28 March 2011

Playing Love

Do you suppose that the world revolves around you? Everyone does to some extent but it's also necessary to be considerate of others' feelings. People are people; we pass by many everyday, few good and few bad, yet they are people who can feel joy and pain. A person, no matter what he or she is to us, is not disposable. It's normal to be self-centered and do things if only it benefits us however it doesn't give us rights to use another person for our welfare and then cast them away without thinking twice. We might even remorse and want to compensate for our mistakes but some wounds can never be healed.

Sometimes apologies don't yield forgiveness because such would be our mistake; we quetch that the person, who is supposed to forgive us, is overreacting but we never wonder whether we would have forgiven if we were the one to bear that wound. We might have even sought revenge.

It's easy to ask someone to forget their bitter past; it's also easy for that someone to pretend to have forgotten that past but only he knows how much it hurts when he's alone. People forget everything but some things are hard to forget. With time, it might not hurt much but still it does hurt.

Not everyone are alike; betrayal might break someone completely, while others move on easily. If we belong to the latter group then we are lucky but the former have it hard on them. They are so sensitive that small things affect them greatly and though they wish otherwise, they cannot help it.

People die/kill in the name of love and everytime we hear of such people, we cannot help but chuckle. They seem silly but then we cannot judge them without knowing what it was to be in love for them. Love, like life, means differently to different people. Some people fall in love easily; for such people their day starts and ends with love. And we should be extremely careful when we deal with them. Our one mistake might shatter their hearts and dreams, and then only-god-knows-what.

Everyone needs a companion, who would stay by their side till the end; only saints seek solitude by choice. Trust is the base of every relationship and when we break someone's trust, they might crawl down into darkness and then do not trust another person again. What could have been a beautiful life otherwise, would become a lonely journey that they might never want to take. They exist alone but, forever, wishing differently. It's really cruel to play love with someone without telling them that it's just a game; they might take you for real and when that dream is broken, everything ends for them.

However, we are mere humans and are prone to make mistakes but we can surely consider others' feelings and the consequences of our actions before doing anything. If we intentionally hurt someone then we should be able to accept when somebody else plays the same game on us. Why do we complain then? We shouldn't curse the person who plays with our emotions, instead we should laugh at the joke played on us.


  1. Wonderful Nethra. I just have no words to describe this write up!! Simply brilliant. I would love to see you write on such topics rather than mere short stories. As I always say you sound so sensible in this sort of tone :)

  2. Excellent writeup Netra.. I wud completely agree with every single thing which u've stressed upon.. Very nice...

  3. So true to its core. Each word makes perfect sense.

  4. Agree with each and every sentence up there. And couldn't agree more. Wonderful write-up. You've expressed everything extremely well.

  5. I so agree with each n every emotion expressed here.
    An insult/hurt is never forgiven no matter how badly we/they want to forget the bitter past !!

  6. Very sensible and logical write-up, Nethra!

  7. Everything written is so right. Emotions are something which could disturb a human from his/her roots.

  8. Wonderful writeup. Does make a lot of sense.

  9. Beautifully written.

    Reminds me of two quotes - As you sow, so shall you reap & Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  10. "Sometimes apologies don't yield forgiveness" Loved this line. So true and yes very hard to forget few things in life and I feel we mustn't forget cause they will keep us on your toes and let us not make it a repeat!

  11. Its so true Nethra...
    I think, in our life, we go thru this phase time and again. And some ppl never understand this!

  12. People who take you for granted do not deserve your love.

  13. Each word here makes sense. Complete sense. Trust is truly the base; if its broken its never going to be the same. Love might still exist; a person in love with someone yesterday just cant start hating. But without trust; the meaning changes forever.

    Brilliantly articulated.

  14. Wonderfully written and I must add at the perfect time, when I am going through an emotional crisis.
    Thank you for sharing these wise words :)

  15. Vamsi
    You don't like the stories I like? :-o I don't sound sensible otherwise? :-o Lol! Just kidding! :D Anyway, glad you liked it. :D

    Thanks! I'm glad you agree with my point of view on the topic. :)

    Monika and Magiceye
    I'm glad that you agree too.

    Thanks sammy! Btw, Loveholic was the one that inspired me to write this.

    I agree too. It's hard to forget though we forgive.

    Shilpa, Sub, Rajesh
    Thanks! :D

    Emotions are what makes us, right?

    That's what was on my mind when I wrote this piece.

    I couldn't have put it in better words.

    They will realise it one day. I'm pretty sure. Life's a good teacher.

    That's difficult to understand. Though we understand, it's difficult to follow that.

    Love is simple yet complex. I'm still trying to comprehend it's meaning.

    I'm glad that I was of some help to you. :)

  16. How Insightful! Wish we could understand these things and act accordingly, the world would be such a beautiful place to live in then! Wonderfully put across:-)

  17. Brilliance with emotional intelligence . . . Read something soothing to my heart after a long time . . . In fact it ignited few thoughts in me . . . I Wish you could have written it in my blog. . . . In fact i still want it to get published in my blog . . . . It reminds me the saying . . . . Treat others as you want to be treated by them. . . . . . Thanks a ton for this write up . . . . By the way i guess this post came straight from the deeper layers of your heart . . . . . Simply awesome and beautiful post . . . . Bit of pain bit of solace . . . .

  18. When we say something, when we do something, when we react for something we should for a moment think, will we be happy doing it, will we be happy if someone did the same for us, will we be happy if someone said the same to us, will we be happy if someone react the same way to us.

    Good out pour of inner reflection.

  19. lovely totally spoke the human heart out :D

    Keep writing!!


  20. I could totally connect with this write up:):)am really sensitive..I have heard people ask me y are u still brooding over the no answer to that..this is the way i am...and I still try not to be soo sensitive..never succeeds though:):)It's easy to ask someone to forget their bitter past; it's also easy for that someone to pretend to have forgotten that past but only he knows how much it hurts when he's alone...loved that:):)keep blogging blessed be <3:)

  21. very well written, captured so many emotions and succinctly explained.. well done :)

  22. Arti
    I'm sure it would have been.

    You can put up this post on your blog if you want.

    I see that you agree too.

    Exactly. I felt the same.

    Rohit Iyer
    Thank you!

    I'm sure that everyone has gone through such things one or the other time.

    Thank you!

  23. @ Nethra

    Beautiful post!! So simple to true and detailed. It was like solving a solved puzzled and of course you had all correct answers. Loved it.

    Between..I think u should know that I was asked but someone from your comment list to read your post. And I think it was imply so worth reading it!!

    Love u always!!
    I will look forward to you for many such lines n words touching hearts!!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  24. WoW... excellent..
    You've very accurately described all the emotions going when one expects the other to forgive.
    I have been, mostly at the receiving end, and expected to "Forgive and Forget", most of the times. This briefly and accurately explains, why I just cannot...