12 April 2011


Tom Marvolo Riddle to Lord Voldemort

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Oh yea, I am another Harry Potter maniac alright and I have read the entire series at least 7 times. Everytime I read the book, it feels like I’m reading it for the first time because there’s so much to imagine; so many new and fascinating things, fantastic beasts, nerve wracking adventures and then, the magic itself. The book always keeps me interested to the very last word because of the detailed description of everything and every moment that the author has got into until the end.

The journey that starts from platform 9¾ and ends with students of Hogwarts going back home would make anyone want to go to Hogwarts. I wouldn’t mind taking extra potion classes and hours of detention if I could just be a part of the wizarding world. I would even befriend the monster book of monsters if that meant I could go to Hogwarts. Sometimes, even a Blast-Ended Skrewt looks so endearing and I so much wish that I could keep a dragon as a pet. I find myself dreaming about fighting a Basilisk and defeating it with the mighty Godric Gryffindor’s sword. I also wonder what would a boggart become if it saw me and what if there’s one hiding in my cupboard right now. I would have played Quidditch too and unlike Hermione, I would have mounted a broomstick confidently. Fighting monsters, being chased by the dark wizards and using thousands of magical spells are just the things that I wish to do for the rest of my life. I would have definitely made a great Auror; tough and efficient just like Alastor “Mad-eye” Moody. I could have even taught at Hogwarts like Professor Dumbledore or worked at Ministry of Magic with Arthur Weasley; hundreds of possibilities but with the possibility of those possibilities ever happening is only in my imagination; however, I wish so much that the wizarding world existed in real too, not just J K Rowling’s greatest contribution to the fantasy fictions.

My fantasies apart, the reason why I’m writing a post on Harry Potter now, while I have been a fan since 2003 and have been blogging for almost 2 years, is none other than You-Know-Who. I liked He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named from the very first time I read the book; I liked him more than Harry and Dumbledore, though sometimes, I feel that it was more of a pity than liking.

I understand that we always get to choose between right and wrong. Even Harry Potter had lost his parents just like Tom Riddle and might be Harry lived a pre-Hogwarts life that was much worse than Tom’s, yet Harry chose to be a hero while Tom became the Dark Lord. I always wonder what would have made him a different person. He had a bunch of followers who called themselves as death eaters and mindlessly followed his instruction but what he really needed was, might be, friends like Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger; some good company would have surely inspired him to do some good too. However, it’s also true that different people react differently to a situation.

Blame his Slytherin ancestry or indifferent parents, he lead a life of solitude and died the same way. I’m not justifying his actions here; however, I truly wish that someone had sympathized with him and then, had stopped him before he destroyed his own soul. How does it feel to be not loved by anyone? Isn’t it scary? I wonder what would have young Tom felt when he learnt about his parents. And I wonder why he enjoyed torturing others? Was it his way of making others acknowledge him? I know that whatever he did was real bad but I only wish that someone had stopped him before it was too late.

I’m not going to drag this anymore and it’s alright if you don’t agree with my point of view; I shall understand that you got your reasons too. Whether I like Voldemort more or Harry Potter, I enjoy reading the series just like any other harry potter fan out there.


  1. I so hate it when some people criticize Harry Potter fans. They haven't read the series and hence they just come to a lame conclusion without knowing what HP actually is. And despite the comparisons and accusations of plagiarism from Lord of the Rings, I refuse to buy it. HP is epic and will always be so. And the experience will always be a precious part of me. Once a Harry Potter fan always a Harry Potter fan.

  2. You almost penned down the synopsis of all the 7 books. I am myself a HP fan; Harry and me grew old together. :P
    There are tones of haters but the series is epic. I thoroughly relished the HP Info post. :D

  3. Both were great minds and wizards - winners in their own respect.

    Finally it came down to that one line - Only one of them will survive!!

  4. Unfortunately I have not read the books. But have watched few movies in this series.

  5. Even i have not read the books but have seen some movies which were just kind of 'ok' to me.

  6. I am too a big Potter fan...used to be much more a long time ago. I can imagine how Potter books can get one excited even in the second/ third/ etc readings...though to be frank I never did that!

  7. My daughter's e-mail id is Potter freak. Need I say more?

  8. nethra....i also feel d same..i kind of lykd Tom...all his dark adventures nd all....nnd not to mention i love harryyy...

  9. Oops! I am an illiterate w.r.t HP

  10. Samadrita
    I agree that Harry Potter is very different from Lord of the rings. I have read both the novels and like them equally.

    I don't care about the haters. The series is just awesome.

    I still like Voldemort more than Harry.

    The movies are nowhere near good compared to the book itself.

    You don't have to be a maniac to appreciate something, right?

    I assure you that books are 100 times better than the movies.

    Siddhartha Joshi
    I read it so many times because it's kinda soothing.

    You have read them too?

    I love Tom. He was handsome too, compared to harry.

    I totally agree. I always fall for bad boys. :D

    You should read them at least once. I'm sure you will like.

  11. It was so nice of you to share this amazingly written post! You made me live those moments again... about you liking voldemort, can tell you, bad boys always are fancied by girls.. (a fact that i hate to see as I am not one and never wish to be)

    And if not for Tom, I think Harry Potter wont have made himself an inspiration for all of us to understand and stand by the Good side than bad..

  12. Hmm you like Tom? seriously? :D :D
    I dont like him, Harry is the one I like the most and of course Dumbledore comes next for me. But yes! Tom's life was kinda sad.. I mean after knowing about his father and the fact that his father was a muggle made him start killing every muggle on the planet. It is kind of a Psycho nature, like what Hitler did. I think power makes any man go mad.