25 February 2014

Japan Habba 2014

If you have been reading my blog, you should know very well that I am a Japanophile (perhaps not BIG TIME still I like Japanese culture enough to write this post and attend Japan Habba). It started with Manga, Anime, Dramas & Movies in the year 2008, and it's still going strong.

By the way, my love for Japan and Japan related things is not restricted to the media. I studied LEAN OPERATIONS at college and also did a 3 months internship at Toyota Motors. If you know anything about LEAN then you will understand why I love the Japanese way of doing things so much.

Also, I am a HUGE fan of Jun Matsumoto.
Japan Habba 2014 was a tenth year anniversary - a festival to celebrate the presence of and enthusiasm for Japanese culture in Bangalore. Though I have been living in Bangalore all my life, this year's fest was my first time. I even coordinated one of the events/shows - Origami and Kirigami (Japanese paper art). All in all, it was a learning experience, even FUN.
And well...this year's theme was Daruma doll
As far as events are concerned, both Japanese and localites did put a good show for the audience assembled at Mt Carmel College. Japanese people recited chorus music, performed drums, danced to bollywood music, while Bangaloreans played many skits in Japanese and entertained us equally.

There were many stalls outside the auditorium where they sold used books, manga and magazines that was imported from Japan, and various other handmade Japanese accessories. They also taught few enthusiasts how to write (a few letters) both Kanji and Katakana. There was another stall where students could learn about university exchange programs and other courses that Japan offered to Indians.

At one corner of this exhibition, we could try Kimino and I did so.
I even got my name written in Japanese - both Kanji and Katakana. 
I also bought two Japanese novels. I cannot read yet, but I hope to learn this year (also Korean).
Here's my handmade Japanese purse.
A Japanese girl writing my name in Katakana.
There's another thing that should be definitely mentioned when we speak about Japan Habba and that is Bangalore Anime Club cosplaying characters from Naruto and Bleach.
If you missed it this year, just remember there's always a next time, and make sure you don't miss it again.

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