20 September 2010

An arrogant stranger

Do you remember everyone of the many you meet everyday? Of course, you don’t. However, few cross your mind couple of times, few linger for awhile and there are those few whom you would never forget. You might have spent just few minutes with them but no matter how brief the encounter was they would have left everlasting impression in your heart. It might be hatred, love or just admiration that you might have developed towards them in those brief moments but what’s important is the intensity of that feeling if it were to remain in your heart, forever.

Sometimes, it might take years to make an opinion about a person…to realize what exactly your feelings are for that someone, who always occupies your mind whenever you are alone.

04 September 2010


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“If he doesn’t return then we shall bring him back”, they swore and rode away, leaving behind a hope of freedom, of peace.


“Do not be scared. I shall never harm you”.

No matter how much he assured her that she was safe, she wouldn’t believe him and it hurt him to see fear in her face. He wanted her to smile…smile for him, but he did not know how to make her happy.