01 May 2013

Origin - Spirits of the Past

If you are wondering whether I am on an anime watching spree then you are right. You see, I met a bunch of anime lovers last month and copied as many anime movies and series as I could from them. And all that I do these days is watch them.

Science is a blessing to mankind but man always failed to identify his limits and caused many of the history's worst disasters. Be it Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident or September 11 attacks - they only show our tendency to hurt ourselves.

'Origin - Spirits of the Past' is one such movie which demonstrates what our imagination and misuse of science can do to the world. Few scientists give a conscious to the forest through their experiments in the field of Genetic Engineering and then the forest starts controlling the water supply.

Agito, our protagonist, is a mischievous boy who in his attempt of stealing water from the forest ends up reviving a young girl named Toola who was sleeping in a cryogenic pod for the past 300 years. She has the power (Raban — a portable personal electronic device worn as a necklace) to trigger a greater disaster, which makes her the target of forest's anger and Shunack's interest. Shunack is another human from past just like her. He manages to woo her into his plan - a plan to destroy the forest and restore the past on earth - but Agito along with the forest stops E.S.T.O.C - a giant volcano that was to play as a destructive weapon.

Agashi, Agito's father, who once had the power that Agito used to save the world, let the power bestowed by the forest to overtake him in turn turning him into a tree to become one with the forest. The same would have happened to Agito if not for Toola who called him back. Meanwhile his consciousness converses with the forest and learns about its relationship with humankind. It tells him that forest and humans can coexist, which Agito uses to bring peace between them.

The movie tries to communicate the importance of vegetation and the disaster technology can cause if not used rightly and as far as I am concerned, it did a good job.

To me, the best part of the movie was the opening song. I just loved the tunes and vocals.

The movie is worth a watch.

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