06 March 2010

Time travel

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"We can't take that risk. We don't know how her body might react to the speed, so we ought to send a test subject before we summon her", he explained. He hoped they would get his point, he hated this part of his work. Making a bunch of lunkheads understand science was more difficult than teaching a monkey to speak English.

"Do as you wish but we want results", John said on behalf of everyone.

He said, "It can't be helped. We ought to go by rules. I can't perform miracles" and walked out of the conference room.

How much he hated working for them. They weren't making him work for the welfare of mankind or anyone for that matter. It was always about them. They wanted him to finish off the project as soon as possible so that they could save their hides.


"So who is our guinea pig?" he asked and when he saw a black man whom he didn't recognize, he supposed that was him. He asked his team, "Lets get started, shall we?"

"The probability of this test succeeding is at most eighty nine percent", he informed the black man. He didn't even bother asking his name. However, when he noticed the fear on his face, he added, "Eighty nine percent is a life saver, trust me".

He asked, "Do you know that you might never come back?" and the black man nodded.

"Poor thing. I wonder how much they have paid him to do this"

"Once you are there, you will have just an hour to finish your job".



"It should have worked unless she was aware of our plan and had a counter plan ready".

"Its impossible to fight such a strong force, all by herself".

"She is awesome, isn't she? If she actually fought this, then I wonder what she would be capable of if she had access to our advanced technology".

"Well! I have to bring her here to see what she is capable of".


"I'm going. If we can't bring her here then everything we did would be pointless. I can't let that happen. This project is my dream", he explained.

"No doctor. We can't let you do that", they argued.

"You guys know everything and you can carry on without me, we need her".

He sat on the chair and signaled them to start the machine. He wanted to meet her no matter what. She was a genius lost in history and he wanted to learn what he had missed, where he had gone wrong and why his machine didn't work as desired.


He had chained her to the chair. Now, all he he had to do was wait for the effect of the drug to wear off. He had worked so hard but still had failed to understand time traveling completely. Now, he waited for the woman who knew what he had missed. His project depended on her knowledge.

At-last, she woke up. She asked, "Where am I, who are you and what do you want?" She looked scared and he didn't like that. He wasn't a bad guy after all. He had her immobilized because he didn't know how she would react if he spoke about time traveling. He had supposed she wouldn't talk to him and he didn't have enough time to win her confidence.

"Don't be scared. You are safe. I just have few questions to ask. That's all".

She asked, "Have you time traveled? Are you from future?" He nodded.

She asked "Why? Why were you summoning me?"

"However, it didn't work", he pointed.

She barked, "Who are you to go against whatever God has in store for us? Let them die if that is what God wants. Let the world end".

He demanded, "How do you know?"

"Grandpa had predicted that this day would come...that someone from future would come seeking my knowledge".

"The world will end anyway, but the people who invested in this project don't want to see that end. They want to live".

She asked, "So that's what you want? I don't think you would have come here if that's what you wanted".

"This project is my dream", he said. When she didn't say anything he continued, "I just want to know what didn't work. I don't intend to go against anything. I never meant this project to be a success. The history book that I read is fatter than whatever you read. My days were crueler than yours. Men have changed a lot. Hitler is a joke in front of them and if they are meant to be dead then they will, no matter how hard they try to fight death. Being the only one who knows how my machine works, I still came here. I fooled my sub ordinates to believe that they knew everything about the time machine and they could work without me. I didn't come here to save those rich bastards. I just wanted to learn about time travel. I wanted to know what you knew".

He added, "My body can't sustain the speed more than once. I can't go back, so you can trust me".

She thought for awhile before saying, "You couldn't summon me to the future because the speed you used couldn't fight the magnetic force of my magnet bracelet. Though the magnetic force is feeble compared to the light, it is stronger than the signals that are sent from future". He stood dumbstruck, as he had never supposed fighting time machine could be so simple. She continued, "Time travel is not only about speed because the speed damages the human body at cellular level. You should have considered protecting the travelers body by using other energies, instead of concentrating only on light and speed".


John said, "Time travel isn't an option now. We better concentrate on space housing" and everyone agreed.

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    Good Luck for the Batom!!

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  13. Vamsi
    I'm glad you liked it. The physics part wasn't too difficult, but I'm happy it added impact to the story. :)

  14. swayambhu
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  15. Leo
    I guess at the end of world everyone will come up with a weird idea to save their backs. This was my idea. :P

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    I'm glad you liked both the narration and the climax. Thanks! :)

  17. The Virgin Author!
    Thanks for the wishes. :) Its good if I win but I'm not expecting much. Its enough if whoever read the story, likes it.

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    You say this post is lengthy, then I guess you haven't checked other blog-a-ton participant's posts.
    Anyways, I'm happy you liked the story and thanks for reading it patiently even though you felt its long. :)

  19. Mural
    The magnetic theory is not true. It was just my imagination. I'm glad you liked the story. :)

  20. Pooja
    To be frank, I didn't do any research. All those theories in this post are purely fictitious. I guess I managed to fool my readers with those fake theories. :P Just kidding!
    By the way, thanks! :)

  21. Saurabh
    I'm glad you liked it. Thanks! :)

  22. Harsha
    You are a good writer yourself. Now, if you are saying it was a good story then I ought to congratulate myself.
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  23. Raksha
    I just used some facts that I already knew and came up with a fake theory. That's all with the hard core physics.
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  24. Megha
    Thanks for the appreciation. :)

  25. Well written. I liked your writing you more for what you have not written than what you have written. Instead of describing everything and over simplifying things, you have managed to maintain an air of mystery intriguing the reader. Good technique to let the reader's imagination do the trick.

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    that was really cool..
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    Keep it up.

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    Awesome, as usual your are rocking ...
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    I increased the font size after you suggested and I'm really happy that I'm improving my writing skills. Thanks for appreciating my effort. :)

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    We might see such a day in our near future, after all Mayans have claimed that the world will end soon.
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    I'm happy you liked the story. I write because I enjoy writing and on top of it, if some one appreciates my work, obviously I'll be on top of the world.
    Thanks and all the best to you too. :)

    Thanks. :)

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    great effort...
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  38. Shilpa
    Thank you. All the best to you too. :)

    Thank you, Mahesh. I just felt like adding some more physics to the normal time traveling thing. I've always wondered whether our body will be able to sustain such great speed...i mean the speed of light.
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  42. Saurabh
    Thanks, dude. :)

    I'm glad you liked the story and also the twist. I tried not to miss the details that were necessary to understand the story. Thanks and all the best to you too. :)

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    I suggest you should participate. Its alright if we don't win and awesome if we win. Healthy participation defines a player, what say?
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    Thanks Vipul. I guess I wouldn't have written this story if not for Blog-a-ton. :)

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    Space housing isn't a interesting topic. :P
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    You didn't understand something? I guess you should read it again.
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