were talking about the other day? I suppose that guy is the heir. I must have seen him in a magazine. I guess his name is Jai or something like that".

She asked, "Oh that guy?"

"Do you know him?"

She answered, "Of course, not. Anyway, it doesn't matter. We got to work otherwise even we would be recognized as somebody's daughter and wife, and not for what we did and what we are".

It had taken all his willpower to get out of that coffee shop without letting out his anger on her. She had not only rejected him but also ridiculed his very existence and that very moment he had decided to prove his capabilities, if not to her at least to himself. However, he was sure that he would never forget her, at least not the insults that she had thrown at him.


  1. Tami taught Jay quite a lesson that day. Without his second name and dad's bank balance he was nothing. Great narration on this one too!

  2. Good for him, he shud not forget those insults for now all that anger is channelised properly can make him a better person...

    but I feel the girl was a bit rude to him.. he did not say anything wrong to her... shud have given him a chance ...

  3. Wonderful story, very well narrated. The message is cool too!!

  4. name of the post suits perfectly, loved the content, subject and narration too !!

  5. Nice...good narration...after reading 1st 2 paras I thought this something about your experience but then u surprised me with the story :)

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  7. girls can be real good teachers :P
    that guy needed someone to knock some sense into him :P brilliant story... and really liked how u hyperlinked the time back to the story :D

  8. Very well narrated, an impressive post.

  9. Wonderful post. One should be known for his work and not for connections.

  10. A snub that turned his life around? Nice story.

  11. good read....!!
    A good lesson to him by a good girl.

  12. @samadrita
    Tami wasn't the one who thought him lesson. Tami was his friend and the coffee shop lady was a different one. He didn't even learn her name.

    It's not safe for an ordinary girl to fall for such guys. Such kinda romance happens only in fairy-tales.

    Shilpa and deepa
    Thank you, guys! :)

  13. Megha
    I always write fiction here.

    Rajlakshmi, KG
    Thank you, guys! I'm glad you liked it.

    Exactly. I believe in the same. I would rather be recognised as me than somebody's daughter and wife.

    Purba, Arpana and Swetha
    Thank you, guys! :)

  14. i like the way you write.. seriously, good work..

  15. Shankar, Navneet
    Thanks guys! :)