01 May 2010


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"Please show me mercy and just kill me already", he begged her but she wouldn't listen. She tortured him at her leisure. She wanted to savor every moment of the sweet sin that she was committing. Instead of choosing a lethal weapon that would kill him at once, she had picked up needles and nails to torture him. She didn't want to give him a quick death because he didn't deserve it. She wanted him to feel the pain that he had imposed on those hundreds and thousands whom he had killed. She wanted him to beg for death that she would never grant him, at least not that easily.

She pricked him with needles and every-time she did it, he flinched. She had been doing it for a week now and still had managed to keep him alive. She made fresh wounds and didn't let the old wounds heal. She had disfigured his face so badly that she was sure he wouldn't be able to recognize himself. The sight of blood dripping from all his wounds was so gruesome, yet her heart didn't flinch even for a moment. Though the terrible stench of the rotten blood saluted her nostrils, she continued to prick him, while he cried in pain, begging her for mercy.

He asked her, "Why are you doing this to me?" but she didn't answer, instead she stang him like an angry bee. Laughing at his helplessness, she asked him, "Before killing my brother, did you tell him why you were gonna kill him?" Her brother! He was all she had. Every-time he crossed her mind, her anger would soar up and she would pick up a nail, and give him bigger and deeper wounds.

He again begged, "I'm sorry. Please show me mercy and just kill me already". He didn't want to die yet. He had taken many lives to live comfortably, but at the moment death seemed favorable than withstanding the pain that she was giving him. He begged her for forgiveness, not only her but also those thousand souls whom he had killed. Indifferent to his pleads, she pricked him again. She admired at her work. His body was completely covered in his blood. She hadn't spared his genitals too. She had even avenged those innocent women whom he had raped and she was sure that at least they would approve of whatever she had done to him.

She had decided to punish him herself because she didn't trust in God's judgment, but now untying him, she said, "One can never escape his doings. What he gives, he gets! But, I will let you go. Run away, run for you life".

Without wasting a moment, he ran from there. Though his legs wouldn't support him, he dragged himself away from her. He ran, laughing like a mad man and swearing at her for every wound that she had given him. He promised to himself that he wouldn't let her get away with it so easily.

He didn't know where he was going and what lays before him, nevertheless he ran for his life. The anger and urge for revenge kept him going. He recalled how he had killed her brother and what a sweet pleasure it had been to stick in a sharp knife into his heart. The memories of that sweet pleasure kept him going. He imagined how he was going to ravage her young body and take pleasure from it. He decided he wouldn't kill her, instead he would make her his mistress. All these thoughts blinded him, yet he kept on running for his life. He hadn't realized he had walked into water, until his wounds started burning. He again cried for help, cried with pain and cried into nothingness. No one would hear him because she had chosen a safe place. Her fiance had helped her to bring him to a small island. She had planned everything ahead. She knew he would run into the saltwater and that would intensify his pain, that is why she had let him run.

He sank into the water and suddenly his body didn't hurt anymore, didn't burn anymore. He realized at-last he was dying and the very thought that he was after all escaping his sins brought a smile on his face. He sank deep and that is when an alien hand reached him and pulled him towards an unknown light. It was so bright and warm. He reached out his hand to touch the face of the angel who had saved him, but passed out before his fingers could reach her. She would never let him escape his sins, not so easily.

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  1. That was one cruel post... Torture at its worst...

  2. aghhhhh yu went to the extreme didnt yu... yu shud be the messenger of ....! but thats the only way to make them realise!

  3. very scary post this time :P :D

    but again a nice one

    Ending is gud and seems u showed ur anger for such people by this post :)

  4. I like the ending. And I like the pain! Oh, and overall... I loved the post. Though, anyway, let it be. Lets not begin that fight again! :P

    PS: Visit

  5. good one :) good description of pain and mercy :)

  6. The torture was Gross! But well described. The story had a good flow to it! As usual the climax was different. :) .. All the best for Blog-a-Ton 10 :)

  7. well written!! gross torture indeed.. well narrated.. all the best!


