18 October 2015

How not to kill yourself?

When you're tired of everything and everyone around you, it is natural to seek a new means of entertainment...perhaps a new acquaintance if not a new anime or TV show. You either login to Facebook and accept one of those pending friends' requests, or reinstall tinder. And you give your everything to not become dependent on that new friend because you know how it will end. You have been through it several times already. You know that the sparks that seem so interesting now WILL eventually fade; it may not even take that long.  

You try to be careful, you try to avoid it... but you fall for it anyway. You think you found a new best-friend. Everything starts appearing rosy. It will seem like all your past relationships went terribly wrong because you HAD to meet this new person. He/She will feel like the best thing that could have ever happened to you. 

It doesn't end there. History repeats. You get hurt yet again. After that you either crawl into your shell or seek a new friend. What you fail to realise is that you are damaging yourself in the process. 

You must learn to enjoy your company instead. It may suck in the beginning. You may even cry yourself to sleep, or feel like doing something really stupid... like jumping off your bedroom's window or eating your mom's sleeping pills. Just hang in there for a little while... let the bad thoughts pass. Think of people who may have it worse than you - it may not always work but try anyway. Hungry kids? Rape victims? Syrian refugees? If these things don't work, mindlessly play games on your phone, or talk to strangers on who may make you feel shittier, or smoke up (oh but you can't find your rolling paper), or just throw tantrums on that one friend who will let you do whatever because he knows you are going through a bad phase (but he won't be there around all the time because, you know, he got a wife, and no matter what, you won't be on his priority chart - even if you are on your deathbed).

Or just write a meaningless blogpost. You definitely won't be feeling suicidal by the end of it.


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