29 June 2014

Women's Issues

I suppose I have been giving men more attention than they actually deserve, at least on my blog. Well, I am a big girl now. I have my share of men issues and need a platform to vent. Where else will I go other than my ‘Otiose Opinions’? And to be honest, there are quite a lot of things I wish I could talk about, but cannot. You know, a girl like me has to think about her reputation in the society and she must also be considerate about others who are involved in the issues she wants to discuss.

Anyway, I want to say few things about my female friends this time. For your information, there is no less drama in their lives and they aren’t any less human. They bitch behind your backs. They throw tantrums at you. They are shallow at times. They even backstab if you aren’t careful enough. I'm no expert in reading people. After reading this blog post completely, you may call me judgmental, but trust me when I say I accept people for who they are and don’t expect them to change, unless they are hurting others.

Coming to the point now, here are my observations about my female friends…

Some women can take narcism to a different level. These women think the world revolves around them. I accept they are beautiful and there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking pride in their beauty, but ‘Good morning! Wake up.’ People don’t exist to appreciate your looks and offer their services to you. Beauty is more than skin deep.

Even women obsess over things like games, books, daily soups, make-up, music, sports etc. One of my friends cannot stop talking about Kpop related stuffs whenever we meet. You won’t believe me if I tell you that she spends half of her working days watching Kpop music videos and listening to music. I fear that, one day, she may die of overdose (of Kpop).

Ambition is a good thing. It drives our lives. But, too much of anything is bad and too little is never enough. Some girls just can’t balance their lives. I’ve friends who put their relationships ahead of everything and for few girls, work is all that they got. They definitely need to sort out their priorities.

There are women who think that all men want to bed them and rightly so. You cannot blame them when it is men who behave lecherously around these girls. And now don’t infer than women aren’t interested in sex. Let’s say we are old-fashioned and want our men to do some courting, not just leching.

Now, let me ask you something. How does it feel to be a sheep in the herd? Every one of us, at one point in time or another, have been on the receiving end of the society’s senseless traditions. During schools, you are asked to score well. Then, you are expected to earn a decent salary…get married, make kids and what not. You gradually move from the receiving end to the other. Some people, no matter what their gender is, get too carried away with these social norms. Among Indians, it is generally women who blindly follow the herd. They are married by twenty five, have a couple of kids by thirty and live rest of their lives looking after their families. What I am trying to tell here is we should let everything happen in due course and not force ourselves because society wants us to. After all, you live your life, others' live theirs and everyone of us must make most out of whatever time we have in this world. Life is too short, so let's not take ourselves too seriously. 

There must be plenty of other things in a woman’s character that strikes, but I have been encountering the above mentioned traits too often, hence this blog post.

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