18 February 2015


Who likes to indulge in self pity? At least, I don't. I have got a big ego that doesn't permit me to display my hurt. I would rather die than show weakness in front of those people who didn't think twice before hurting me. Anyway, would it matter to them even if they knew how much I was hurting? I guess not. So, why bother?

These days, I quite often find myself seeking my old self - the overly confident girl who thought she could do anything and the overly jovial girl who made everyone around her smile. I really miss the old me. Also, I am scared that the insecurities that are chewing my insides at the moment will consume me and, eventually, destroy me. I see that the confidence and the happiness that once defined me are diluting. I wonder what will happen to me if they wear off completely...the thought really scares me.

How did it come to this? What went wrong? What did I do wrong? Will I ever return to my old self? How long it may take for that? there any use in musing over these things? Such questions haunt me. I am not a masochist. Even I don't want to be pondering over such things and keep hurting myself, while I could be spending my waking hours doing something productive. Sigh! I wish it was that easy. 

Pain comes to you at moments...err...actually, it doesn't come to you because it's always been there, following you like a shadow, like an unavoidable companion. You will know if you been there before.

Anyway, it is not all sad. Though I terribly miss my past, I am trying to embrace my present.  Who knows what the future holds? I hope all goes well.


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