26 February 2010

Playtime is over

"Hello, Mr. Singer! I'm sorry that I kept you waiting".

"Not at all, Sire. I was talking to Mr. Fox's maid".

He gazed at John before saying, "I'm here to educate you regarding the case". "But I guess you already know pretty much".


"Twenty three-twenty four-twenty five", Gracie finished counting and when she opened her eyes, she didn't see anyone. They had hidden quickly, but she was sure she would find everyone sooner than she had in her last game. She had picked up few tricks from others.

"I will find you, Susie". She wanted to find her not matter what.


"I hope Gracie will find me before long. Katrina's backyard isn't a very fancy place to spend one's evening. To begin with, I shouldn't have let those kids talk me into this".

"I want to help George with his homework. I know he miss Peter. I can't fill Peter's place in his life, but I can spend more time with him, so he doesn't feel lonely".

Peter had died last year. Not only him but many others had died fighting besides eachother, protecting their village. He had left Ana alone with five years old George and an old house. She taught history at school for living.

She heard Katrina say, "What do you want, Eddie?"

She wondered what was Eddie doing here. She pressed her ear to the kitchen door to hear them clearly.

He asked, "Come-on, Kattie. You know what I want, don't you?"

Katrina said, "Don't forget that you are married. You don't have to come to me all the time. You have a wife".

Ana was surprised. She would have never guessed that Katrina would be having an affair with Eddie. She had been too much in love with Thomas to have moved on so early and so easily. Thomas hadn't been dead for long.

"Cut it out, buster. I'm not going to bed now", she cried.

"Don't blame me, sweetheart. Its your charms that make me come here again and again".

She could hear Eddie's kisses and then Katrina asked, "Shall we first discuss the plan?"

Eddie complained, "We don't have to discuss it. Its all here".

Katrina demanded, "Then first let me read it".

Ana wondered what plan they were talking about. She listened to them silently.

Katrina asked, "Is it true that the mayor is appointing a detective to investigate the death?"


Katrina said, "Then we have to be more careful from now onwards".

Eddie agreed with her, "We still have many in our list. We can't get caught yet".

Ana couldn't figure out what they were talking about. Even she had heard that Mayor was going to appoint a detective to investigate his son's death but she couldn't understand how would that bother Eddie and Katrina, unless they had something to do with the death. She wondered whether they were scared about someone finding out about their affair. If that was all then what was the plan and the list they mentioned.

When she was sure that they had left the kitchen, she ran from there. She ran until she found Gracie.


"I found Madam Ana. She is out", Gracie called.

Ana said, "Playtime is over. I want you to tell everyone that I asked them to go home".

Gracie wanted to continue playing. She wanted to find Susie, but she couldn't question her teacher, so she agreed to inform everyone that playtime was over.


"If I am thinking right then I have to stop them. If they are really involved in Leo's death, then Mayor should know about it. He ought to know who killed his son".

"What if I am wrong? What if it was just their affair that they were discussing? If it is only that then betraying them won't be a good idea".

"Making assumptions won't help. I have to find out the truth and act accordingly. I will find the truth".


"Kattie, open the door. Its me, Ana", she called knocking the door.

Katrina was taking longer than usual to open the door and Ana knew why, but she anyway kept on knocking the door.

"Kattie, aren't you home?", she asked.

After what seemed an eternity, she heard someone walking towards the door. She stopped knocking and then asked, "Is that you, Kattie?"

Katrina opened the door. She looked all messed up. Her hair was not done and her dress looked shabby.

Ana asked, "You look as if you were sleeping. Did I disturb you?"

"Not at all. I was about to wake up".

Ana said, "I'm sorry for I disturbing you". Handing a basket to her, she added, "I brought you some cookies. I had baked them for George. There were few extra".

Taking the basket, Katrina said, "That was very nice of you" and then asked, "Shall I make you some tea?"

Ana accepted her offer. While Katrina worked with the kettle, Ana looked around for clues, but she didn't find any.

When the kettle whistled, Ana excused herself from there, saying, "Kattie, I forgot that I was supposed to be helping George with his homework. I wish I could have the tea, but I have to hurry".

She rushed away without giving Katrina a chance to say anything. She hoped her plan would work.


She sneaked into the house through kitchen window. She hoped she had waited just long enough. As she climbed the stairs, she tried not to make any noise . If Katrina and Eddie were really dangerous then she would be dead meat before she could find out what they were up to.

She pushed the door and hoped it wouldn't creak. Thankfully, it didn't. She tiptoed into the room and found both Katrina and Eddie sleeping. There were two empty cups on the bedside table. She was all smiles because her plan had worked.

She picked up Eddie's jacket from the ground. She hoped the letter was still inside the jacket. She found the letter and couldn't believe what she read. She had guessed right. They were the murderers.She wanted to know why had they murdered Leo and what was for them in it.

The cookies basket that she had given to Katrina was on the table and the cookies were arranged neatly. Only one cookie was missing. She picked up the basket and turned around. Katrina didn't waste a moment and plunged with a knife towards Ana's heart.

Ana blocked it using the basket and threw the basket on her. Though it did not hurt Katrina, it bought Ana enough time to escape from there. She was out of the room before Katrina had recovered from the hit. Before Katrina could reach the door, Ana had locked it.

"Let me out, Ana".

"So that you can kill me?" asked Ana.

"Wait until I reveal your little secret to the Mayor", warned Ana.

"Ana. You really think I would wait, don't you?"

"Why Kattie? Why did you kill Leo?" asked Ana.

"Didn't you lose Peter? You wouldn't have lost him if it wasn't for the Mayor. Damn the counselors! Damn the Mayor! They sat here, safe while Peter and Thomas died for them".

She knew Katrina was right, but that didn't justify anything.

"You can't bring back Thomas by killing them. We ought to move on", Ana explained.

"Might be you are right, but I don't want those bastards to live happily while I live with a broken heart. I want revenge...I want them dead".

"I wont let you kill anyone. There have been enough deaths already. We have lost enough people. You should give up on your revenge".

"Let me out, Ana".

"No. Playtime is over".

"Then, I guess I have no other option".

Ana asked, "What option?"

Katrina did not reply. Ana wondered what she was doing and then she heard Katrina's scream.

She asked, "What happened, Kattie?" Katrina didn't answer. She unlocked the door cautiously. She supposed it could be a trap. She anyway opened the door.

Katrina had stabbed herself. She asked, "Playtime is over, huh?"


John said, "I guess that should be enough for now. I will definitely solve this case as soon as possible". "Now the real game begins".

"Wish you luck, Mr. Singer".


  1. Very nice story, nicely narrated.

  2. Saras
    I am glad you liked it. :)

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  3. You are only getting better with every post..It was no more like a blog's post..It was more like a part of a novel..:)

  4. Vamsi
    Thank you, Vamsi. It was a short story, so it had to be like one. I could have made it lengthier but thought otherwise. :)

  5. nice piece of work... i like the flow of the piece... will b bk to read sme more frm ur blog

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  9. nice story :) never felt like a big one.. flow was excellent..

    some typos are there.. "here for hear", "one for on", etc..

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  10. The narration is quite streaming along the track.....
    gud one and grt efforts :)

  11. Thats v really good.. intresting too

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    I'm happy you liked the story and didn't feel it was lengthy. :)
    Thanks for bringing the typos to my notice because I never noticed them when I posted the story. I will reread it though I have corrected the error you pointed out.
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