  8. Didnt know blog-a-ton was so big that it required the others' good wishes :) here is mine too :) good luck! :D

  9. Gruesome Indeed!! You described Torture well. Reminded me of the Filmy Torture scenes. Very Picturesque!! All the Best!! :)

  10. Oh Wow! That was damn good. I liked the narration, style, expression and execution! A wonderful take on the topic!!
    All the very best for BAT-10!!

  11. Hm... Interesting. You seem to have taken joy in describing torture. If you ever happen to visit Germany, you should drop by to the crime museum in Rothenburg. They have displays of all kinds of gruesome torture mechanisms. by the way Chanakya's arthashastra is also a gold mine of information on torture - one interesting torture is hanging a person by the thumb of his foot. You can use those in your future stories. On a serious note, nicely described. But too short work for a plot to develop properly. Probably this can be part of a longer work.

  12. gruesome..... :s
    but awesome narration Nethra.. you had me glued till the end.. better make a copyright of this one... else freaking movie writer (read RGV) mite just use this in his movies :P
    u never knw Neths.. reading this he might wanna make PHOONK3.. ;)
    trust but bloooddyyy brilliant narration and awesome story...
    All the best for BAT.. and yes thanks a ton for your wonderful comments :D

  13. Wow that was cruel.Initially I thought that the man might have committed some really heinous crime like rape on that girl....but then it turned out he killed her brother.
    Well he deserved what he got.
    Well-written....all the best for Blogaton! :)

  14. That was gruesome tale ... and you narrated it in detail ....but was a good read....

  15. Ouch...I can feel the pain too. I was thinking the same as Samadrita, that he must have raped her. Anyway, I like this post very much.

    Sureindran R. - Escape

  16. ummmm. this was delicious. I love stories with a twist and so much to discover as I read .. wonderful.
    Thanks for commenting on my post.

  17. Saurabh
    I know it is very cruel, but killing someone for our comfort is also cruel and he had committed that sin, so he deserved the torture.
    Thanks for the comment! :)

    Messenger of what? :)
    I'm glad you felt that the guy deserved the torture. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. :)

    Sri hari
    Thanks, dude! :)

    There is more than anger inside me for such people. Anyway, thanks for the comment buddy! :)

    I never wanted to argue with you. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the story. Thanks for dropping in. :)

    Thanks buddy! :)
    By the way, its not not very big but we wouldn't lose anything by wishing each other all the best. :) Anyway, thanks for the wishes. :)

    I know it was gross. Trust me, it was so gross to imagine all that torturing. :( I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the wishes and of course the comment! :)

    Thanks for dropping in buddy and I'm glad you like the story. Thanks again! :)

  18. Rumya
    Thanks for dropping by! :) Yes, the torturing was very gruesome but it was necessary. Thanks again! :)

    I'm really gad that you liked it. Thanks for the comment! :)

    The fool
    Now, I am planning to go to Germany for my honeymoon. lolz! :P
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. :)
    Yes, it was short but I couldn't think of a longer plot.

    Sure, I will get it copyrighted. :P
    I'm really glad that you liked the narration and the plot. Thanks for the comment and wishes! :)

    Killing her brother was more heinous when it was him all she had, right?
    I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment and wishes! :)

    Making it gruesome was my intention and I'm glad I managed to do what I wanted. :) Thanks for the comment! :)

    You felt the pain? How horrible! I was so grossed when I was writing it. :-/ I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment! :)

    I should be thanking you for dropping in and leaving a wonderful comment. Thanks! :)

  19. good post..marvellous torture ;) i have a thing for sinner blood too..but in the end, mercy for those who deserve and torture for those who dont..:)

  20. I could feel the pain too(pain of the girl)...but sometimes ---You have to be cruel for the other persons cruelty...

    P.S thanks for a wonderful comment on my post...

