15 July 2014


I left halfway through an article on my friends and their broken relationships to write this. I have had way too many crushes and that’s reason enough to dedicate an entire blogpost on the topic.

I clearly remember, it all started when I was ten year old. I was seriously crushing over a film-star then. It was nothing serious though. It was all about his movies and running around trees singing songs. Now, every time I see him on television, I facepalm.

All my previous crushes have this effect on me. They make me facepalm. Be it Arjun, my crush during school-days or my latest crush.

You know, I crushed over Arjun for three long years. I didn’t stalk him or something, just secretly admired him. He (verbally) abused when he learnt about it. He threatened to physically harm me if I continued to have a crush on him. Does that even make sense? I wonder why I ever liked such a jughead.

I switched back to celebrities and short-term crushes after that, until I met Rishi. Would you believe if I told you I liked him for six long years, all by myself? And never confessed because I was scared that I will lose whatever was already between us – friendship. Today, I have neither him nor the friendship. He accused me of being a troublemaker (read between lines here if you may) when all I did was get angry when a friend (best-friend) didn’t wish me on my birthday. Now tell me I should feel lucky not to have someone like him in my life, because I deserve better. I agree with you.

Now, about my recent crush… I truly think he doesn’t deserve any attention at all, so I will keep it short. He belongs to the lowest form of creatures living on this earth and highest order of assholes.

I have had other crushes as well, but all of them were pleasant experiences, hence didn’t make it to this list. 

A friend told me when you crush over someone, it must (directly or indirectly) motivate you to do better in your life, if it ain't doing that then it is totally not worth it. And it took me twenty something years to realise that, but better late than never, right?

Talking about crushes, is it normal to like the characters from movies, dramas, anime and books more than the boys from the real world? Lately, I've come to realise that I've always liked these fictional characters better than the men around me. This could be one of the reasons I'm still single and not ready to mingle.

Oh, by the way, the next post will be on my friends and their broken relationships. I'm halfway through it already like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, so comeback if you don't mind reading my rants.


  1. Crushes always make you realize how silly you can be :) :) good one nethra :)

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