11 June 2011

The other day

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The other day, I walked by the sea, admiring its vastness and wondering how many secrets it could be hiding behind its mask of calmness. After walking for what seemed miles, I looked back and saw my footprints. I had walked a lot yet I wanted to go on.

The sun sank into the sea. The birds flew away. The sky swallowed everything-the sea, the land and the faraway mountains, yet I wanted to go on.

That day, I never supposed that there would come another day in my life, when I would want to go on more than I ever wanted to. I did not know that, one day, I would be ready to trade anything if that meant I could go on a long walk, alone. Walking under the sun, not caring about getting tanned and not minding the time-I don’t know about others but I would like to spend an eternity under the blazing sun. Nothing can replace the feeling of the warmth of the sunrays that kisses my skin, while I walk under the bright sky, as if I own the world.

I wanted to draw on the sand and watch the waves wash away my name. The smell of the sea, the heat and me, what more could I have asked for but, the other day, I never supposed that there would be another day in my life, when I would want to stand under the sun with my hands opens more than I ever wanted to.

The other day, after walking by the sea for hours, while returning home, I met a man who changed my life. He was handsome alright and so full of himself but I didn’t suppose that I would never forget him, as long as I lived.

One moment of carelessness and boom!

If, the other day, he had only noticed me walking by the road, I would be, probably, walking under the sun, by the sea, at this moment. Only if he had been more careful, neither he would be dead nor I would have been crippled; I would be walking under the bright sun, not just watching it from the window and think about the other day...
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  1. WOW! That was striking!!! It hit Nethra... Wonderfully written; sadness attached!

  2. That seems so sad! but a beautiful description of walking on the beaches!

    ATB for BAT!

    Read mine at The other day

  3. Beautiful! That was very striking! The ending was so unexpected. One of the best from your pen, IMO.

    All the best for BAT.

  4. Wow you've written it so beautifully that I was completely mesmerized. I wanted to read even more. Fascinating take on the topic. All the best for BAT!

  5. The ending sort of punches you and leaves you breathless all of a sudden.
    And the brevity of the piece only adds to the potency of your prose.
    Great piece of writing.

  6. Sea has always fascinated me....beautifully written.

  7. superb END..... not just the end....what grabbed my attention is the narration...

  8. Like Samadrita said, we want an extension of this post.
    All the best for BAT.

  9. An "aye" for Sammy. Nice flow. liked it :)

  10. Wonderful. I like the way you composed your version of "The Other Day". You reminded me of my beach-days! A very well-written post, with beautiful narration.

    Sureindran - The Other Day

  11. Sad one Nethra.. I love the story so much.. Wanna know what happened the other day?

    Someone is Special

  12. Ouch....

    too good.... got involved so much that it hurts!

  13. *Gulp*

    All the best! Good work!

  14. The end was unexpected .. and sad too.

    (Why there are many sad stories in this BAT? Does it have to do something with the environment? Too much of heat and humidity I mean!!)

  15. The ending was really unexpected.. Good one!

  16. Wow, that was one unexpected ending. Crisp, and Sudden. Well Done!

  17. really sad.....very well written...sends a message there:)

  18. Well, the unexpected climax from your pen is getting predictable now ! :) Anyways, awesome as always !

  19. Deepazartz
    Thanks deepa!

    Thanks girl!

    But I have never been to sea.

    I am glad for you liked it.

    I couldn't write more because there was no much time. College :(

    Even your comment is beautiful. I just love your writings.

    Haven't seen sea yet. Someday...

    I'm glad for you liked it.

    I will try to write but not anytime soon.

    Thanks doc!

    I have heard that sea is very fascinating and more beautiful than what we see on telvision.

    I like the way you comment. VEry creative way of promoting your post.

    It's sad, ain't it? :(

    Thanks girl!

    That was my last BAT anyway.


    I'm glad you liked it.

    Shilpa Nair
    Death knocks unexpectedly, doesn't it?

    I'm glad you liked it.

    It was predictable? I shall try to write better next time.