29 June 2010

Girls' night out

“Girl, I will be there on time. Don’t you worry!” saying that Sunita dashed into her Nano. The night had just started and she was excited already. The night out had been Gita’s plan and all the girls had straightaway agreed to it. It was just them and they could do anything from gossiping to flaunting their swankiness, discussing their boyfriends and husbands to who-slept-with-whom, and nobody would interrupt them with politics and sports talks. She was sure that it would be one helluva night with just glamor, wine and lots of giggling.

Sunita studied her reflection for one last time, as she glossed her lips . She had picked up a black dress, high heels and a silver colored purse that went with it, perfectly. According to her, a women had to look her best until she went to her grave.

Others were already there and she could see that everyone in the restaurant were stealing glances at them and of course, at her. She liked playing an eye-catcher and winked at a man on her way to the table.

After exchanging greetings and receiving praises for their efforts to doll up for the evening, they ordered food and wine. 

After awhile, Tara asked, “Girls, Rohit doesn’t appreciate me anymore. Nowadays, he doesn’t notice me enough. I’m confused. Do you think I should leave him?”

Chaitra encouraged her, “Yes, darling. You should be concentrating on your career instead”.

Aishwarya asked, “What about sex? I’m sure he is good in bed, ain’t he?”

Chaitra argued, “He isn’t the last man around. If you ask me, I would suggest that you find someone else”.

“But I love him”, Tara told them and the discussion went on for hours until Aishwarya brought in another topic. She asked, “Do you think I should change my job? They don’t pay that good” and Chaitra reminded her, “But you always wanted that job”.

They talked about everything from love to sex and  career to homemaking. They spoke out their hearts.  They wanted to play eye candies, wanted success at their door steps and they were the urban girls.  That's not all There are women working in NGOs for betterment of the society, women in politics for power and if I were you, I wouldn’t be generalizing them.

* * *

“Go ahead. I will catch up soon”, saying that Sunanda hurried home. She was a middle-aged widow whose husband had died years ago. She had to not only take care of her old in-laws but also her son’s education and save for her daughter’s wedding. Her daughter was already sixteen, so Sunanda worked over time to save more.

Making agarbattis all night was the village’s women’s idea of night out. After serving dinner to her in-laws, Sunanda left to meet others. It was Ganga’s turn to make coffee when Radha started singing a folk song. The women worked for hours without complaining and even if they did, they did it in silence when no one’s around. All they wanted was enough money to survive, secure life for their children and a peaceful life for themselves. Their needs were primitive. That's not all. There are women working in Panchayat Raj, who want more than just a happy life. There was our own Lakshmi Bai, who did what most of the men could ever do.

Women want to live, let her live.

PS: Thanks to BlogAdda and its contest, which made me think what we (women) really want. Different people want different things out of life, same way different women run behind different things. I suppose we are no different from men. Like men, we want to be respected and recognized for our work rather than by our sexuality.


  1. This is an awesome post. Very well written.

    Good luck with the contest!

  2. No pillow fights? That's what guys want to see. LOL. Best of luck.

  3. Making agarbattis all night was the village’s women’s idea of night out...

    So touchy

    Clap clap clap

  4. Nice post..A girl's night out is a term I heard in the New Moon movie..:) Anyways I liked the ending too..

  5. Refreshingly different from other entries. Neither preachy nor slapstick.

    Makes you ponder on ironies of life.

  6. A good night out, I loved your typical way of writing. :-)

    As a strict follower of you, I like to give you a feedback, definitely not about your writing but about the blog design, "This is the only design which I dint like in all your selections"

    Do read my thoughts... What Women Wants?

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  7. Always, different views and needs of people (read men and women)..

    you have brought them out very well :)

  8. Just like ur every post,I liked this one too :)
    In addition,I liked the idea behind that different people have different expectations from their lives n thus nothing can be generalized.

  9. Aha bang on girl.Loved this've spoken about the less privileged women of our society.The rural working women who give it their all..and just want to ensure a happy life for their respective families. :))
    Best of luck for the contest.

  10. The two stories were very good individually...but the second story started a little abruptly...maybe a connecting line like 'Some 100 miles away...' or something distinct would have made the two pieces glued together.

    Very nice. Woman needs a life of their own, and they surely deserves it...

  11. nice post !!
    me too agree with megha u sud had related both the stories !!
    gud luck for contest !!

