23 May 2010

Love, unknown

Social networking sites on Internet embraced her with open arms while assuring freedom from her loneliness. She had couple of friends from her school and college, but they were busy chasing their dreams and it left her craving for some company and attention. Internet offered plenty of it. She met like-minded people and they always made her feel wanted. Unlike others, she found life in the virtual world.

Exchanging names, then exchanging phone-numbers, an hour chit-chat and finally meeting up in real, it was easier than she had supposed. She knew what she wanted and she was ready to pay any price to get it, the price being time. Sometimes, she would also explore the real world. If she encountered someone in a pub or saw someone on street checking her out, then she would encourage them with a smile and sometimes even befriend them. The Virtual world had not only taken away her loneliness but it had made her confident. Now, she had a reason to smile and people, whom she could call friends.

Though her hunger for attention was satisfied, it had triggered a new desire inside her. She wanted to experiment. She wanted something more than just momentary attention and noncommittal friendships, more than movies and hangouts at cafes. She wanted to let her hair down and groove with the latest trend. She wanted to wind up her male acquaintances and then get it on with them.

A girl who was once shy to even return a smile whenever someone smiled at her, started picking up strangers from pubs and streets. She had became a sex maniac and she couldn't think about anything else but getting laid. Sleeping with her boss for appraisals and promotions didn't seem unethical anymore. She loved the way her colleagues ogled at her whenever she wore skin-tight dresses. In supposedly the latest trend, she had lost the real her, she had lost her innocence.

She wasn't really aware of what she was doing and she wanted it that way. She was done thinking morals and wanted others to understand that she was a woman, and it was very normal for her to enjoy sex, as normal as breathing. She wasn't like those people who pretended that they can control the animal instincts and she hated such hypocrites. While justifying her thirst, she overlooked the fact that even youth pass away like other things, it would decay with time and once again, she would be left alone with her loneliness.

"Are we meeting tonight?" he asked.

Saying, "We can't, sweetie. I've to be somewhere else", she hung up the call and that is when her cellphone beeped. It was Suhas again and it was the hundredth time that he had text-ed, "I love you" since morning. She didn't like when guys played love to bed her. She would have gone to him willingly, only if he had been honest about his feelings for her, but now she had no interest in him. He had sent her a card along with some white lilies. They were her favorites and yet, she had returned them. She knew that she wasn't made for love and whether the guy was honest or not, she didn't like the love games anymore. She replied, "I would appreciate it if you just stopped it".
And she never heard from him, not for a very long time.

As she grew older, she embraced her loneliness and the friends whom she had met online, offline were lost and forgotten. She hadn't made any new friends and had never tried to get back to any of the old ones. She didn't even remember any of their names or faces. She had also forgotten the passwords for all the accounts on all those social networking sites, which had once been her companions. Now, she hardly noticed anyone while walking on the street, no matter whether they looked at her or not.

She had silent breakfasts, silent dinners and lonely long walks, everyday. However, she was still the same beautiful woman with same pair of appealing eyes, to whom love was still unknown.

"This is for you, ma'am", the boy said. A smile lit his face when she tipped him more than what he had expected her to. He had brought her white lilies, her favorites and a note along with it.

Dear Aarthi,

I'm not sure whether you remember me, but years ago when I had expressed my love to you, you hadn't believed me. Now, I want to tell you something that I couldn't tell you then. I had really meant when I had told, "I love you" to you.


She couldn't help but laugh reading the note. She wondered why men still wanted to play love with her, though she was too old to be bedded.


  1. Ah a very nice write Nethra.Straight to the end of it I wasn't able to guess what this was about.
    Loved the ending.
    It's absolutely pitiable when people can't even recognize the fact that love is knocking on their door. :(
    Made for a wonderful read.Write more!

  2. And yayy I commented first.

    P.S:Pardon the childishness.I'm spamming your comment box. xD

  3. Interesting take..i think this story was shaping up nicely.Are you planning a part deux?
    Good Stuff Nethra.

  4. good going..Social networking is real fun..I love it..:P I liked the character's boldness in ur story..Finally, Is the guy's love real or not???..

  5. your posts somehow... grabs my attention.. and make me read till the end (although iM not a good reader)... but an interest is created... ^_^
    very nicely written... kewl-O... :)):)
    great post... ^_^

  6. hey awsome story..!! the same thing happens in everyone life...:P

  7. ah, the unexpected climax is your specialty :) nice one..

  8. aaha... that was so well written... and the ending was so unexpected... i thought she would realize her mistake and there would some melodramatic scene after... hehe
    awesome is the word for the way you portrayed the character... ist wierd that we lose ourselves so easily... my latest post is exactly abouty someone like that...


