27 December 2014


I dedicate this blog post to all those wolves in sheep's clothing. I know I am exaggerating when I compare the friends-gone-strangers to wolves, but I couldn't find subtler words.

I'm never in a hurry to end a relationship. I believe that acknowledgment is the first step to solve any problem, not termination. However, I have stopped talking to many people, who were once upon a time my friends, this year - sometimes, they initiated the process, and the other times, I did.

11 December 2014

Wanna hookup?

Lately, I have been using this dating app named TinderI know my friend circle is big, and then, there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora - so why Tinder?

I just wanted to meet men keeping ‘dating’ in mind. It always happens the other way – you generally meet people with everything else on mind but dating or love - so wanted to try something different for once. I have met one person from this app until now. We decided to start as friends and wanted to keep it that way. Still, it went miserably wrong. Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked and continue with what I originally wanted to say.

07 December 2014

Heartbreak and whatever!

You realise you are growing old when you decide to stay away from a person who mistreated you without getting into any tit-for-tat businesses. Now, you're old enough to understand that such people are just not worth your time and effort.

14 November 2014

True and Unrequited Love

I'm one of those millions of girls who grew up reading Cinderella and other such tall-tales. At the back of my mind, I always knew that such stories were just a work of fiction, but in the naivety of childhood, I still hoped; I hoped that true love existed and one day it will sweep me off my feet.

11 September 2014

Liar liar pants on fire

I met way too many liars in the past few days that I had to vent out somewhere and what better place than my blog…

There are people who make several promises to manipulate others to get their works done. Boyfriends and girlfriends promise commitment and marriage to squeeze sex and money out of their partners. Colleagues promise cooperation in return for small favours. Businesses promise services in return for money. But, these people hardly keep their promises.

Two paths diverged in the woods

Growing old is inevitable, however feeling old is optional. I realize with each passing day I am getting older and becoming wiser (perhaps not), but I don’t feel old enough to be figuring out someone else's dinner, putting a kid to sleep, and answering to people other than my parents. When I am still working out how to handle trivial affairs of a so called grand life, when I still spend my days anticipating its vital moves, I see my friends battle with bigger and meaner demons. 

15 July 2014


I left halfway through an article on my friends and their broken relationships to write this. I have had way too many crushes and that’s reason enough to dedicate an entire blogpost on the topic.

I clearly remember, it all started when I was ten year old. I was seriously crushing over a film-star then. It was nothing serious though. It was all about his movies and running around trees singing songs. Now, every time I see him on television, I facepalm.

29 June 2014

Women's Issues

I suppose I have been giving men more attention than they actually deserve, at least on my blog. Well, I am a big girl now. I have my share of men issues and need a platform to vent. Where else will I go other than my ‘Otiose Opinions’? And to be honest, there are quite a lot of things I wish I could talk about, but cannot. You know, a girl like me has to think about her reputation in the society and she must also be considerate about others who are involved in the issues she wants to discuss.

17 June 2014

Men, men and more men...

I have been meeting a lot of people these days, thanks to my job that requires me to travel and meet new people. Though these meetings are mostly work related, every now and then I get glimpses of what these people really are.

Perhaps I am just making assumptions…still reading people is fun. All writers must do it as often as possible. If not anything else, it will help us in giving our creations life.

12 June 2014


Well, I have been (and I have) friendzoned before, but it never really mattered, at least not enough to talk and write about it. I was younger and had plenty of time to play then, but along with the passing years, my tolerance for men who play hard to get has decreased. Oh, there are still quite a few years before I become thirty, but I feel so old already.

07 June 2014

Rajdhani Ki Kahani

I could have said that I haven't travelled much by train, hence all the dramatic encounters, but I cannot use that excuse anymore, not since last December, not after travelling across the country for one whole month. I'm well acquainted to trains now so I'm to be blamed for everything that happened last week.

13 May 2014

3 Iron

I am hardly short of words, but this movie with whatever few dialogues it had has made me search for words to articulate my thoughts about it. There was silence and I still hear it. There was love and I still feel it. There was madness: though subtle, it was beautiful and its effect on me was quite profound.

Crow Zero 1 & 2

It's a VERY dark movie. No, I'm not talking about the theme of the movie but the cinematography and the set. From the uniform of Suzuran All-Boys High School to the messy and dull classrooms to the terrace where Serizawa(the head of the school gangs) hangs out to Genji's (wannabe head) father's den - everything was gloomy.

27 February 2014

Reading and all...

It has been nine months since my graduation day, but I still remember the university admission interview like yesterday. It was a stress interview and I was repeatedly asked about current affairs even after making it very clear (to the interviewer) that I don't have the habit of reading newspapers. I cracked it alright, but I am mentioning this now because I have started reading news. In fact I read it regularly and even try to remember things.

No, I am not preparing for UPSC exam, I just started working for as a research associate. Though it's mostly technology based news that we work on, reading is part of the job now.

From FDI in eCommerce to Facebook buying whatsapp, now I've opinions on various subjects. I am realising how ignorant I have been all my life and how much I was missing out by not reading news. We don't have to reading everything, but reading definitely brings in new ideas and opens new doors.

Talking about reading, I haven't completed "The Game of Thrones" yet because I've been busy editing manuscripts and reading for the ongoing projects at Fablery.

25 February 2014

Japan Habba 2014

If you have been reading my blog, you should know very well that I am a Japanophile (perhaps not BIG TIME still I like Japanese culture enough to write this post and attend Japan Habba). It started with Manga, Anime, Dramas & Movies in the year 2008, and it's still going strong.

By the way, my love for Japan and Japan related things is not restricted to the media. I studied LEAN OPERATIONS at college and also did a 3 months internship at Toyota Motors. If you know anything about LEAN then you will understand why I love the Japanese way of doing things so much.

Also, I am a HUGE fan of Jun Matsumoto.
Japan Habba 2014 was a tenth year anniversary - a festival to celebrate the presence of and enthusiasm for Japanese culture in Bangalore. Though I have been living in Bangalore all my life, this year's fest was my first time. I even coordinated one of the events/shows - Origami and Kirigami (Japanese paper art). All in all, it was a learning experience, even FUN.
And well...this year's theme was Daruma doll
As far as events are concerned, both Japanese and localites did put a good show for the audience assembled at Mt Carmel College. Japanese people recited chorus music, performed drums, danced to bollywood music, while Bangaloreans played many skits in Japanese and entertained us equally.

There were many stalls outside the auditorium where they sold used books, manga and magazines that was imported from Japan, and various other handmade Japanese accessories. They also taught few enthusiasts how to write (a few letters) both Kanji and Katakana. There was another stall where students could learn about university exchange programs and other courses that Japan offered to Indians.

At one corner of this exhibition, we could try Kimino and I did so.
I even got my name written in Japanese - both Kanji and Katakana. 
I also bought two Japanese novels. I cannot read yet, but I hope to learn this year (also Korean).
Here's my handmade Japanese purse.
A Japanese girl writing my name in Katakana.
There's another thing that should be definitely mentioned when we speak about Japan Habba and that is Bangalore Anime Club cosplaying characters from Naruto and Bleach.
If you missed it this year, just remember there's always a next time, and make sure you don't miss it again.