24 May 2013

Sword Of The Stranger

Sword Of The Stranger

Do you think the world revolves around you? The Emperors of past surely thought so. They wouldn't be playing with people's lives, otherwise. They even wasted their lives chasing power, riches and women, when they were expected to commit themselves to the greater good of the world. And immortality - why the heck would someone want to live forever? What would they achieve living so long? At least, I would be bored to death. I know it.

Anyway, an emperor in this anime movie wants to be immortal. Then, someone foretells that if a certain person's blood is used at a certain clock time, it maybe possible to defeat death for good. So, the emperor puts his servants to work. Few are asked to fetch the boy and others to build a machine to measure time.

The marked boy - Kotarou - is on the run (of course running away from the emperor's men) and he is accompanied by a dog, Tobimaru. They make it through for a while by stealing food and water from villagers, but eventually they are forced to seek help. Their bond is something you will relish while watching this movie.

Nanashi, a samurai reluctant to draw his sword, joins the journey after Kotarou promises him a gem he claims is valued at ten ryo. His relationship with Kotarou is strained because Kotarou doesn't trust the samurai, but things change as they proceed. The journey with Kotarou also helps the samurai face the past he was running away from.

Luo Lang is another character you want to look out for. His skills with sword is quite appreciable and unlike the emperor he serves, things like immortality doesn't interest him. However, he is perceived as an unbeatable and blood thirsty warrior by everyone. He even defeats Itadori, a samurai who had once fought along Nanashi's side. And they all meet at Ming fortress where the ceremony, which will bring immortality to the emperor, is set to take place. This time they draw their swords against each other.

In the battle of good and bad, good has to win. So you can safely assume Kotarou escaped in the end and emperor didn't get his draught of immortality. But, you would still want to know how Kotarou escapes, right?

The movie has a fair amount of action, but the conflict between good and bad inside a samurai's head, and human bonds are the main highlights.


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