  12. Wow! That's a wonderful take on the topic. Liked the 2 contrasting perspectives.
    All the best for the contest.
    Cheers :)

  13. A very nice take on the topic girl. Different women want different things. Exactly. They cannot be generalized. All the best for the contest! :)

  14. Rama
    I'm glad you liked it. Thanks! :)

    Thanks for the comment! The theme was "What women want" and not what men want to see them doing, otherwise I would have included the pillow-fight. :)

    I know it's touchy but rural women really work very hard to survive.Thanks for the comment! :)

  15. Vamsi
    I haven't watched the movie, so have no idea about it. Anyway, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the story. :)

    Thanks! To be honest, I'm bad at preaching. :)

    "My typical way of writing"? Please, tell me do you find my writings homogeneous. I'm not sulking, just wanna know so I can write better.

    I know the template is too simple but it loads fast and doesn't slow down your browser, that's the reason I've kept it.

  16. Saravana
    By the way, thanks for the suggestion and the also comment, and not to forget thanks for being regular on my blog. :)

    Not only men and women, but also one woman is different from another. Anyway, thanks for the comment! :)

    That was the message I wanted to convey. Glad you got that and thanks for appreciating m work. It really means a lot. :)

    Even women from lower and upper middle class family are the same, right? They find happiness in others. I mean their family.
    Thanks for the comment and all the best to you too. :)

  17. Megha and Deepa
    I didn't want to link the stories. Wanted them to be two different pieces. I'm glad you guys liked them individually. Thanks for sharing your opinions! :)

    I'm glad you liked it.Thanks for the comment! :)

    That's exactly what I thought when I heard about the contest. Women cannot be generalized. I'm glad that someone share my opinion. Anyway, thanks for the comment and the wishes! :)

  18. i was expecting another of your thrilling stories....but it was totally different.....

    love the narration and the brings such a contrast .......from one's urban life to the others in the village......


  19. Hi :) This is the first time I'm reading any post of yours - and I must say - Yes, I like it very much. Precise, Thoughtful and Concise use of language.

    I like the idea - and I actually like the way that you have not connected the two different pieces - the stark contrast makes the difference more forceful - and the 'need to differentiate' between people, more urgent.

    Men or Women - need to be taken as individuals - not generic creatures restricted to Gender categories. I do not like the theme - "what WOMEN want" - but I love the way you've written back :) first as an individual - and then as a woman :)

    Cheers ! hope you win ! all the luck !

  20. hmmm... nice post nethra
    Nice to this abt girls :P
    their discussion, their diffrent opinion and u put that all in a very nice way....
    Plus the Ending is very gud

  21. loved the way u went about it Netra... brought out the contrast in the lives of woment very well... keep them coming...


  22. I appreciate you for not writing it in a cliched manner..
    liked it :), especially the second para :)

  23. A very nice post... YEs indeed Laxmi bai did what most men wud not have dared .. Hence the reason why most women are respected in our country .. though it s fast changing with the young generation whose idea of fun is to get into bed with anyone...

    Nice one Liked this article and All the best for the contest :)

  24. wow what a way to show what women want :) i liked the stark contrast you brought up here :)

  25. hey..nethra..great post..!! really told women is no more different than men...each will play equal roles.

  26. Cool post!! :) I missed this contest as i was travelling :(

  27. ohh it was done intentionally so u succeed in your attempt to write them in two different and b'ful pieces :)

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  29. Great Post & nice portrayal of the contrasts that exist in our society. All the best for the contest

    Sowmya's Gitaaonline

  30. yu brought me back memories of my friend ... she related quite similar stuff... but nice to know neverthless! :)! tak care keep outing!

  31. You've been tagged! :D

  32. @ Nethra,

    I meant that you used to potray your characters in a powerful way in all your write ups and I love it. Every one will have

    their own style in that way I love your way of writing a lot and followed by you is Mahesh & Leo.

    Do visit this

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  33. Hitesh
    I'm glad you liked the story though you felt it was unlike my previous works. :)

    That was the whole point behind this post. All woman aren't same so we should stop generalizing them as women.:)

    We too have opinions and discuss about anything and everything. :)

  34. Tavish
    You misspelled my name. x-(
    Anyway, nice to know that you liked the post. :)

    Thanks! :)

    Not all women are dramatic. :)

    Men always wanted to bed every girl who's around them but that never counted against them then why can't women do the same. Not that I'm supporting such attitude, just mentioned.

  35. ani_aset
    Nice to know that you liked the post. :)

    Yeah, we are humans first then woman and man. You got it right. :)

    You can still write on the topic. We don't need a contest to write about what women want, right?

    Doubt cleared? I'm glad. :)

  36. Sowmya
    There are other colors too. Could write about only two of them. :)

    I'm happy to know that someone out there thinks just like me. :)

    I've done the tag. Check it. :)

    Saravana and KrisMcmillen07
    Thanks guys! :)

  37. Nice take. Women are people like everybody else and all women don't want the same thing...