11 September 2014

Liar liar pants on fire

I met way too many liars in the past few days that I had to vent out somewhere and what better place than my blog…

There are people who make several promises to manipulate others to get their works done. Boyfriends and girlfriends promise commitment and marriage to squeeze sex and money out of their partners. Colleagues promise cooperation in return for small favours. Businesses promise services in return for money. But, these people hardly keep their promises.

I will start with the guy from DTDC who promised to deliver the courier to Delhi in two days (he even made me pay extra), but took a week and never answered his calls in between. Curse the damn bastard! I lost few sales because of him. I am never working with him again. I hope he loses his other clients, too.

Then, the developer who was supposed to finish 2Dkart by 30th May but never completed even half of it and then gave up in between. I don’t even want to talk about him, let alone curse him. I am never ever going to work with him again, even if he is the last person in this world.

Lastly, the author of one of the books I published. He is the worst form of creatures I have ever come across. He promised a lot before I published his book, but never did anything (it is very true - barking dogs really don’t bite). Even sharing the good reviews we got for the book was a pain to him, and then he had the audacity to label my honest attempts and hard work as inefficiencies. I hope he rots in the deepest pits of hell…the bastard so deserves it. Art comes to those who are empathetic and I hope this pathetic mother-fucker won’t be able to write another word for the rest of his life.

Okay, I was told by a friend that…actually three of them that people take advantage of me because I am too nice to them, so I am trying to portray myself as a snorty person these days. It doesn’t feel all good, but I hope it helps me in staying away from liars and mean bastards.


  1. Well, those are some strong words, going forward you'll come to realize that world is full of them, you can't not interact with such folks because they are everywhere.Never be nice where you are not required to. Be snarky!

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