13 May 2014

3 Iron

I am hardly short of words, but this movie with whatever few dialogues it had has made me search for words to articulate my thoughts about it. There was silence and I still hear it. There was love and I still feel it. There was madness: though subtle, it was beautiful and its effect on me was quite profound.

This movie shows you how unexpectedly you may encounter certain someone who will impact your life so deeply and to such extent that your life will feel incomplete without him/her. They may bring such changes and hopes into your life that everything that was you until that moment starts seeming irrelevant. You retrace the steps taken with them, you relive the memories you made with them and you wait for their return however long it may take. You will break the boundaries between reality and surreality when the mere presence of that person in your life promises happiness.

All the actors have done extremely well but Jae Hee's (the protagonist) performance strikes. Whenever he stretched his hands to fly away or climbed the walls to disappear, I wanted the winds to carry him to faraway lands or the walls to consume him. 

He breaks into houses whose residents are out on holidays or are visiting relatives. He eats their foods and fixes their machines. He bathes and washes. He sleeps in their beds and takes a lot of pictures in these houses. Ah, he made it look so effortless. Stealing doesn't seem stealing but borrowing for just one day or night.

Lee Seung-Yeon manages the glam quotient of the movie. She follows Jae Hee around, seduces him and drives him crazy, so crazy that he loses himself in the worlds of dreams. He becomes a ghost and lives in shadow to unite with her, to be together with her.

It is a VERY good movie and if you want to watch something different from the usual HOLLYWOOD & BOLLYWOOD kinda movies, you should definitely consider this one.


  1. intereting for sure .. i will see if my library has this and order for sure


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