11 December 2014

Wanna hookup?

Lately, I have been using this dating app named TinderI know my friend circle is big, and then, there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora - so why Tinder?

I just wanted to meet men keeping ‘dating’ in mind. It always happens the other way – you generally meet people with everything else on mind but dating or love - so wanted to try something different for once. I have met one person from this app until now. We decided to start as friends and wanted to keep it that way. Still, it went miserably wrong. Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked and continue with what I originally wanted to say.

I have used this app for quite some time now and have observed a few things. They are:
  • Indian dating sites/apps are crowded by men. (A sausage fest - that’s how men call it).
  • Men just don’t understand that dating and hooking up aren’t the same thing. Or am I the one who has got it wrong?
  • Just because a girl is using a dating app, a guy need not probe about her virginity. Please, don’t ask her how often she does it and with how many guys she has done it until now. By using the app, she isn’t granting you permission to dig into her personal life.
  •  A girl isn’t begging to lay in bed with you just because she is on a dating site. And for Pete’s sake, it is only a dating site.
  •  I understand that everyone isn’t good at keeping a conversation going. But, asking a girl whether she likes to give blowjobs out of nowhere isn’t the right way to talk to a lady. Guys, if you really think you will get lucky by doing such things then, please, get your heads tested.
  • After you ask a girl out, when she says she needs time to figure out whether she really wants to meet you or not, please give her some space and time. Please understand that she must have met several jerks before, hence the doubt and caution. Also, if she is clingy when she is persistent so are you.
  • I know we cannot be honest all the time, but there are some things we shouldn’t lie about. Be it a girl or a guy, messing with other people’s feelings is just not right. You never know, you may scar him/her for a life time. Always remember that everyone doesn’t respond to a situation in the same way, and they aren’t impacted the same way, too.


  1. Guys like those scare the people away and with that nullify the chance for the "good" kind of guys.
    But, I never thought that actually girls went to these apps. I used these apps once in while and always felt something totally wrong with people and the profiles. They felt more fake than real.

    Like you mentioned, most guys are there for hooking up and with a certain agenda. I guess I am not giving the right idea about guys, but as hard it could be for me to say, it is the truth. But then again, there are guys who don't fall into that category.

    1. I haven't meant the guys who don't fall into that category yet. I am not hopeful.

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