03 June 2011

An eternal quest

I’m not sure whether my post will be even considered as good, forget about winning; nevertheless, I wanted to participate in the Yahoo! Dove Real Beauty contest, not because of the lucrative prize but it got me thinking about what beauty means to me.

The first sunray that hits the earth, the twinkling stars, the moon in the dark sky, the first rain, the morning dew, the blooming flower, the fireflies, a baby’s smile, the butterflies, the mountains, the snow and the running stream-they all are beautiful. I even find a mother’s lullaby to be beautiful. There’s beauty in everything; you just need the eyes and heart to appreciate it. I truly believe in the saying, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

Even a soothing song, a memory, a thought, a feeling and a dream that are immaterial could be beautiful too. There’s beauty in a poet’s poem; there’s beauty in an artist’s artwork. When, one tries to find beauty in everything, it becomes very difficult to generalize what exactly beauty means to him or her; it’s even more difficult to put them in words. And there’s beauty in those words too.

Like other women, I want to possess a blemish free and beautiful skin too. How about a perfect silhouette, with no flab at all? Hair that’s always done, pricey clothes, fancy makeups, diamonds and everything that is believed to make a woman beautiful. However, sometimes, I wonder whether it would have made me look any more beautiful. Everyone forgets that fair skin wrinkles away, hair turns gray and whether we like it or not, we grow old. Even the sky falls apart, the moon disappears and the snow melts leaving behind only the beautiful memories.

I’m not saying that physical beauty got no importance at all. I’m just telling that it doesn’t lasts forever. It’s very natural for a good-looking person to feel special when he or she is with a bunch of plain looking people but that illusion fades away when that person grows old with the same group of people. I’m sure that he or she would gradually see how special everyone is.

Beauty might not be everlasting but if it manages to bring smile on someone’s face even after it’s gone then it must have really been beautiful.

I feel this article is incomplete; there are many things that I could have added but I’m just not finding the right words. I’m sure that it’s not writer’s block, just ignorance. Probably, years from now, I might truly realize what exactly beauty means to me.

Anyway, thanks to both Yahoo and Dove for providing me with an opportunity to learn about what beauty means to me! Now, I’m on an eternal quest of finding the truth; there’s beauty in truth too. Thanks to Indiblogger’s team too!

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  1. It was a very small post...but sure it hav touched my heart!! I can only wish if this post ws a bit more lengthy since I ws enjoying to read ur perception, ur ideas and way of expression!! Though i knw great things often comes in small packets...yet I mean it...if possible..write one more post over it...not for the contest sake but jst for the fact..of sharing ur thoughts! Since for me ur views atleast in blog are never confused and never you depict those ignorant words!

    4th para is so remarkable!! Simply loved it!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. Though you have scripted down a very vague thought, I liked it because it was different from the way others expressed it. I liked the audacious start to the post unlike most of them participating in the contest who were trying to add glossy quotations to impress readers. Good one again.

  3. I have not read the other posts, I do not care. I won't even read any of the other posts, I do not care. What I really care is that in the name of a contest to promote some 'just another beauty product' will our thoughts and ideas on beauty be affected (on a very higher level, I don't think it will, still), will we too start using the 'right' techniques to make a blog post among the top ones. You have not, I have not read other posts, I do not know about them, I do not care about them :)

    Beauty surely does lie in the eye of the beholder and it is really important to note that not all and not only that which can be beheld is or can be beauty. Everything that can be only felt and cannot even be spoken about, beauty it is! Qualities of a person, the little traits of that personality, the way they deal with matter and mind, that is real beauty. I am with you on this, you are not against self grooming and looking good but WITH the understanding (get me the right word here...), with that acceptance that there is SO much beyond the beauty that can be seen. purring kittens, the feeling of the first rain, (electricity resuming after a day long power cut on the previous night of your exam- yup even imperfection is beauty!) EVERYTHING! Its all so beautiful...

    I do not know if this is the best post, but JUST for the fact that it speaks of a beauty that has been unspeakable, un-understandable, un-conquered hitherto and that it speaks and urges to realize and recognize such a beauty, my vote goes to you!

  4. I liked your thoughts. Everything is beautiful. Why should only be the pleasing, good looking stuff be beautiful?

    One should find beauty in a face of a woman with that scar. Isnt it?

  5. Dunno why my comment vanished earlier. :(
    Wanted to say that I totally agree with your view point as it is kind of similar to mine. Good post and best of luck for the contest!

  6. People usually perceive "beauty" as something carried by someone. I liked the way you brought up the beautiful things. I second you.
    Good post and all the very best. :)

  7. First of all All the Best...

    Interesting perspective yet common to about the perception of beauty and its endeavors.

    I am sure it's something that every girl and men to these days aspire for. I really liked your flow of writing.

  8. My comment disappeared =/
    anyway, I agree with a lot of things in this post~ Keep writing and best of luck for the contest!

  9. You should have started of with confidence.... You have been writing great blogs for a long time now. Wish you all the best for the contest.

  10. Rachana
    I don't understand beauty completely so couldn't write a lengthier post.

    You always find positives in my blogpost. Thanks!

    Your comment overwhelmed me, in a good way though.

    I got a scar too, not very prominent though but I still consider myself as a beautiful woman.

    I told you that our opinions about real beauty was same, after reading your post, hadn't I?

    There's beauty in everything, not just in people.

    I was just thinking about what beauty means to me, not an out-of-the-box perception.

    Thank you!

    Thank you, girl! And Sammy's comment disappeared too.

    Thanks for those words! They really mean a lot, very encouraging.

  11. Hey..
    good one... and good intentions always win!

    Many a times a reading force u to think... a debate going on TV forces you to react and put in ur inputs...
    just that wt u did ..
    and beauty is simply beuty.... looking/feeling something and ur heart says WOOOW!....

  12. hmmm.... I was expecting another touchy story..
    My illusion was wrong.. Lolz :D :D

    you have described beauty so well and there a few who able to understand what is beauty exactly is :)

    Nice post Awesome :)