12 December 2010


It's not that she hates losing but she never gives up without trying hard, without giving her best and if her gut says she can do it then there is no turning back. She always puts her heart and soul into every assignment that she takes but the new case was proving to be more challenging than she had expected it to be. She had already given all that she had, she had spent days and nights trying to get her hands on clues, any clue yet the case had seen no progress. She was exactly where she had started.

Her instincts and wits had never failed her but the murderer, whoever he was, had done a neat job, leaving no clue behind him, challenging her abilities like never before. The neighbors hadn't seen anyone either enter or leave the victim's house. The murderer hadn't left fingerprints, though it was obvious that the victims had struggled for their lives. The crime scene was a mess with blood splattered everywhere, even so there wasn't any suspicious footprints.

Even the children weren't spared. The dog was killed, too. The dad was choked to death and the mom's veins were cut. The old-man's heart had failed him. They weren't robbed. There wasn't any apparent motive behind the murder. It was just utter barbarism. Work of a bloody sadist!

The commissioner of police suggested that they should close the case because he saw no use in hanging on to it but she wasn't ready to give up so easily.

The empty house was mourning because of its occupants' death and she felt like it was crying out the murderer's name to her. She wished she could hear it. She searched the house for an umpteenth time but she didn't find anything that would giveaway the murderer's identity. The constable, who had accompanied her to the crime scene, suggested, "ma'am, it's high time we close this case."

She knew that he was right but she just couldn't accept defeat. She left deciding to return another day. She hoped that then she would get lucky and see what she had missed to see the other times.

Her mom proposed another explanation that she would never believe, as long as she was in the right state of mind.

"C'mon mom! You don't really mean that, do you?"

"You got another explanation?" her mom demanded.

She snapped, "Just because it was a neat job, it doesn't mean a phantom killed them."

Her mom didn't argue back.

"Sir, just a little longer," she requested the commissioner but he wouldn't listen.

"You're obsessed with that case. You should know when to give up. The owner has put the house for sale. It's no longer a crime scene so don't show up at their doorstep unannounced." He warned her and she had no other choice but to give up. Damn! She had never lost a case or quit in middle.

A week passed and then a month, still she couldn't get it out of her mind. It kept haunting her dreams. She kept seeing a faceless person strangle a man and then stab a woman. She also started waking up in middle of the night, perspiring.

She could take it no more. She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully until she solved the mystery. She decided to go to the house and watch it for awhile. She didn't want to wake up anyone and just wander around to make sure everything was alright. It was like she was almost expecting the murderer to show up to kill the new residents.

And when she was there, the house called upon her and she was at the door before she knew. The lights went off as soon as she knocked. "Fishy!" she thought. She knocked and knocked but no one answered.

"Anybody home?" She cried but she got no answer. The silence was creepy yet she continued knocking and calling out.

After awhile, she pushed the door hard and it gave away. She found the switches and tuned the lights on, and what she saw got her jumpy. The house was a complete mess and there was blood everywhere. It scared the hell out of her and she wished she had her gun.

She called up the police station and before she could tell anything to them, someone hit her from behind. She wanted to see the mystery man before she passed out, but there was no one around her.


  1. oh man, Phantom got to her house too? :-o who hit her?

    Loved the narration.. I hope there is a sequel coming to this.

  2. Nice work :)
    Sequel coming up??

  3. omg! awesome narration and a tangible mystery. she tried so hard but it all ended badly :(

  4. hey wat a narration superb .waiting for the sequel eagerly:)

  5. damn, shudnt have closed there, watz next,comeon u cant leave us lyk dat, xpecting ur update on this asap,least to say dat another nethra classic where we can feel ur imprints evrywer..hope u dont dssapoint in the next post

  6. That was really intriguing! Who hit her in the end? Is there more of it coming?

  7. Excellent narration.. is there going to be a climax to this... waiting eagerly..

  8. @all

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I'm not sure about the sequel but will surely think about it. :)

  9. Nethra, this is too good!!!! Loved it.

    And am glad you are exploring new genres.

  10. wonderfully narrated! edge of seat suspense!

  11. Wow this was awesome! I sooo want to read another part to it. But of course the author knows best. ;)
    For some reason this reminded me of an anime I've been watching recently. Psychic Detective Yakumo!

  12. I loved the story ... phantom can reach everywehre after all its the ghost who walks ..

    oops i went on a tangent there e...

    I loved the story u wrting part 2 of it :)

  13. Amazing piece of work , Nethra ! :) Look fwd for more regularly ! :) All the best.

  14. Purba
    Even I'm glad. :)


    Everything I write reminds you of some anime and manga. :-/

    I will think about the sequel.

    Thanks! :)

  15. Oops sorry! :P But isn't it nice that your stories are being compared to anime or manga? :D

  16. @sammy
    I guess I took it in a wrong way.

  17. oh gr8 nethra.. i wish u write more on this..

  18. Hey this was there a part 2 to this??