14 November 2014

True and Unrequited Love

I'm one of those millions of girls who grew up reading Cinderella and other such tall-tales. At the back of my mind, I always knew that such stories were just a work of fiction, but in the naivety of childhood, I still hoped; I hoped that true love existed and one day it will sweep me off my feet.

Few days ago, in one of the many conversations with a wise friend, where we discussed love and such traps set by the society to ensure the sperm and the womb connected, I learnt that all these years I had been living under a misconception. I learnt there is no love in this world.

I have lost my heart to many guys and have had my share of heartbreaks. It seems like Unrequited Love is my favourite game. I play it because I'm scared of commitments and responsibilities that follow it. And whenever I decide to step out of my comfort zone of one-sided love and confess my feelings to that someone with whom I can imagine spending the rest of my life, I realise my love is unrequited, it had been all along.

Recently, I met this guy at an unlikely place under unimaginable circumstances and I thought we were connecting. Though he's far from my ideal type of guy, I got butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him. To be honest, I don't remember being that excited about any man in the recent years. However, it all ended soon, even before something could happen between us. Now, my heart hurts and cries alone, and I fake a smile so he won't see my true feelings. This experience has made me realise that I am naive and I still believe in love - even after the long lectures from that wise friend. Sigh!

The wise friend also suggested that I may have not met the right man yet, he wasn't the one for me. I fail to understand what exactly was not right about all the men I have met until now. And, if I am going to meet this right man, how long must I wait before that happens? If I ever meet him, how will I even recognise him? Will I be able to open my heart to someone again? There are several questions on my mind right now and I seek answers to them. And in the meanwhile, I have decided to engage myself with some serious work. It is high time I made some money, too. After all, love doesn't fill my stomach.

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