  21. loved the ending... so the revenge goes on :D
    well written

  22. Woww....superb story buddy...
    totally dragged by awesome and gripping narration...
    liked your objective presentation and the description of torture...
    the satiation of revenge is well brought out...
    also, i liked the way you have peeped deep into the minds of these characters and captured every possible emotion of avenge and pain simultaneously ....
    I could visualize the facial expressions of the characters.....
    seems more competition for voting.....
    Great work...

  23. This is one of the most out of the box post of this blog a ton .... it is obviously gross but i liked it. I wanted a change in stories and you presented me with this. Thanks

  24. hey very gruesome story indeed... loved reading it... :)

    The plot was kewl and the revenge was pouring out from each an every line.. :)

    Wonderful narration... :)

  25. I likey liked this one! Not soppy, not emo, just plain old cruel revenge and the good old femme fatale :)

    Good job and read like fresh air, all the luck for Batom 10!

  26. It was cruel but those monsters deserve this. I always wish all those killers and rapist gets the cruelest justice rather than imprisonment or even a simple instant death sentence .

    Oh enjoyed the ending ! Good luck!

  27. good plot and twist in the end...

    but very torturous punishment even though it is fictional.. hehehe

  28. The post reminds me of the Japanese movie "Odishon" where a girl tortures a man in the same way as in ur post, by piercing needles all over his face, eyes and leaving him to torture him slowly and kill him just for the reason that he cheats her.
    Your torture methods are the same but the ending I must say was brilliant, it really was!
    All the best for BAT :)

  29. What a brutal story...couldnt read the cruel story in one go! Hatoff, you imagined and narrated really well!

  30. what a revenge..torture at its ultimate..
    escape in death..nicely written

  31. When would be the cycle of revenge over then? Is violence necessary? Does it end violence? Does it bring peace? I am not sure.. may be 'she' (the character in your story) knows better than me :)

  32. OOh! That is a cruel way to torture someone! :O
    But by getting her revenge, will she ever really be at peace? What if her fiancée is horrified and leaves her? Will she kill him too?
    Nice work of torture and best of luck for the BAT!

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  34. holy **** tooo good, splendid, marvelous....standing ovation I am giving you if only you could see....bravo!!!

  35. Nethra, wow..too good..loved this brought out each expression so well..damn damn damn good..all the best girl..

  36. Heyye Nethra,

    Loved the torture in this post..reminded me of ek haseena thi movie where urmila doesnt allow saif ali to die a slow death..but this one, u pushed it real nice!

    I think the best part about it was the violence like quentin tarantino's movies had a wonderful meaning n plot to it, not just a baseless, unappetizing fare..It kept us on the hook..and of course the whole theme of redemption..he was looking for an escape and she was looking for sweet revenge..both were looking at redeeming themselves...

    Nice, gutsy story!Keep it up n all the best for B-A-T-O-M

    Also, thanks for telling me about BAT...I get to read so many interesting posts like ur's..thankful to u!!

  37. @ Nethra

    Long way to go Honey!
    This post is such a beautiful contruction of suspence and emotions connecting with the topic! Sure enjoyed tis marvel post reading!

    ~ Wish you all the best for the BAT 10

    And Thankyou so much for the wonderful comment in my blog/post :)

  38. wow! Thats some torture! A great post!

  39. The torture was gruesome but the ending made up for it. Loved the twist at the end girl :) Full of suspense till the last line! You dint reveal it all at once and that made it really interesting to read.

  40. That was torture beyond compare, needles and nails? Pricking and nailing his raw flesh? She tried to let him escape, but in the end still she still saved him?

    A fiancée doing the torture? A different drama but I like it Nethra!

    Good luck for BATOM!

