22 June 2011

K's and J's

Choi Si Won-oppa
I have been very active on twitter these days and whoever follows me there knows because I always spam their time-lines with my tweets about animes, Korean and Japanese dramas, movies, books and my rants about other mundane things. I didn’t even spare my Facebook wall. I wonder how many people have blocked my feeds, though they were polite enough not to unfriend me or ask me to stop spamming their walls with mushy status updates and pictures of anime characters and Korean celebrities.

I don’t like watching or reading romance at all; at least, that’s what I believed until I started watching Korean dramas. Alright, I accept that I watch them for those drool-worthy Korean guys but trust me, that is not all. To be honest, I’m tired of watching dramas or movies that resembles fairytale; a not-so-happening honest lady, a handsome, rich and arrogant man and a love story between them. However, every time I watch a boy, who’s head over heals for a girl, do crazy but cute things to get her attention or win her heart, I cannot help but feel mushy and desire that someone pampered me too; what girl doesn’t love being treated like a princess?

I’m not sure whether I should call myself plain or not, but I would surely get suspicious if a very handsome guy claimed that he is madly in love with me. I wouldn’t like someone stalking me and being persistent after I reject their proposal but I curse the girl, whoever she might be, if she rejects the so-desirable male-lead’s love. I know that it’s hypocritical but I just can’t stop myself from taking sides. Anyway, they are just fictional characters so it shouldn’t matter much, right?

I fancy those Korean male celebrities who makes my heart skip a beat but no, I’m not obsessed. I’m well aware of the difference between obsession and liking more than necessary; they sound the same but there’s definitely a thin line between them and I believe that I haven’t crossed that line yet. Well, whatever you might tag it as, I don’t mind accepting that I enjoy watching couples-to be specific, Korean couples-running around trees, singing cheesy songs or playing hoy-hoy; now, do not ask me whether I like watching Bollywood actors do such things on screen.

Korean male celebrities are breathtakingly good-looking alright, but I don’t suppose that’s what makes them so desirable; I guess, it’s the characters that they play. The first Asian actor whom I liked was Matsujun (Matsumoto Jun, a Japanese actor) and I still like him. I even wrote Goodbye and Ramen Girl for him, imagining him as the Japanese celebrity in those stories. Even you would agree that he’s not the most handsome guy in the world but you would definitely start liking him after watching Hana Yori Dango and Kimi wa pet. He has played the characters so gracefully and naturally that it’s very natural to like him after watching those dramas. Thanks to Samadrita Kuiti for she was the one who suggested that I should watch Hana Yori Dango and that was the first drama I ever watched. Then I watched, Orthros No Inu, Honey and Clover, and Hana Kimi.

The 1st shop of Coffee Prince was my first Korean drama. I liked it so much for not only it’s storyline but also for its presentation and the actors, of course. It made me watch more Korean dramas; You’re beautiful, My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox, Princess Hours, Oh! My lady, Loveholic, My Princess and 49 days-I watched it all and liked every bit of it.

I’ve got a huge crush on Choi Si Won-oppa. I keep listening to his “Who Am I” song repeatedly; his voice just mesmerizes me. And any guesses on what’s on my desktop (wallpaper)? I even follow him on twitter and that’s thanks to Samadrita Kuiti again. I also annoy mom with my endless reminders of how much I like Siwon-oppa and how handsome he is. Everytime my neighbor asks me what I was upto, I tell her that I was dreaming about Siwon-oppa. Sounds like I’m another fanatic? Well, I’m his fan but I’m aware of my limits too. I don’t keep thinking about him all day and all night but he’s surely on my mind whenever I’m not doing anything important or not doing anything at all.

Siwon-oppa, saranghae!


  1. ahhh no comments...hehhehhee

  2. Ah Matsujun. He will always be my best and foremost. <3 Btw why didn't you write about Seung Hun? I'm offended. :(

  3. I am crazy about korean movies... and I can totally understand how crazily adorable the korean actors are :D
    do watch Full house, Its my favvy :D
    do you have any link where i can download korean movies with subtitles... it's been a long time since i hv watched any... except the ones which I already have that I keep on playing one after another.

  4. #1 More than Sammy I am offended. This is a male oriented post, definitely not fare at all. You did not write anything about Mao Inoue and Shin Min Ah. :(
    #2 I do not want to eat oppa now. :D

  5. I am yet to watch a K or J Drama.. which one do you suggest me to start with?

  6. Got some insight into Korean Heart throbs...Will have to watch some Korean stuff.

  7. Sneha
    Watch one movie or drama then you will get addicted too.

    I didn't have a crush on him na so didn't mention. You write about Seung-hun-oppa.

    I shall watch it soon. I download subtitles and movies separately.

    You write about the Korean ladies.

    Watch the 1st shop of coffee prince. It's really good.

    Sure, do. You will get addicted too.

  8. Insightful... will check out K & J movies sometime on TV!!

  9. I have recently been inducted into watching Korean and Japanese movies and TV series by a close friend of mine. It's really wonderful to discover such beautiful stories, that though in an entirely alien language (oh, by the way, I am learning Japanese :P) touch our hearts. And I recommend KoiZora (J film) and Full House (K TV series).

  10. Huh huh!! I am living in faraway land I guess. I have not watched any Korean dramas or movies. But going by what you say; its worth to try I guess. Drool..drool time!

  11. I was introduced to Korean dramas by a friend,incidentally she too is in engineering..(wonder why all the budding engineers have the best movies & dramas in their laptops:P ).Coming back..well, BBF was what I saw first & though I laughed at the feminine guys out there, the stort telling & characterization beat my resistance & I was hooked,Now I also watch Taiwanese & Jap dramas.. :)

  12. I hope I will never get into this K or J Dramas ever. Anime and TV shows are two such habits for me as of now that eat away my time totally. Nevertheless they are fun to watch. Honestly I am amazed how you, sammy and the rest on twitter find time to cope with all these. Hats off to you guys really :)

  13. Ah ya thanks to you and Samadrita's tweeets, my mind is buzzing with Korean names oflate :P

  14. :)well I have recently started to have crush on those korean actors..soo I didnt have any trouble in relating to this post..they are simply hmm yeah handsome :D keep posting blessed be <3
    DO visit my new post waiting for your valuable comments nethra