27 December 2014


I dedicate this blog post to all those wolves in sheep's clothing. I know I am exaggerating when I compare the friends-gone-strangers to wolves, but I couldn't find subtler words.

I'm never in a hurry to end a relationship. I believe that acknowledgment is the first step to solve any problem, not termination. However, I have stopped talking to many people, who were once upon a time my friends, this year - sometimes, they initiated the process, and the other times, I did.

It is a shallow world and the things that it has taught me are priceless - yes, shallow, but useful. This year, I learnt not to befriend a person at the drop of a hat. I always thought that two people meet, they become friends, and then overlooked shortcomings in each other and ignored any differences between them. Oh, it doesn't quite work like this. Now, two people meet, they become friends, and then one person ignores the other if he doesn't find him to be beneficial. They keep only those people who are capable of being put to good use. Call me old school, but I still practice the former method, though I am a little wary now.

Now about the wolves - 

One got married and stopped talking because he thought his wife MAY misunderstand. Seriously, dude? Actually...I am so better off without a narrow minded person like you in my life...and of course, your wife.

Another friend made thousand promises and kept making newer ones only until I could help him with some work. You see, he wanted a little assistance with admission in a college I had studied, and later with few assignments since the subjects were new to him.

Then, there was a loser who messed up my work and schedule just because he was incompetent. We shared everything and anything with each other - we were kind'a each other's emotional dump - until one day when he decided that he cannot complete his work so he won't answer to my calls and messages anymore. By the way, I still don't know how to contact him - his numbers work, but he just won't answer them.

I understand it is very awkward when a friend starts seeing you as more than a friend. Been there, seen it. But, I would at least try to help the friend get over his feelings for me if I am very sure I cannot accept him as anything else but a friend. The saying 'what you give is what you get' isn't true at all. Because, a friend abandoned me saying my feelings were burdening him. I was let to deal with them all by myself. Oh, I dealt with them alright, but it has greatly changed my perception about friendship and such relationships. 

There is another loser who takes me for an easy woman. Just because I played house with him and pretended to be his wife and exchanged a couple of kisses (some 20 odd years ago), he thinks he can have me in his bed now. Whom is he kidding? I wouldn't sleep with him even if he was the last man on earth.

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