04 March 2011

An animated world

Zero and CC from Code Geass
 Image Courtesy: Hiino

“What in the world should I write about?” this question was haunting me since last few days. No, it’s not writer’s block. It’s just that I had too many things on my mind. Firstly, MBA admissions and then other otiose things. However, I was never busy when it came to watching Animes (Japanese toons) and reading Mangas (Japanese comics). I have watched almost all the anime series that my friends recommended yet the list of animes that I want to watch shows no sign of exhaustion. Though, I don’t understand Japanese and watch either English subbed or dubbed version of the anime, I still love watching them. I have also learnt few Japanese words and I do not find Japanese names hard-to-pronounce anymore.

My journey to the “anime” world started with Naruto, an orphan ninja, who always craved to be acknowledged by his villagers, and inside whom nine-tailed-fox chakra was sealed. It’s an ongoing show and right now, the ninja world is waging fourth ninja world war. Then, I watched Death Note. Was I impressed by Light Yagami also known as Kira? I totally fell for him and his brain. You see, it’s hard to find such an intelligent guy and when you find one, it’s either in the Animes or the Mangas. However, he had no sense of humor and he hardly cared about anyone else other than him nevertheless I liked him and I still like him but there’s someone else I like more and that’s Lelouch Lamperouge or Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass. I believe that I shall never like a fictional character more than I like Lelouch, who was just a high school student yet bore the burden of saving the world from the Holy Britannia Empire.

I, who has always been a sucker for vampire and werewolf stories, watched quite a few vampire animes; Shiki, a story of a quiet and boring village under corpse demons attack, the villagers battle against the plague and finally the destruction of the village itself caused by Natsuno Yuuki who plotted not only against his kind but the villagers too; Tsukihime (Lunar Princess), a story of a vampire named Arcueid, her quest to destroy Roa (her former love-interest) and her new love interest, Shiki; Black Blood Brothers, a quite humorous story of two brothers, where the eldest, Jiro, lives to protect his youngest brother, Kotaro, so that he can pass on the legacy that had once saved him; Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty, a romantic triangle between two vampires (Yuki and Kaname) and a Vampire hunter (Zero).

And under the tag “romance”, I have watched few animes; Angel Sanctuary, a romance between two siblings, where the brother also happens to be a reincarnation of an angel, who is the only one that can save the world; Skip Beat, a story of a girl named Kyoko, who followed the man whom she loved to Tokyo and did everything possible to assist him in achieving his dreams, only to be betrayed; Elfen Lied, a tale of a diclonius (a mutant) named Lucy and Kouta, her human friend.

Initial D is the only sports anime that I have watched until now and it was about Takumi Fujiwara’s discovery of his passion for street racing. Fullmetal Alchemist is an adventure of two alchemists, Alphonse and Edward, who lose their body/body-parts when they try to bring back their dead mother and later, go around the world searching for Philosopher Stone that would help them get their bodies back to normal. Darker than Black, a science fiction and supernatural story at the same time, is about Hei’s search for his sister’s whereabouts, who is also a contractor like him. High school of the dead is about a bunch of high school students, who escapes the lethal disease that turns people into zombies.

I have watched few other animes too and intend to watch more but I’m not going to talk about all of them here. Might be, I shall write another post on animes showcasing my craze for them.


  1. Write a much bigger post on anime. I'll be the first person to read. :D
    I quit watching Shiki midway. Found it a bit boring. Did it get better?
    Also Tsukihime is excellent. And another thing...did you watch the whole of Initial D?

  2. @Sammy
    I guess I haven't watched Initial D stage 4 yet and Shiki started dully but ended well. And I'm sure that I am going to write another post on animes and mangas, and K/J-dramas/movies too. :D

  3. Nice that you are still watching them. These days I don't find time to watch anime at all :( Anyways good one. And yeah, All the best for ur MBA admissions as well :)

  4. Felt like i was reading something written by me :P
    though i todnt watch romantic animes :P
    but have seen all the rest :D
    and more
    try One Piece and Fullmetal as well they are good :D
    and i am also crammed due to MBA admissions process :P

  5. of all, i loved death note... there was a strange thing in that series which kept me stuck till the end...

  6. watch 'ghost in the shell'... the first 3 movies and then the anime series.. it is one anime which will make you spellbound..

  7. Thats quite something! Somehow I could never get hooked on to the Japanese animation...

  8. @vamsi
    I'm done with my MBA admissions already. And hope you get enough time to watch some animes.

    Do watch Elfen Lied. It's not just "romance" but "horror" too.

    Deathnote was good but got boring after L died but Gode geass entertains until the last episode.

    They are very good. Try some dubbed animes, you might actually start liking them.

  9. I am yet to watch an anime... but I love the images... they look lovely :D
    maybe I should also catch some of these

  10. @Rajlakshmi
    Do watch them. I bet that you will get addicted too.

  11. Hey Nethra!

    The first time I visit your blog, and what do I see? Another anime maniac like myself! :)

    Am glad to know somebody other than me is as crazy for anime and manga. :)

    Good to know you. and of course your blog too! :)

  12. am not particularly fond of animes. interesting post though

  13. I don't watch them, but liked your round-up of the whole thing. It helped me see what those who watch them SEE in them! :D

  14. I somehow did not have the guts for Japanese animes! I dont know :-S

    Maybe I should try

  15. Enigma
    There are many anime manics around and it's not just me. Thanks for the comment and good to know you too. :)

    Watch it once. I'm sure that you gonna like it.

    You should watch and SEE it yourself. :)

    I suggest you should. *give a gentle push*

  16. Am one who never grew up beyond Tom and jerry, mickey mouse and scooby doo :S

    May be when my kiddo starts watching , I will catch up :P