01 May 2013

Avatar - The Last Airbender

The battle between good and bad is an overused concept. Be it movies or novels, we see and read how the so called guardian of the good takes on baddies single handed. Somehow we aren’t tired of this idea yet. I guess life is a constant battle between good and bad – sometimes against of inner selves and other times with people of this world – so we will never get bored of this theme.

Avatar is one such guardian of good who remained trapped in a piece of ice for over hundred years. And when he was finally freed from his century long imprisonment, he had to face history’s worst villain – The Fire Lord. The Fire Lord, just like all badasses we know, is not content with what he has and wants to conquer the entire world.

There are four nations – Fire Nation, Air Nation, Earth Nation and Water Nation – and these nations are inhabited by respective benders. However, all the Air Benders are long gone and the Air Nation is destroyed before the awakening of Aang – our last Air Bender.

Katara (a Water Bender) and her brother Sokka lose their way while fishing and end up releasing Aang and his flying Bison - Appa. And after that they remain by his side protecting each other and developing their skills in order to fight the Fire Nation and its lord. They meet many people during their journey. Toph is one among them and Momo – a lemur – is another. They join Aang’s journey as their destinies are entwined and they stay with him until the end.

Avatar has to master all the bending techniques in order to fight the Fire Lord and Toph teaches him earth bending. He meets many Fire and Water Bending teachers, but it is Zuko and Katara who teaches him the most. Zuko is Fire Lord’s son and a banished prince, who wants to capture the Avatar to regain his honour. He tails Avatar like forever but the constant battle of good and bad within him comes to an end after he rejoins his family and then he decides to fight along with Avatar against his father.

Iroh, Zuko’s uncle, is another interesting character in the series. His love for tea and his sense of humour lighten up few most serious moments in the show and make the corner of lips curl up. Azula, Zuko's sister, and Mai, Zuko's girlfriend, are few other noteworthy characters. Their lust for war and entertainment wrinkles your forehead with anger and annoyance.

Well, I don’t deny that the climax is predictable, but every story that deals with battle of good and bad stands apart on how that story reaches the climax than the climax itself. The fight sequences in the series are enjoyable, but the final battle is ultimate. The Fire Lord and Avatar fought spectacularly before the unexpected happened. The evil loses of course, but in an unexpected way – this added an element of unpredictability to otherwise predictable climax.

All in all, it was a good show and everybody who likes a little magic and a little action in the animes they watch must watch Avatar, The Last Airbender.

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