  9. Very well written.. didn't expect the twist in the end :)

  10. Wah! I expected things to turn typical bollywoodish at the end but then you had a different take and I like that!!!

  11. Samadrita
    Its indeed pitiable that one don't recognize love and whoever want it never gets it. :(
    Anyway, thanks for the comment! :)

    There's no sequel. Did you feel its incomplete? Anyway, thanks for the comment! :)

    "Social networking is real fun" that's you line. :P
    Suhas's love might have been true or it might not have been. I never thought about it. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks! :)

    That's really a great compliment. Thanks! I'm happy that you liked it and it kept you interested until the end. :)

    Not necessarily, but it surely does happen with few. Thanks for the comment! :)

  12. Neha,Lakshmi Rajan, Shilpa
    I just keep the ending simple. Complicated endings is for bollywood. :P Thanks for the comment! :)

    Read your latest post. It was really nice and thanks for liking the story. :)

  13. a very unexpected ending... loved the story...
    good going...

  14. Though it took some more neurons to comprehend the woman's thinking, she is bit close to Hoard Roark in Fountain Head in certain aspects...
    Living life on her terms...
    quite bold yet appealing narration...realistic and characteristic , rather than cliched...
    Not every 'I love you' mean to bed.... though in this story, we dont know much about the guy except his name.

  15. thats a very diffrent kind of story... straight foward and well written...
    interesting read :)

  16. I loved it! And well written, too! Just an advice, try finishing your novel quickly... you've some great story telling skills there! :)

  17. Very Nice story...loved the cool twist you added in the climax :)
    Keep 'em coming girl!!

  18. Ahh, as usual she leaves a carrot dangling. Love the way you end and yet not end your stories. Makes you think

  19. Though I usually don't like reading short stories on blogs, I read this one & am glad!

  20. sometimes its too late to recognize love and we remain unknown when love knocks our door :(

    nice post !! loved it :)

  21. Good one there! Fiction for you is a cakewalk :) But I bet you have been better than this before :)

  22. so well written :) my first time and i was lurking around going through some of your older posts and everything :) very very nice :)

  23. Very captivating narration. Liked the storyline and the characterization... and the twist in the end...damn good. :)

  24. good differentiation between genuine love and the other type. Good story.

  25. very nice honey .. U rock .... Great .. I dont have words to appriciate u

  26. haven't we all been through that atleast once. People who loved us were forgotten and those who used us remained our bedfriends forever! sigh.....
    Well written ya :). Liked the story very much.

  27. Hi Nethra,
    My first time here and liked it:)
    very different:)


  28. loved it...a honest depiction...and a story of quite a few modern day spinsters with a fear for commitment

  29. Saurabh, Rajlakshmi, ChatterBox
    Thanks, guys! :)

    I know that not every "I love you" means "Lets go to bed", but the girl in the story didn't believe in love. Anyway, thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. :)

    I'm still thinking about writing a novel. Anyway, thanks for appreciating my work. :)

  30. Purba, Pooja, Deepa & Magli
    Thanks for reading the story and leaving comments. I'll try to come up with better stories as long as you guys encourage me with your valuable comments. Thanks again. :)

    Vintage Obsession
    First of all, welcome to my blog. Visit anytime, read other stories too and leave your valuable comments. Thanks! :)

    Shilpa Garg, Vibushan, Jazz, talkreviews, Raksha, Nilini
    Nowadays, we read too much about cyber sex, casual sex and that is what inspired me to write this story. I know it was a very bold topic but seeing that you guys liked it, i feel that it was worth writing. Keep the encouragement coming through your valuable comments. Thanks guys! :)

  31. 死亡是悲哀的,但活得不快樂更悲哀。.........................

  32. 韋于倫成 (Wei Yu Luncheng)
    死亡是悲哀的,但活得不快樂更悲哀。.........................when translated into English, it read as, "The death was sorrowful, but lived not to be joyful is more sorrowful."

    Thanks, Wei Yu Luncheng! You are very much right. :)

  33. She'd completely lost her mind. Pity that people can't even recognise real love. Very different and unexpected ending. NIce :)

  34. Very nice story. You have built a strong character in the story by taking care of minute details. A spinster feeding on herself with her self-decaying behaviour and slowly pushes herself in the abyss of loneliness. Awesome !!

  35. Megha and Binzy
    It happens you know. People stop believing in love after getting betrayed again and again. Anyway, thanks for the comments! :)

  36. Leaving something to the reader's figment of imagination is something which I like I say!

    nice story, simple and thought provoking :) I was afraid that this was going to turn into a moral tale, Phew :D

    PS-do add the option of name/url in commenting for people like us :P

  37. Mural!
    Thanks for the comment and by the way, if I complicate my blog's template then it will become slow. People don't like webpages that take more time to load than the normal ones.

  38. Hey Nethra, I really loved the story...Captivating is the word!! :) but I guess it wasn't her fault, how could she know that his feelings were true since most of the people she came across, wanted just one thing from her.

  39. jaspreet
    That was exactly what I had in my mind when I wrote the story. She didn't lose herself, the world killed her innocence. Anyway, thanks for appreciating my writings! :)