13 May 2014

Crow Zero 1 & 2

It's a VERY dark movie. No, I'm not talking about the theme of the movie but the cinematography and the set. From the uniform of Suzuran All-Boys High School to the messy and dull classrooms to the terrace where Serizawa(the head of the school gangs) hangs out to Genji's (wannabe head) father's den - everything was gloomy.

The movie revolves around Genji who wants to take over Suzuran just to prove his worth to his father(who is a yakuza boss). He does manage to defeat all the gang leaders in the school though, even Serizawa who is at the top of the ladder, with a certain Ken Katagiri's help.

Anyway, what strikes is these people make school fights (within and amongst) look all important. They have clans and leaders and followers who are ready to get beaten up for their clan and clan leaders. They beat up each other with whatever they can get their hands on. They beat up so bad. It's surprising that nobody dies, even after getting battered so severely. One thing that SHOULD be mentioned is that their handsome faces remain undamaged sans few bruises and scratches. The movies isn't short of eye-candies. What Ruka Aizawa (Genji's love interest) couldn't achieve, 100s of young boys accomplish.

One more thing that's surprising is I don't see any parent complaining about his/her child getting beaten up. It's like these students don't have parents and live all by themselves. It's just one of the many flaws we see in Japanese Manga/Anime/Dramas/Movies...still they are so much better than our Hindi serials and Bollywood movies.

1.) I liked Serizawa WAY better than Genji.
2.) I don't plan to watch Crow Explode.
3.) I wish Haruma Miura had a bigger role in Crow Zero 2. I couldn't get enough of him.
4.) Gou Ayano looks so creepy in the movie.
5.) They could have given Nobuaki Kaneko a better hairstyle. 
6.) Motoki Fukami is kinda HOT.
7.) Shun Oguri should definitely work on his acting prowess.
8.) About Takashi Makise: No comments. He is so disgustingly creepy. One ugly, desperate bastard, he is.
9.) Watch the movie for the fight sequences and eye candies. Don't try to find logic. 

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