30 December 2010

A croaking frog

Frankie was a noisy frog and the loudest in the well that he lived in. Day after night and night after day, he croaked louder than others, announcing his existence to the world. Everyone looked up to him and praised him, not only in front of him but at his back too. He was happy. He was content with the life that he was leading but things were not to end there.

One day, he hopped out of the well to explore the outer, bigger and meaner world, and to show the world that he was the loudest. Then he heard the other frogs croak louder than him and louder than anybody he had ever heard. There was not just one frog that could do better than him in the outer world but there were millions of them, however he never gave up croaking. He croaked and croaked everyday and every night, hoping that the outer world would at least hear him croak and appreciate his attempt if not tag him as the loudest. He believed that practicing would help him perform better, hence he refused to abandon his pursuit and continued croaking.

He became friends with frogs who sought the same. He supposed that they would practice together and help each other in becoming better than what they were already. He assumed that by working together they would strengthen each other. He never considered them as his opponents but comrades fighting for the same cause but least he knew that they didn't think likewise. Not even in his darkest dreams, he expected them to plot against him to reduce competition. Instead of encouraging him, they started weakening his confidence. They called him swellhead, and asked him to see the reality and accept defeat rather than give it a try.

Everyone discouraged him. They asked him to do something productive instead of wasting his time croaking. He heard, "you cannot make it", "you shouldn't bother doing something as lame as croaking", "you can never be the loudest" and "you call that croaking?" that he started doubting his abilities. It made him feel handicapped yet he didn't give up. He hoped someone would assure him that he would definitely achieve what he desired by working hard.

They criticized him but he moved forward by ignoring them. They started talking behind him but he did not mind. They laughed at him and he smiled at them. His cool attitude irked them and they came up with novel tricks to break his confidence. Their attempts to pull him down pained him but he didn't give up because he had come too far to return. He had to endure it until he showed to the world that he can croak too.

However, he was a frog after all . He might have put up a strong face and stood against the world but it did pain him to face the world that always tried to knock him down. There were times when he almost gave up and decided to return home, where everyone respected his feelings and appreciated his talent, but he feared that they might not accept him if he went empty handed, thus he stuck to the plan bearing everything alone.

Every one of us might have heard lot of such stories. Might be Frankie was not that good but surely he must have been moderately good for the frogs back home to have praised him and encouraged him to achieve his dreams.

From now onwards, whenever we play critics, let us pass on our opinions in such a manner that it doesn't discourage others, instead it helps them in correcting their mistakes and do better.

However, this story do not apply to quaffing politicians and immoral journalist of recent times.


  1. There is obviously only one frog that can be the loudest of all, So wat's the point in even trying to be the loudest of all ? If it is destined to be the loudest it will else it will never..Thats my personal opinion..Even we just like the frogs settle with things in life that are destined for us..For example: Even if I try with all my efforts, I would never be the prime minister of India Right ? Coz that is not destined for me..So it is better if I try to be happy with what is destined for me..Of course I am not saying that aiming for something is bad but we should be able to understand what is possible and what is not practically..At least after experiencing things in life.. Just like the frog..Having seen frogs that are way better than Frankie, Frankie must probably be happy that it is the loudest in its well and may be it should aim for something like being the loudest in the adjacent 10 wells or so :P instead of trying to be the loudest frog in the world.

    Thanks to my share of personal experiences, I've learnt a hard fact in life.."God gives us what we deserve and not what we desire"..So it all ends up to Karma..

    Anyways, it was a thought provoking story Nethra..Drilled out the philosopher in me :)

  2. the frog atleast learnt a lesson... and mend his ways... wonder how many such frogs actually exists. thoughful write

  3. very simple story n it felt like wat u gonna infer frm this, infact was kinda dissapointd in beginning bt must say very emphaticallyu came up wit n impressv side lesson with it,applauded

  4. well written...a Happy New Year Nethra:)

  5. Very well written.. Wish you a very Happy New Year 2011..

    --Someone is Special--

  6. Nicely written allegory... a nice lesson for the frogs in all of us.. Criticise with care!!

    HNY 2011

  7. I was hoping there would be a happy ending :( sigh.

    read somewhere ' The winner of a rat race is still a rat. ' But he is THE Rat.

    HNY 2011!

  8. Not everyone acts similarly to criticism...some get cowed down, while some use it as a stepping stone for greater heights! See, I proved you wrong!!

    That said an honest opinion is always welcome.

  9. It was a nice thought... and very nicely put in words..

    I enjoyed the read..

    Good blog!

  10. Vamsi
    Rajnikant wasn't good looking enough to become a hero but he still worked hard and he's considered as god of south indian movies. There were better people than him but that didn't stop him from trying, did it? Sometimes, it's not about going against the fate, it's trying harder.

    The frog wasn't at fault. It just wanted to do its best.

    I'm glad that I didn't disappoint you. :)

    Thank you! :)

    Happy new year to you too! :)

    Thank you so much! Wish you the same!

    Yes, we should. I think more than once before criticizing someone.

    Exactly! :)

    When there is some truth in the criticism then we can make it a steeping stone, not otherwise, right?

    Thank you! Your feedback is appreciated. :)

  11. Some people overdo critisism...when they take a task at hand,their motive is to find mistakes.

    Pointing the faults and acknowledging the good should go together. If one points out only mistakes, a potential artist/writer could be lost or only adjulation will not help any improvement.

    Nice post.

  12. An interesting parable...Also liked the alliteration in your blog name..Otiose Opinions....Yet to read other posts though :)

  13. It seems all your stories contain strong morals or lessons. Loved this one especially since I thoroughly agree with the message.
    However one must keep in mind that there are some people, who in an attempt to reduce competition, will stop at nothing to achieve whatever they're aiming for. We must be wary of them!

  14. Megha

    I'm glad you liked it. :)

    We should and I know such people personally. :(

  15. Nice very nice its good to see that my dear friend is growing . Who could have expressed this better than Nethra what say dear ;).I really felt good while reading and after just because of the fact that you have a variety in you, you can write any sort of story or emote in anyway. If people go through all of your work they'll get to know how versatile you are.Proud of you my dear keep up the good work :)

  16. Dolphin
    Thank you very much! :)