05 October 2010

Celebrating Blogging at Indiblogger meet

There were around three hundred people gathered under one roof. No, I’m not talking about Bangalore buses but Indiblogger meet that was held at Fortune Park JP Celestial, Bangalore on 3rd October 2010. There were geeks, personal bloggers, journalists, Tamil bloggers and of course Indibloggers team gathered to celebrate blogging.

For someone like me who think hundred times before stepping out of the house to meet a friend, it was a big deal that I attended the indiblogger meet. Though I hate crowd and it’s always a big “NO” when the crowd is a bunch of strangers, I couldn’t help but enjoy my fellow bloggers’ company, whose blogs I have been reading ever since I was introduced to the blogging world by a close friend. Well, there were few familiar faces but still I hadn’t met anyone in person and how much ever I knew about them was only through the blog world. Thanks to the indiblogger’s team to have organized such a wonderful event of bringing all the bloggers together because I can no more address my blogger friends as strangers. Now, I have not only read them but also exchanged greetings with them, had a friendly chat and felt their warm smiles. A special thanks to Avada, who tolerated my continuous blabbering without asking me to shut up.

I was welcomed with a “hello!” and a smile by a lady (an indipolice) at the reception and before I could settle down, Avada and Leo greeted me warmly and made me feel at home. Later, Rachana and Tavish joined us. Also met Hitesh Rawat, Lakshmi Rajan of Ginger Chai, Mohan, Harsha Chittar and many more.

The Meet officially started off with one of the indibloggers introducing their team to us and then the partners who helped them organize the event were introduced (HP team and someone from JP Celestial).

The “30 sec fame” event, where everyone were supposed to introduce himself/herself to the crowd went fine for awhile but it became a drag after fifty to hundred bloggers spoke. Few even forgot that it was a bloggers meet and started talking about their age, job and what not that it gave me a feeling that they were filling out a form for some matrimonial service. However, there were few bloggers who entertained us with their witty introductions and won HP printers for the same.

HP gave a small presentation on their new technology HPePrint that let us print via emails sent directly to the printers. If only I’d a phone with a cam, I would have definitely participated in capturing “the spirit of bangalore” in the cam on my way to the meet.

The best part was “live and let comment” where everyone hung a yellow cardboard to their backs and got comments from everyone they could talk to. I didn’t collect many comments as my hungry stomach couldn’t concentrate on anything else but the samosas and sandwiches.

I listened to a fellow blogger talk about mobile blogging while I sipped coffee. We also discussed about indiforum and then came blogging for social causes. A volunteer asked us to do our bit in controlling pollution and he also told us that he would be starting a website for the same. Another guy spoke about civil defense workshops. Then, someone else wanted to start a Sanskrit blog. Finally, it was time to go home and keep blogging.

The journey back home was pleasanter because it was raining and I was happy that I had decided to attend the meet where I got to meet so many wonderful bloggers.

PS: I would like to thank Indiblogger’s team once again for organizing such a wonderful meet and also for the t-shirt.


  1. It was indeed an awesome time we had while meeting the virtual friends in real life! Very well summation of the entire event. Look forward for many more such meets in near future :)

  2. This was wonderful event. Got to meet many people.

  3. Am reading the 4th post on this meet and I wanna know more!! It seems to be a wonderful platform to interact with the faces behind the blogs! Glad that you had a good time!
    Cheers :)

  4. very interesting!I am still in the virtual stage.

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    Your Vote counts for me!

  5. Hi That is a frank review of the meet.Stright from the heart and no frills!!

  6. heya! nice review

    looking forward to meet bengaluru bloggers again

  7. Nice review girl :) looking forward to meet you again sometime!!

  8. Nice to meet you in the meet :) and "Sir" would like to meet you again in another meet :D

  9. aaaha u came up with a review too! It was a pleasure meeting u Nethra and am sorry again for comparing u with Aishwarya Rai(she aint no match to you... u r far better :))

    anyways I had a great time... hope to c u again sometime either in blore or in hyd if u decide to come down here sometime :)

  10. You seem to be very popular :) Nice review!

  11. Okay that's a pretty good description of the event..but where are pictures? You should've posted some. *disappointed* :(

  12. I want to see the pics too.. not tired yet of seeing them on FB and other blogs :-)

    Btw, if you like my post, please vote for it at Indiblogger


  13. hi nethra, this last few days , it has been a pleasure interacting with some one like you. After reading this review I have started liking your subtle sense of humor too. Hope we meet soon in the future, at some meet or watever becos u are an interesting person to know.

  14. Mohan
    I attended this meet because of your post about the last bangalore indiblogger meet. Thanks to you and indiblogger that I got a chance to meet my blogger friends. :)

    You were there? It's difficult to remember everyone of the many we met there, isn't it? Hopefully, next time we will be able to talk to each other.

    It was a fun fare for sure. Do not miss indiblogger's meet if they happen to organize it in your city.

    You should catch up with few blogger friends if possible. It should be fun.

    Thank you sir! It was nice meeting you at the meet. I'm yet to check your blog.

    Aparna & Avada
    Sure, girls! We can catch up any time. Just decide and lemme know the venue and time. :)

    Lakshmi Rajan
    Even I would like to meet the "headmaster of the ginger chai" again. :)

  15. Tavish
    It's the first time I'm posting a non-fiction on my blog and I intend to continue doing that. By the way, you should be sorry for you compared me with Aishwarya Rai. Seriously, she is just 3yr younger than my mom.
    I wont be coming to hyderabad anytime soon so lemme know when you come down to bangalore. We shall definitely meet. :)

    I'm losing my popularity because I'm not blogging regularly. Anyway, thanks! :)

    I didn't take pictures because I knew everyone would upload pictures on facebook.

    I will try to borrow a picture from someone.

    I wrote the review because you suggested I should. Thanks to you for I realised that I can write non-fictions too. :)

  16. LOL @ 'borrowing' picture. There is actually a nice collection on Facebook. I wish somebody would tag them though, then we can put the face to the name :-)
    (PS: Many thanks for your vote, Nethra!)

  17. Hey,

    Even we had a meet here at Chennai. It really is a great way to interact with fellow bloggers. I am glad you got to go there. Eagerly awaiting another meet here. :-)

  18. Anuraag
    It was fun and even I'm looking forward for another indiblogger's meet.

  19. I've been missing many of the Indiblogger meets... Will make it next time

  20. Shrinidhi Hande
    It was fun. You should attend one such meeting.