17 June 2014

Men, men and more men...

I have been meeting a lot of people these days, thanks to my job that requires me to travel and meet new people. Though these meetings are mostly work related, every now and then I get glimpses of what these people really are.

Perhaps I am just making assumptions…still reading people is fun. All writers must do it as often as possible. If not anything else, it will help us in giving our creations life.

And…for some reasons unknown, I shall limit this blogpost to men whom my friends and I have encountered in the past.

Let’s start this topic with a popular saying, “It is difficult to understand women”. It may be true or may not be, I’m not going to debate on it now. Why I quoted the statement is, in the past few months, I have realized it over and over that it is an equally challenging task to understand men.

They suffer from mood swings, they bitch and talk more than most of the girls I know, and they play mind games too. Some of them even expect women to do all the courting and running behind. Oh and they will definitely let you pay the bills whenever you hang out together. So ladies, we may have to stop cribbing about the ‘sexist’ society now. Things are changing.

Anyway, have you ever met a guy who thinks he can make any girl fall head over heels for him? I recently met someone who fits the bill and he was one of the kind. He hates when I’m attentive and groans when I am not. May I tell him that the world doesn’t revolve around him, please? Perhaps it is not my place to show him his place in this universe.

And there are men for whom women are just breasts, legs…basically a lump of meat they can feast on. These are the same men who call women shallow when we ask them their dicks’ sizes. Hypocrites, they are! If they cannot look beyond our boobs then they be just dicks.

Considering women as sexual objects is one thing but lechery is another matter altogether. There are men whose lives are only sex. They live for sex and they die for sex. These are the men who use their loins wherever brains are required.

Now, let’s not forget geeks who live under an assumption that all girls are ignorant. According to them, we don’t know football, we don’t know politics, we don’t watch anime and play games, and we all are tech-illiterates. Seriously? May I know what century are you living in?

Most of the times, arrogance is what comes out of ignorance. Other times, it is just timidity. If you ever come across amateurs (virgins in this context), you will know what I am trying to say here. I have a couple of virtual (Facebook) ‘virgin’ friends and I believe I know how their minds work.

I don’t even want to talk about gays who go around badmouthing us when they are actually trying so hard to look like women. We get it that you aren't into us, but there’s no need to be nasty.

Lastly, there are gentlemen. Are there still gentlemen out there? I’m yet to encounter one so until then…

PS: I don't see the worst in everyone. I'm not a misandrist. I have male friends and I consider myself fortunate to have them in my life.

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