02 August 2013

The Hunger Game

The 'survival of the fittest' way of living should have seized when men decided to live in colonies...when civilizations were formed...when people chose to survive by cooperating with one another, but it did not.

We know Maslow's hierarchy of needs,don't we? Yes, men had just began his journey up the need pyramid with establishment of societies. There was so much to gain and he had only set about. He formed dynasties, countries and tore apart the world in more ways than one. He waged wars for riches and power. He waged wars in the name of God and race. He fought for honour and fought in disgrace. He fought when everyone could have just lived in harmony.

The Hunger Game - a game played by two representatives each from twelve districts across the world to amuse the rich and to remind the world of the ways of war - tells us about the evolution of men from nomadic apes to what we are today, and our return to the ways of old.

The tributes (participants of the hunger game are called so) are forced to survive in an artificially created environment using their basic instincts like hunger, fear etc. It reminds us of the gladiatorial combats and playing such games in technologically advanced era is unquestionably a laughable matter. I can think of at least thousand ways to amuse myself with all that technological advancement and games based on 'primitive' ideas are definitely not on the list.

My views about the concept of the movie apart, I enjoyed every minute of the movie. Although the 'survival of the fittest' theme has been frequently used by many game and movie makers, the reason why the tributes are made to play the game gave a different perspective to the movie; in fact, it was the driving factor of the movie.

A note on the cinematography: It was very good and it made me wish I had seen the movie on the big screen.

A note to oneself: Someday I will definitely read the book on which the movie is based.


  1. some how i came close to read spy novels or the kind....this film is on my laptop from long time...your review is encouraging, lets see

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