22 June 2011

K's and J's

Choi Si Won-oppa
I have been very active on twitter these days and whoever follows me there knows because I always spam their time-lines with my tweets about animes, Korean and Japanese dramas, movies, books and my rants about other mundane things. I didn’t even spare my Facebook wall. I wonder how many people have blocked my feeds, though they were polite enough not to unfriend me or ask me to stop spamming their walls with mushy status updates and pictures of anime characters and Korean celebrities.

11 June 2011

The other day

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The other day, I walked by the sea, admiring its vastness and wondering how many secrets it could be hiding behind its mask of calmness. After walking for what seemed miles, I looked back and saw my footprints. I had walked a lot yet I wanted to go on.

The sun sank into the sea. The birds flew away. The sky swallowed everything-the sea, the land and the faraway mountains, yet I wanted to go on.

03 June 2011

An eternal quest

I’m not sure whether my post will be even considered as good, forget about winning; nevertheless, I wanted to participate in the Yahoo! Dove Real Beauty contest, not because of the lucrative prize but it got me thinking about what beauty means to me.

The first sunray that hits the earth, the twinkling stars, the moon in the dark sky, the first rain, the morning dew, the blooming flower, the fireflies, a baby’s smile, the butterflies, the mountains, the snow and the running stream-they all are beautiful. I even find a mother’s lullaby to be beautiful. There’s beauty in everything; you just need the eyes and heart to appreciate it. I truly believe in the saying, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.