  41. Vamsi, Geetha and Rajlakshmi
    Thanks for taking time to read the story and appreciating my work. :)

    You considered my post for voting and that's more than enough. Now, I have stopped hoping that someone will actually vote for me on blog-a-ton but that doesn't stop me from participating. Thanks for appreciating my efforts. :)

    Truck Driver
    Out of the box plot! That's a compliment. Thanks for reading the story and also liking it. :)

    Sushobhan, Saro, Lakshmi and Sundeep
    It was cruel post indeed. Though it grossed me out while writing it, I couldn't help enjoying the torture because I was totally inside the girl's mind and I could feel how badly she wanted to avenge her brother's death.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wonderful comment. :)

  42. Pawan
    If that girl pierced needle only on his face then how can the torture method be same? Piercing the genitals and not letting the wounds to heal was crueler than that, right? And you forgot the salt water. Trust me, it hurts when we pour salt water on our wounds. Try that sometimes. :P
    I'm glad you liked the plot. Thanks for the comment. :)

    Karan and Karan shah
    I'm glad you guys like it. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. :)

    Violence surely don't solve anything but trust me if you had lost someone very dear to you, you would surely want to punish the guy responsible for their death.
    Thanks for the comment! :)

    Well, the fiancee supported her completely because the man deserved the punishment. She isn't a sadist or a criminal. She was just avenging those thousands whom the man had killed, so she would definitely not kill her
    By the way, thanks for the comment. :)

    Siddhesh and Neha
    Thanks guys! :) I'm really glad that you guys liked it. :)

    I haven't watched ek haseena thi movie so the movie didn't inspire me and you have written a beautiful story. I'm glad I suggested blog-a-ton to you, because you offered another good read.
    By the way, thanks for the comment and also the wishes. All the best to you too. :)

    Thanks, girl! :) I'm really glad that you liked the story and emotions it portrayed. :)

    Harini and evanescentthoughts
    Thanks, girls! :)

    She saved him because she wanted to torture him more. Anyway, thanks for the comment! :)

  43. What in God's name was that??!!??!!!

  44. Reminded me of a sequence from Natural born Killers....

    good short story, power packed . clear intention and clear execution.

  45. That was wonderful writing, very touching and original.
    Good job :)

  46. It was a good ole' cruel post! And the man's thoughts while he was escaping showed that he deserved every bit of the pain inflicted on him. :P

  47. that was one intense post:-)if someone even touched my bro, i would do the same:-)

  48. nice post, kept me fully engrossed, very well narrated. I think you went into the skin of that torturer! Kudos!

  49. ewwwwwwwwwww :p
    A vry intrsting post.. the best part is, u didnt care to describe the past as 2 who he really was nd stff.. nd tht keeps a readers mind occupied (hey tell na sumthing about his history.. mayb write a sequel :p)

  50. Ufff gruesome....and it's not over yet!!

  51. Cruel,sadistic,Machiavellian. And worse,much worse.
    Which just goes to show how well you have been able to capture the emotions in words. Brilliantly written !!

  52. gruesome and gritty! but very well written...all the best!

  53. hmmmmmmm....
    how did u feel while writing...imagining those...
    writing & re writing those lines..
    u gave a good end . :)

  54. swayambhu
    It's just a fiction. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Anyway, thanks for the comment. :)

    Megha and Guria
    I'm glad you girls liked it. Thanks! :)

    I understand because I would do worse than this if they did something to my brother. Anyway, thanks for the comment. :)

    Thanks for appreciating my effort. Thank you again. :)

    A sequel? I will surely think about that. Anyway, thanks for the comment. :)

    Purba, Varun, Brijender and Willy
    Thanks, guys! I'm glad that you guys liked the story. :)

    Mehak and Readers dais
    Imagining the torture was indeed gruesome, but I'm glad you guys liked the story and I'm glad I wrote it. Thanks! :)

  55. Thats some imagination! Well written! :)

  56. A very gruesome story indeed! All the best for BAT :)

  57. Very crude and cruel indeed. But that's what makes it good, I guess. Very well narrated.

  58. Well, I said it's Odishon like :)
    The theme and the execution (with needles that is :) ) But a brilliant story :)

  59. Chiju, Shilpa and Karthik
    I'm glad you guys liked it. Thanks for the comments. :)

    I get your point now. :)