20 January 2012

The Perfect World

I haven’t read too many motivational or inspirational books or anything other than fictions and of course, my course books. To be honest, I hadn’t read any motivational book at all but thanks to Priya Kumar’s “The Perfect World”, now I can claim that I have read one such book too. 

“The perfect world” was not just a motivational book but Priya has taken help of a fiction to tell readers whatever she intended to tell them, and that’s what makes the book interesting.

14 January 2012


Dear Readers & Writers,

I know that I haven’t been blogging these days and I am not even reading other blogs that I used to read regularly. I miss reading Blog, I rhyme without reason & A musing who update their blogs frequently and also, other bloggers whom I follow like Aura of Sleepless Dreams, The Unwise prevails over the Wise, Wandering thoughts, Nirvana, Shravan RN's, A rose is a rose is rose!…the list goes on. Note to self: I must visit their blogs soon.