27 February 2014

Reading and all...

It has been nine months since my graduation day, but I still remember the university admission interview like yesterday. It was a stress interview and I was repeatedly asked about current affairs even after making it very clear (to the interviewer) that I don't have the habit of reading newspapers. I cracked it alright, but I am mentioning this now because I have started reading news. In fact I read it regularly and even try to remember things.

No, I am not preparing for UPSC exam, I just started working for as a research associate. Though it's mostly technology based news that we work on, reading is part of the job now.

From FDI in eCommerce to Facebook buying whatsapp, now I've opinions on various subjects. I am realising how ignorant I have been all my life and how much I was missing out by not reading news. We don't have to reading everything, but reading definitely brings in new ideas and opens new doors.

Talking about reading, I haven't completed "The Game of Thrones" yet because I've been busy editing manuscripts and reading for the ongoing projects at Fablery.

1 comment:

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