15 February 2011

Heard and Unsaid

Eavesdropping is fun and when you are a gossipmonger, you surely would want to listen in. On top of it, if you are the subject of the conversation, you certainly don’t want to miss it. If they are being all praises then you know it’s for real because people always talk truth behind your back and if they are cursing you, then they are being awfully honest.

Ashish knew that he had been one of the hottest topics among ladies, for all time. He couldn’t deny that he was breathtakingly handsome. He had been everybody's sweetheart back at his college and had lost count of the number of love letters that he had received, but he had remained single forever and was still one. He had always enjoyed people's attention and who wouldn’t. Let be beautiful ladies ogling at him or gentlemen envying him, he had liked playing an eye-catcher and now he was quite enjoying overhearing Bani and Maya's conversation.

Bani said, “I agree that he is incredibly gorgeous but he's got helluva attitude. He doesn’t even glance at me, no matter how much I doll up”.

Maya reasoned, “He is very down-to-earth and here, you are complaining that he carries an attitude. Come on, you are just pissed off that he doesn’t encourage you”.


Maya marked, “Now, that’s attitude”.

"Whatever others make of him doesn't matter to me because I know better than anyone else that he is a self centered swine".

Ashish wasn't a swellhead, it’s just that Bani failed to charm him. She was indeed very beautiful and any guy would fall for her easily but he guessed that he wanted something more or someone else, whatsoever it was, he hadn’t yet truly discovered his feelings. He was twenty five already but incredulously single considering that he could get any girl he wanted without even trying hard.

He had tried to get along with couple of girls, had spent time with them and had also made an effort to understand them; however everyone of them had bored him greatly. After few such futile attempts, he had given up. He made sure he stayed away from extrovert females because that is where the danger dwelt. Such girls wouldn’t think twice before attempting something very idiotic like sending love mails. He wanted to be left alone but he couldn't stop people from admiring him, however he wished that they did it secretly like he admired Vikas. Their friendship wasn't a secret but Ashish never talked about how much he looked up to Vikas.

Vikas was a career man, a caring son and a reliable friend. Unlike Ashish, he had been in many relationships but none of them had lasted long though he was adorable and nobody could ever figure out what might have gone wrong in those relationships. He, when asked about the breakups, would say that they had just decided to go different ways because their priorities differed and there was no heartbreaks involved but Ashish knew that like him, even he hadn't met the right one.

Bani didn't even try to hide that Vikas would be her next victim; instead she herself spread the news in no time. Besides, she started wearing Indian attires and Ashish couldn't deny that she looked extremely beautiful in them. For the first time, he noticed her properly. The way she played with her curls whenever Vikas was around, her shimmering lip-gloss, her jingling bracelet, everything was so adorable but Ashish couldn't appreciate it completely because he couldn't stand to see her with Vikas. He was jealous and didn't understand why. He was sure that he wasn't in love with her. If not love then what was it, he didn't know.

First, he decided to talk to both Bani and Vikas then thought that it would be better to watch them for some more time and to learn his true feelings. After all, the decision he would take would affect his life greatly but he hoped it wouldn't be too late before he decided to act. He couldn't sleep much; neither could he eat anything that night.

Morning didn't bring any luck with it. Vikas had proved himself an easy target and he was being all eyes and ears for Bani, which irritated Ashish so much that he left office sooner than he usually would. His always-friendly apartment didn't give him a warm welcome, instead he felt suffocated hence decided to take a stroll. Even the cool breeze and the busy street didn't help much so he returned to his apartment and decided to write an email to both Bani and Vikas because he didn't have enough courage to face them. Now, he knew that he not only admired Vikas but loved him. He was not ready to admit his love but he would not sit and watch Bani take away Vikas from him so he decided to play an unfair game. He told Bani that he loved her and asked Vikas to stay away from his girl. He hoped it would work though temporarily and one day, he would be able to acknowledge his love without any fear.

PS: Thanks to Leo for suggesting the title!


  1. All is fair in love and war...enjoyed it.

  2. Good gay story :D I felt that the title could have been better!

  3. Nifty story, Nethra!
    Made an interesting read and thought it would take the route it did.

  4. Thats waht they say All fair in love and war :) good story ...


  5. Geez this guy is clueless about his own orientation. I kinda pity him.
    But nice story like always. The twist was good!

  6. Nethra nice post. :)
    As always u rock :)

  7. Nice story Neths - very engrossing.

  8. Nice story.. and an interesting twist

  9. didnt expect this ending n really hope this is nt happenin nywer, BY GOD , cant see the bettr example postulating evrythn is fair n love n war,

  10. Girl... This was awesome! What a twist! Loved it thoroughly.. And yes, I'm so glad to be back. Keep penning :)

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  12. always you rock with your climax mein twist:)

  13. @everyone
    Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate... :D